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Skin lightening products choose it wisely PowerPoint Presentation
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Skin lightening products choose it wisely

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Skin lightening products choose it wisely
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Skin lightening products choose it wisely

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  1. Trusted site for reviews on popular health products and better health information Skin Lightening Products -Choose it wisely

  2. In Asia, Africa and South America people prefer and like the fair-skin and that is the basic reason of the demand for skin lightening products. The second reason that contributed to this demand is that Majority of people has pigmented skin. In Asia alone, about 2 out of 5 ladies have confessed to utilizing skin lightening creams. In this multi-million dollar industry,enormousbrands, for example, Olay and L’Oreal frequently compete themselves with the other local brands. Hundreds of whitening products are introduced everyday but, most of them are Useless. Many consumers prefer whitening products from international, high-end brands because these products are considered as a sign of safety and quality. High-end brands thrown their money to attract the new customers towards the products, but these products hardly do anything in terms of lightening the skin or improving hyperpigmentation problems. In the end, At last, these purchasers frequently turn to lesser-known and uncertified skin lightening items that guarantee quick results at low costs.

  3. You find many cheap skin lightening products in the market that create quick results. But later customers have to pay a much higher value because cheap skin lightening products are harmful for the skin and cause permanent skin damage, or organ damage and skin cancer.Youfind dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury in such products. Hydroquinone- cheap ingredient is the active ingredient of low cost products because of the low cost. Nowadays low cost products are using safer melanin such as licorice extract and kojic acid. No brown pigmentation will be visible from the skin without melanin formation. Initially Mercury or hydroquinone lightens the skin by stopping the production of melanin. Avoid cheap skin lightening products;

  4. It is true that the effects of these two chemicals are not long-term and good. To treat the uneven skin tone, and many other skin issues people use the Mercury or hydroquinone in the products. No long term results;

  5. Long-term use of the hydroquinone and mercury ingredients can cause skin cancer as thesechemicalsare carcinogenic ingredients. Mercury is also responsible for the liver and kidney failure and it is also harm the nervous system. Pregnant mothers who are using Mercury containing creams mostly birth the babies with brain damage and other deformations. Long-term use- causes other disease;

  6. In many countries the use of mercury in the skincare is banned like in the UK since 2001 it is banned and now it is also banned in Malaysia. However, many companies use less than 2% of hydroquinone in the skincare products. In spite of banning many manufacturers import these ingredients illegally and use them in their products.AProgram which I had the opportunity to go over recently is “Home skin whitening package”. With the help of this package you can light your skin tone at home without the use of any dangerous and costly treatments. According to the skin care expert’s glutathione is also completely ineffective and harmful. For the effective results, try “Home skin whitening package” once. This product will help you to get even skin tone at home permanently. No creams and lotion this package contains. To lighten your skin you just have to add some useful food and remove harmful food as well.

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