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Halo Proactive Sports Wash. By Paragon PE Ltd. CONTACT SPORTSCLEEN 07513 7 44157 MICHAEL EMAIL: [email protected] What is Halo Proactive Sports Wash?. Halo Sports Wash is a Non- Bio, Non-Hazardous Liquid Laundry Detergent Specially designed for Sportswear clothing.

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Halo proactive sports wash

Halo Proactive Sports Wash

By Paragon PE Ltd



EMAIL: [email protected]

What is halo proactive sports wash
What is Halo Proactive Sports Wash?

  • Halo Sports Wash is a Non- Bio, Non-Hazardous Liquid Laundry Detergent Specially designed for Sportswear clothing.

  • Halo removes Sweat & Odours from clothing at Temperatures as low as 30 Degrees, and is proven to continue working even after washing.

How does halo sports wash work
How Does Halo Sports Wash Work?

Bacteria act on Sweat trapped in the weave of the clothing, producing unpleasant odours.

The Active ingredient in Halo Proactive Sports wash, Hygienilac, kills the Bacteria in the weave of the of the fabric, thus allowing the clothing to ‘breath’.

The Hygienilac also imparts a residual effect on washed garments. (See image)

Paragon PE Ltd (Germ Warfare) manufacturers of Halo, has the Exclusive Worldwide rights to incorporate Hygienilac in Laundry Products.

What test s have been carried out

Test Method – EN1276: Evaluation of Bactericidal Activity. Passed : >log 5 reduction (99.9999% of Bacteria were killed)

Test Method – EN1275: Evaluation of Fungicidal Activity. Passed: >log 4 reduction (99.99% of Fungi were killed)

Test Method – EN13704: Evaluation of Sporicidal Activity. Passed: >log 3 reduction (99.9% of Spores were killed)

Test Method EN14476: Evaluation of Veridical Activity for Norovirus. Passed: >log4 (99.99%)

What Test’s Have Been Carried Out?

What are the benefits of halo sports wash

Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antiviral Passed : >log 5 reduction (99.9999% of Bacteria were killed)

Meets BS EN 1275, 1276, 13704 & 14476 Test Standards.

Safe to use on common fabrics such as cotton, polyester, denim etc & widely used on sportswear fabrics such as lycra, gore-tex, nylon, elastane, spandex plus many more.

Can significantly reduce Athletes Foot Fungus & Odours when used to clean socks & training shoes.

Non-Hazardous & Environmentally Friendly & Suitable for any washing machine.

Non-Bio, so excellent for people with sensitive skin conditions & Children.

Tough on Stains but gentle on Fabrics.

What are the Benefits of Halo Sports Wash?

Halo proactive is used by olympic athletes
Halo Proactive is used by Olympic Athletes Passed : >log 5 reduction (99.9999% of Bacteria were killed)

Jamie Baulch Double World Champion & Olympic Silver Medallist.

“As an Olympic Athlete, I know how much washing has to be done to keep up with heavy training sessions day after day and you want kit not only looking good but smelling fresh! Halo Proactive Sports wash is a perfect match for Sportsmen and women who want the best of everything – this is it!”

Halo proactive is used by celebrity fitness experts
Halo Proactive is used by Celebrity Fitness Experts Passed : >log 5 reduction (99.9999% of Bacteria were killed)

Tina Baker ITV Celebrity Fit Club Winner & Ex GMTV Presenter.

“Halo is Brilliant! It’s kept me as fresh as a daisy, even when I was teaching in 40 degree heat in Lanzarote! It gets rid of fake tan stains & any other grubbiness & pongs that clog up my kit after hardcore Aerobics. Since leaving GMTV to become a full time fitness instructor, I teach 20 classes a week. Halo is the best product I’ve used. My keep fit girls love it too!”

Halo proactive is tougher than any other detergent
Halo Proactive is Tougher than any other Detergent Passed : >log 5 reduction (99.9999% of Bacteria were killed)

ITF England, Gold Medallist Taekwon- do Team

“The England Taekwon-Do team takes pride in training intensely so that we can compete internationally. The sparring and power competitions result in our uniforms getting covered in blood, sweat, and all sorts of stains that normal detergent will not clean. England Taekwon-Do needs some detergent that is better than the average detergent because of our demanding environment. It is crucial for the England squad to look good to keep us in the running for medals in international championships.

We tested many detergents and found Halo was the best for removing stains and keeping our uniforms looking and smelling fresh. Halo keeps St George clean and white and helps England win Gold Medals. Well done Halo!

Halo proactive sports wash usage guide
Halo Proactive Sports Wash usage guide Passed : >log 5 reduction (99.9999% of Bacteria were killed)

Dosage (Based on a 4.5kg- 5kg load washing machine)

Light Soiling

Soft/Medium Water Hardness: 60ml

Hard Water: 80ml

Heavy Soiling

Soft/Medium Water Hardness: 80ml

Hard Water: 100ml

Training Shoes (Check the care label & wash separately from clothing)

Soft/Medium Water Hardness: 40ml

Hard Water: 60ml

Suitable for use with other laundry products, e.g. fabric softeners & de -stainers.