8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing
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8 Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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8 Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing

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8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

1. Avoid long titles

Maybe you tend to explain too much or insert a bunch of stuff and unnecessary detail in emails to your customers. Don`t do this! Mobile devices will not even display the entire title, so there will be absolutely useless to write it so long. You can draw the attention of subscribers through some short and concise words, which clearly explains the subject line.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

2. Don`t use written characters with Caps Lock

If you think that it will attract attention more easily, better give up. First, who will receive such an email will consider the title as too aggressive, implicitly, if it is something that really doesn't interest him, will avoid to click. And, secondly, spam filters will not leave your email to reach subscribers directly in their inbox, but rather the junk or spam.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

3. Don`t use too many call-to-action phrases

And here we are talking about the title of the email, but also the body. If you use too many call-to-action phrases (buy now! Discover here! Come with us, etc) your subscribers will be confused and will not know what to choose first. Moreover, they are not likely to focus on what you're more interested in, such as buying a product, but maybe on discover the site thereof or other things related to the product, but not his purchase.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

4. Don`t send the same type of email to all subscribers

We know it is easier, but your subscribers can easily be divided into target groups with different needs, therefore, take advantage of this. Explore your subscribers well, depending on age, sex, education, interests, etc. and according to these criteria send them personalized offers for a really successful campaign.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

5. Don`t write novels

An interesting email is short and concise. A subscriber will open in a single click, read between the lines what you wrote, but will remain something, an idea, a desire to buy something or to inquire about a specific service or product. You have to understand that very few subscribers read the entire text of a promotional email and those who do it don`t have the patience to go through a long and difficult text Be short, write phrases to attract, use call-to-action phrases, but not in excess, and be original.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

6. Don`t be ambiguous

Nor generic. Use personalized emails, make your subscribers feel special, important to you. Because they really are, no? Take advantage of the fact that you can use a very suggestive visual complemented by a short and interesting text, and your campaign will be a success.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

7. Don`t forget to consider mobile devices

Mobile technology is evolving. Don`t ignore this aspect when calling an email marketing campaign, because increasingly more people check their emails in the subway, on public transport or in line at the supermarket, directly from the phones. So don`t ignore this and send emails intelligently and efficiently, so they can be opened on these devices.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

8. Don`t forget to test

Any email you send, no matter how insignificant it may seem, don`t forget to test it. And not just once. But two or three times before sending subscribers. You never know what kind of mistakes you can get the first time, so be careful.

8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing