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Classroom Management

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Classroom Management

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classroom management

Classroom Management

building relationships
Building Relationships
  • How does it feel to be a student in your classroom?
  • In what ways is the teacher promoting a caring classroom community?
  • What will you do to begin to develop relationships with your students?
what do students say 3 themes
What do Students Say? 3 themes
  • 1) Teachers need to relate to students with caring and respect
    • Can relate to teenage lifestyle
    • Try to get know us and understand us
    • Show a bit of humor and a personal side
    • “when a teacher is doing his/her best to make students feel comfortable with what they’re learning, they behave well”
    • “I want to cooperate in this class because she is not all serious, she can laugh, have fun, and still get all the work done. Student can tell when a teacher wants to help you and teach you, and when they just do it because they have to”
    • “sometimes if a teacher really demands the respect from day one, instead of earning it, a disliking develops. If a teacher doesn’t think about what the students are feeling, hey won’t like him/her. Students can always detect those sort of things. Dislike=misbehave.
what do students say 3 themes1
What do Students Say? 3 themes
  • 2) Teachers need to set limits and enforce them
    • “teachers need to be a strong authority figure”
    • “Teachers need to tell kids what they expect and give no second tries”
    • “teachers need to show strength”
    • “teachers need to come off as someone who has control”
    • “some teachers seem very insecure about misbehaving students. They tend to say stop or I’ll send you to the office too much. When a teacher first meets his/her class they need to set down guidelines and go over them confidently and be sure of what he/she is doing”
what do students say 3 themes2
What do Students Say? 3 themes
  • 3) Teaching in a way that is motivating and interesting
    • “teachers have to make class fun, but organized. Have a lot of interaction between students and challenge them…sometimes teachers are boring. The class drags on and the students lose attention span towards the teacher and the class. If the teacher teaches in an old-fashioned style, the kids become frustrated.”
    • “not everything can be fun, it doesn’t have to be fun, but there are ways teachers can make it more interesting and more challenging.”
effective classroom managers
Effective Classroom Managers
  • Rules and Procedures
  • 1) What were the classroom routines/procedures you observed?
    • What routines worked well?
    • Which routines (or lack of routines) caused the most problems?
  • 2) Compile a list of routines by category to share with the class.
    • What kinds of routines might you want to focus on in your student teaching?
responding to inappropriate behavior
Responding to inappropriate behavior