The mexican american war 1846 1848
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The Mexican American War 1846-1848 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mexican American War 1846-1848. Polk Urges War. Hostilities with Mexico flared again when US annexed Texas in 1945 Causes for Polk’s Military Action Issues over border of Mexico and Texas

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Polk urges war
Polk Urges War

  • Hostilities with Mexico flared again when US annexed Texas in 1945

  • Causes for Polk’s Military Action

    • Issues over border of Mexico and Texas

    • President Herrera refused to meet with Polk’s emissary in regard to purchasing California and New Mexico and Texas border.

3 domestic dispute over slavery as a cause
3. Domestic Dispute over Slavery as a Cause

  • Southerners wanted war to gain more land to:

    • expand slavery

    • gain more slave states in Congress

  • North wanted Congress to pass Wilmot Provisio

    • Proposed Amendment to military appropriations Bill of 1846 that prohibited slavery in lands that might be gained from Mexico

  • Southerners felt provision was attack on slavery, pushed for war even more.

  • The war begins and lincoln questions
    The War Begins and Lincoln Questions

    • US actions pushed Mexico towards war

      • General Taylor positioned troops at Rio Grande

      • American military also in California, a territory violation

    • Mexico sent troops across Rio Grande, skirmish left 11 US troops dead.

    • Polk sent message to Congress declaring that “American blood upon American soil.” Wanted war declared.

    • Lincoln questioned the truthfulness of this cause for war.

    The war
    The War

    • New Mexico fell to US troops without a shot fired

    • New Mexico troops and joined forces in CA to quickly win over CA

      • US citizens already had declared independence from Mexico and named themselves the BEAR FLAG REPUBLIC

    • Military victories came one after another for the US in Mexico

    Polk s ally
    Polk’s “Ally”

    • Polk schemed with Santa Anna, who was living in exile in Cuba

    • Scheme: Polk help Santa Anna come back to power, Santa Anna would end war and establish border in US favor

    • Santa Anna comes to power in Mexico, immediately takes command of Army, ordering attack on Taylor’s forces

    • But US forces more rested than Mexican troops

    End of the war
    End of the War

    • Mexico City was captured Sept. 14, 1847

    • Mexico lost 50,000 men, ½ its land

    • US lost 13,000 men (11,000 from diseases)

    Results treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
    Results – Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    • California and New Mexico territories added to U.S.

    • Texas border at Rio Grande accepted

    • Mexico gives up all claim to Texas.

    • U.S. pays Mexico

      $15 million and agrees

      to assume American

      citizens' claims

      ($3,250,000) against


    Results gadsden purchase
    Results – Gadsden Purchase

    • $10 million for territory

    • US gets territory South of the Gila River

    New problems
    New Problems

    • Renewal of slavery conflict

      • Wilmot Proviso sought to restrict

        slavery from new territories

      • Southerners (led by Calhoun) stated

        that Congress had no right to restrict slavery's expansion.

    Political cartoon depicting David Wilmot and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison as witches.  Wilmot is chanting "Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, Boil Free Soil, the Union spoil"