Transculturation in g erman turkish hip hop
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Transculturation in G erman-Turkish Hip-Hop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transculturation in G erman-Turkish Hip-Hop. Power Point by Katie Cinquini. Presentation by Brittney Teal- Cribbs. Abstract.

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Transculturation in g erman turkish hip hop

Transculturation in German-Turkish Hip-Hop

Power Point by Katie Cinquini

Presentation by Brittney Teal-Cribbs


Throughout Europe, hybrid youth cultures continueto form and morph as global migration creates minority enclaves in urban areas. Music plays a large part in the transformation of this culture for Germany’s large Turkish population. Participation by both sides in the German hip-hop scene has created a type of transculturation in which aspects of both cultures are preserved. Hip-hop was first transformed in Germany by white artists whose lyrics more closely resembled traditional soft rock. Today, the immigrant populations have appropriated this uniquely German form of hip-hop to discuss deeper issues of race, poverty and violence that transcend racial stereotypes.


What the HECK does that mean?!

Basically it says
Basically it says…

The ways in which individuals/group express and build minority moral through music, lyrics and language.

The 4 music groups that were talked about
The 4 music groups that were talked about…

Microphone mafia

Incorporates four different languages

Microphone Mafia

  • Most of the chores in their songs are sung in English because it is a universal language. Also because it is their way of bringing the American population into their music.


Lyrics can and are a very influential part of music.

Microphone mafia uses their lyrics to ‘stay in touch with their culture and heritage’. Unlike other groups they don’t typically have specific political messages in their music, but some lyrics could be thought of that way.

F reundeskreis




The group politicized hip-hop in the German culture using their lyrics to promote the Americanization of their music.

Http www vistawide com german german music freundeskreis htm

“With their first single "Leg deinOhr auf die Schiene der Geschichte" in 1997, they proved that Germans could be amenable to embracing hip hop music that takes on political themes. Freundeskreis is known for promoting a spirit of international cooperation and respect for differences not only in their lyrics but also in their musical compositions.”


Turkish is their main language.


This is Cartel’s way of excluding German audiences. They gear their music to the Turkish population that lives in Germany.

Brothers keepers
Brothers Keepers flag.

‘a German based transnational anti-racism group’

German and English language included

Lyrics flag.

Their lyrics are influenced by black power rhetoric and are militantly anti-Nazi, proposing solutions to racism ranging from education and violence.

Over all
Over-all. . . flag.

Music in the German-Turkish population is very influential. It is a representative of expressionism.

Thank you
THANK YOU! flag.