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Campus Climate:. Implementing Positive Changes. Introduction. SUCCESSES: Completion of Campus Climate Survey: RECOMMENDATIONS made as a result of the survey

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Campus climate
Campus Climate:

Implementing Positive Changes



Completion of Campus Climate Survey:



  • RECOMMENDATIONS made as a result of the survey

  • Establishment of Campus Climate Assessment Subcommittee

  • Changes made in Academic Assessment & Program Review Office

What is it
What is it?

  • Campus climate refers to the atmosphere in which learning occurs.

  • Source: Bartle, E., Ballard, S. L., Masequesmay, G. (2010). Identifying Queer allies: The impact of ally training on campus climate. ERIC Database.

  • Campus climate is ‘the current perceptions and attitudes of faculty, staff, and students regarding issues of diversity on a campus.”

  • Source: Rankin, S. R., & Reasons, R. D. (2005). Differing perceptions: How students of color and white students perceive campus climate for underrepresented groups. Journal of College Student Development, 46 (1), 43-61.

  • A campus climate is defined as behaviors or interactions within a workplace or learning environment that can influence whether an individual feels personally valued and treated fairly.

  • Source: adapted from the 2005 report by the Presidential Task Force Team on Campus Climate at Stony Brook Universityby CSUN

Key words to consider
Key words to consider

Definition terminology gives direction for implementation. Some key terms from the definitions in the literature are:









Student Centered?

Key components of department climate
Key Components of Department Climate

  • curriculum,

  • teaching,

  • professors as mentors or role models,

  • advising,

  • supportiveness of professors,

  • working relationships with professors, and

  • working relationships with students


  • Ivie, R., & Nies, K. (2004, June). Does it matter where I go to college? Effects of physics departments on student outcomes. American Institute of Physics AIP Report. AIP Pub. Number R-433.03. Retrieved:

Why is campus climate important
Why is campus climate important?

  • Attracts more students

  • Enhances learning (students perform better in atmosphere of affirmative and appreciation)

  • Increases retention

  • Raises graduate rates

  • People from historically oppressed groups perceive climate as more hostile than do the groups that oppress

Whose responsibility is it to implement
Whose responsibility is it to implement?

  • Organizational / Institutional Level: Administration, Diversity Office, Department Level, Curriculum Level, Co-Curriculum Level (Invited Presentations, On-Campus Living; Student Organizations; Health Centers, Police)

  • Key Players: Faculty, Staff, Students, Administrators

  • Policy: Mission, Program Review, Assessment

    Does one size fit all?

Where is the point of entry
Where is the point of entry?

  • Institution

  • Community

  • Ground Up

  • Top Down