8 Tips to Choose an Ideal Warehouse
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8 Tips to Choose an Ideal Warehouse Racking System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you aware that the efficiency of your warehouse can be increased by using pallet racks or shelving units? Contact a racking system manufacturer in Mohali and get a storage solution which matches your simple as well as complex storage needs.In this blog, we have mentioned top tips to help you select the best racking system for your warehouse.

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8 Tips to Choose an Ideal Warehouse

Racking System

Sheet metal components are tightened together to form shelving units. These units are known

as pallet racks. A racking system in your warehouse or distribution center can either make life

easy or complicated. Physical pressure and the operating requirements whether simple or

unique need to be considered on the existing warehouse plan or expand the existing facilities

before selecting a racking system. Sheet metal components supplier in Mohali is providing you

with tips on choosing the best racking system for your warehouse.

1.Storage Density

You need to analyze the current storage volumes in your warehouse by stock keeping unit

(SKU). You can identify deep-lane storage such as drive-in, drive-thru, double deep

opportunities which can dramatically increase cube utilization within the warehouse or

distribution center.

2.Forklift Access

Forklift truck selection is critical especially for the drive-in, drive-thru, or double deep racks.

With racking system, a minimum of 6 to 12 inches can be added to the right angle stacking

aisle. This is done by taking the requirements from the truck manufacturers. This will greatly

help to reduce damage to both product and racks.

3.Plan for Scalability

Further down the line, you may require additional storage, so invest in racking systems that are

easier to expand than others. Look for racks that are modular and factors to consider will be

the ease of scalability, the effort required and the predicted growth in your business.

4.Easy to Pick Inventory

To have easy access to pallets all the time, deep lane storage is not suitable. In case if you have

less space, you may have no choice but to stack pallets on top of each other. If this practice is

limited to the slowest moving SKUs, then additional labour may be required to access these


Source: http://www.harsunenggworks.in/blog/8-tips-to-choose-an-ideal-warehouse-racking-system/

5.Floor Utilisation

With limited floor space to install pallet racks, a key condition is to maximise whatever space is

available. So while it is easier to use a single pallet racking type, installing different forms of

racking in addition to standard ones is possible to increase the capacity considerably.


With forklift trucks and other vehicles moving around inside the warehouse, and the constant

movement of large, heavy pallets and other goods, it is important to consider durability and

toughness of the racking system for your warehouse. Most forms of racking are designed to

withstand the day-to-day harshness of warehouse lift, so you can choose the ones according to

your warehouse type.

Source: http://www.harsunenggworks.in/blog/8-tips-to-choose-an-ideal-warehouse-racking-system/


For warehouses that store a wide variety of products, or where stock rotates on a seasonal

basis, the versatility of your racking will be the major point to consider. Some racking systems

are limited to the variety of different goods they can store. The solution is that if you stock

rotation, access requirements and a variety of goods are likely to change frequently. Your

racking system needs to be as flexible and versatile as possible to support your needs.

8.Warehouse Lighting

Last but not the least warehouse lighting is of utmost important to easily access the product.

Proper lighting also increases accuracy and sight, reduce rack damage, and improve the work

environment. You need to keep all this in mind when lighting a warehouse.

Each warehouse is different in that it stores different products using different systems and has

different productivity demands. Because of this, each warehouse has unique pallet racking

requirements. Fortunately, racking system manufacturer in Mohali provides solutions for each

and every warehouse and its unique requirements.

Source: http://www.harsunenggworks.in/blog/8-tips-to-choose-an-ideal-warehouse-racking-system/