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Live storm chasers

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Live storm chasers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Live storm chasers online @ TracknWatch. Watch Storm Chasers live streaming severe weather incuding Tornados, severe storms and Hurricanes from their cell phones.

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Live streaming

Watch live streaming video, event online on TracknWatch. You can live stream video

and show your location on a web based map from anywhere in the world.

The many applications for TracknWatch

If you have a smartphone you can live stream video and show your location on

a web based map from anywhere in the world. Use the fully zoomable map to

see where you are and what you are streaming.

If you are a company or corporate entity, we can supply the service on a

dedicated server, branded to your organisation with two step login

authentication for total privacy further

authentication for total privacy. Further information is available by emailing

us at

The uses of TracknWatch are only limited by your imagination, but here are

some of the applications that TracknWatch is currently being used for:

Live Streaming with TracknWatch

Become a Watcher (no cost for you) and you can live stream video directly from your cell phone. At

the same time your geographic location is tracked live on an interactive zoomable map.

Open the website on your computer or open the app and you can live track any Watcher from your

computer, iPhone or Android device whilst they are live streaming an event. Get the free iPhone app

here or get the Android app here.

Emergency Services use TracknWatch

Emergency services and first responders can live stream video of any incident or accident

back to their control center in complete privacy using a private network which we can

activate or which your company an control.

No special equipment needed, just your cellphone or computer and the TracknWatch app.

Visit the general map to see what everyone is talking about.

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Storm Chasers – Live Streaming and Tracking

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