Android core concepts
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In this Presentation I have added significance of Android concepts which will be useful for the beginners to how to use those features as well as for developers.

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Android core concepts

Android core concepts

• Having a basic understanding of the Android’s core concepts it

will help you to make different topics.

• They are

• Apps and APK files

• Activities

• Fragments

• Views and view groups

• Layout XML files

• widgets

• Sensors

Apps and APK files

• The android app is an application which is present in APK

(Android application package).

• Thus APK file contains compiled java code, texts and

images of Android application.


• Thus Android Activity is a GUI

component , it is very much

complicated work in doing smart

phones because it does not have

enough space when compare to


• But in android app you can

arrange list of websites , it will act

as a desktop and you can easily

view many websites .


• Fragments is a total user

interface and it only takes up

the part of the screen

• Fragments are mainly used in

inside activities

• Fragments are typically contains

views and viewgroups inside


• It can be reused in different


Layout XML files

• Activities , fragments and some

view groups can use XML files to

define their layout and contents

• XML files will help you to find

out what GUI component or

fragment contains , as well as

styling of GUI


• Widgets

packaged as an part of application

• Thus


,activities and widgets which can

live on the home screen of the

Android Device






• Android devices typically

have a set of sensors built

in which you can access

from Android applications

• For example GPS is act as a

sensor in many smart


• you can get access to GPS

from Android applications.


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