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Plants and Animals PowerPoint Presentation
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Plants and Animals

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Plants and Animals

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  1. Plants and Animals By Year Two

  2. Welcome to our special assembly – we hope you will enjoy it. Vanesa

  3. Healthy and Safety! The fire exits are through the nursery, through the middle doors and through the main doors into the playground. Megan

  4. Please listen carefully some of us do not have very loud voices! Jessie

  5. We have been learning a dance by Katy Perry called ‘Roar’ with Miss Joanna to share with you. Ritaj

  6. Erin, Rebecca and I go to the Wright School of dance with Miss Joanna. Last Sunday we took part in a show and would like to share our dance with you. We hope you like it. Ellie

  7. In music Mrs James has been teaching us to play the recorder. Tyler

  8. Playing the recorder

  9. Scientists • This year we have become scientists. Ritaj • Scientists conduct experiments to find out information. Vanesa • They publish their results in scientific reports. Ritaj • We have carried out experiments and published our results. Vanesa • We have conducted fair tests. Do you know how many things have to change for a test to be fair? Ritaj

  10. Scientist Honza • Adult birds build nests to hold the eggs of their babies. They build it using twigs, moss, hair and old feathers. They skilfully weave the pieces together with their beaks and line the nest with mud. Did you know, the cuckoo doesn’t build a nest of its own it steals the nests of other birds and sometimes will push the other bird’s eggs out of the nest?

  11. Scientist Ellie • A few weeks ago we went for a walk along the River Thames to learn about our local environment.

  12. Scientist Rebecca • During our walk we spotted many different birds, animals, insects and plants. We were really lucky to see goslings and ducklings taking their first swim.

  13. Ducklings

  14. Scientist Erin • Mrs Wheeler let us spend some time in the park. While we were there we investigated which forces were needed to make the playground equipment move.

  15. Push and Pull

  16. Scientist NyAnneka • We discovered that we needed to use a push and pull force to make the swing move. We also found out that putting our feet on the ground caused friction and slowed us down.

  17. Forces in action!

  18. Scientist Ritaj • We have been learning about how plants and animals reproduce. We know that mammal babies grow in their mummy’s body in a special place called a womb.

  19. Scientist Oliwer • Baby birds grow in an egg with a hard, protective shell until they are ready to peck their way out. Unlike mammal babies, who drink milk from their mummy, chicks eat the same food as their mummy straight away.

  20. Scientist Vanesa • It is not just birds that grow in eggs. Lots of reptiles, like snakes and crocodiles do as well. Did you know that frog babies grow in a jelly-like liquid called frog spawn?

  21. Scientist Jenson • Many mammal babies are able to walk very soon after they are born but human babies take about a year.

  22. Scientist Tyler • Some plants grow from seeds. You need light, water and a cosy bed like soil for the seed to grow into a healthy plant.

  23. Scientist Rehman • We have carried out an experiment to see what will happen to the growth of a bean plant if any of those things are missing.

  24. Scientist Nikodem • We put a paper towel into the cup, put in the seed and added water. Then we put it onto the window sill.

  25. Scientist Shiwani • One didn’t have water, one didn’t have light and one was missing a nice cosy bed. The one without any water hasn’t changed at all. The others have started to grow but the one in the cupboard is the slowest and does not have a root or a shoot. Mine is starting to grow too.

  26. Scientist Alex • We have all planted beans. We have been checking every day to see what has happened. We have to remember to water them! • We have read Jack and the Beanstalk and drawn pictures of the giant. Scientist

  27. Jack and the Baked Bean Stalk

  28. Please close your eyes or look at me. Manny • Dear God, • Thank you for the plants and animals that are in this world. Manny • We are glad we have been able to learn all about them. Rehman • We are grateful for having scientific brains. Alex • Amen

  29. Thank you Lord • Please stand to sing ‘Thank you Lord’ Rehman.

  30. Thank you • Thank you for coming to our special assembly. Ritaj