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Louis Joliet

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Louis Joliet. By: Nate. Child hood.

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louis joliet

Louis Joliet

By: Nate

child hood
Child hood
  • Louis was born in 1645.He is born in Quebec city. Louis always liked doing things with his father. When he became an explorer he was known as a French Canadian explorer. His last name was spelled two different ways. It was spelled as Jolliet, or Joliet. An ancestor of Louis was Jean Nicolet. Louis came from a distinguished family. He always wanted to be a priest. When he turned seven, he became a Jesuit Priest. He was born before September 21, 1645.His father was named Jacques Marquette.
  • Jolliet explored many things! He explored the great lakes, La Grande river, green bay, fox river, Wisconsin river, the mouth of Arkansas, Illinois river, Chicago river, the Montreal river, and the Mississippi River! Hisgreatestfind was the Mississippi river. He found the Mississippi river with his father in 1673! After that, he led an expedition down the Mississippi river. He was an unlikely explorer most of the time. Sometimes he had bad luck with some things. He went to the Hudson bay in 1679.Europe celebrated Louis finding the Mississippi river.
  • After he had all of the explorations he got married to a woman namedClaire Francoise Bissot. He married her in 1675. His journals got burned, got thrown in rivers, or fell in rivers. After the explorations he took over the British. He also established a fur trading post. He was also one of the best ship pilots.
  • Louis died in 1700.[ 1645-1700 ] no one knows where or on what day he died in the summer of 1700. But some people do know that he died after May 1700. He died when he was 55 years old.
  • And his death lies a mystery!