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748-754 Use graphic organizers to detail how President John F. Kennedy

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748-754 Use graphic organizers to detail how President John F. Kennedy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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748-752. 748-754 Use graphic organizers to detail how President John F. Kennedy dealt with the Cold War. Analyze political cartoons about the Cold War during the 1960s. Specific fact, definition, or detail. Broad idea or concept. Main Topic. Topics from your textbook:.

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  • 748-754
      • Use graphic organizers to detail
      • how President John F. Kennedy
      • dealt with the Cold War.
      • Analyze political cartoons about
      • the Cold War during the 1960s.

Specific fact, definition, or detail

Broad idea or


Main Topic


Topics from your textbook:

Create branching diagrams over the following

reading topics:

  • The Kennedy Mystique
  • Kennedy’s Mistakes
  • Getting Into Vietnam
  • Missile Crisis: Line in Sand
  • Science and Foreign Affairs

JFK- WWII hero, young, energetic,

but inexperienced, Catholic, near

scandal in personal life.

JFK narrowly defeats

Nixon in 1960

Nixon- IKE’s vice-president,

experienced, but awkward

Both strong


The KennedyMystique

Created the

“New Frontier”



The Kennedy


Wife Jackie was

beautiful, smart


Family played touch

football, NOT golf

Social programs

Speech “Ask not what…”



Television Debate


Kennedy’s Mistakes

  • The Bay of Pigs Incident 4/17/1961
    • 1959 Fidel Castro overthrows Fulgencio
    • Batista and forms ties with the U.S.S.R.
    • 1961 U.S. supports Cuban exiles with
    • C.I.A. to land and overthrow Castro’s
    • Communist gov’t. in Cuba = FAILED.
    • FAILURE was due to Kennedy’s refusal to
    • order air support during the coup.
    • 6/1961 – Incident makes JFK
    • appear weak to Khrushchev at
    • summit conference.

Paris Summit Conference - 1961

Khrushchev & JFK meet to discuss Berlin and nuclear proliferation. Khrushchev thinks that JFK is young, inexperienced, and can be rolled.


Kennedy’s Mistakes

The Berlin Wall Goes Up (8/13/1961)

Soviets built the wall around West Berlin to prevent East Germans (East Berlin) from fleeing to West Germany via West Berlin.

This showed a weakness or failure of Communism if so many were wanting to leave!

Critics said JFK was allowing the Cold War to get worse, he responded by remarking that“…a wall is better than a war.”

Other critics charged JFK over-reacted.



Getting into Vietnam

  • 1954 International conference called
  • for elections to create a single Vietnam-
  • ese government.
  • U.S. had been giving aid to Ngo Diem of
  • South Vietnam against Communist Ho
  • Chi Minh of North Vietnam since1954.
  • U.S. encouraged Diem to form a perman-
  • entSouth Vietnam, had popularity in
  • cities but was opposed in rural areas by
  • communist Vietcong.
  • JFK sends 16k troops, looks other way
  • when Diem is assassinated.
  • Causes of the Vietnam War



Cuban Missile Crisis

Science and Foreign Affairs



Cuban Missile Crisis

  • October 15, 1962 U.S.
  • reconnaissance photos
  • showedmissile sites in
  • Cuba!
  • Defense Secretary
  • McNamara suggested
  • a “quarantine” to
  • block missile delivery.
  • Soviets backed down in
  • exchange for U.S.
  • promise not to invade
  • Cuba.
  • “Thirteen Days in
  • October” – close call!

Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Reasons for Khrushchev’s actions:
    • Wanted to protect Communist
    • Cuba as a symbol of Soviet power
    • in the West.
    • Also wanted to counter Kennedy’s
    • 1961 program “Alliance For Progress”
    • gave economic aid to Latin America.
    • He also wanted to regain strategic
    • military balance of ICBM’s.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

Science and Foreign Affairs

  • USSR and US continue technological competition:
    • Soviet Yuri Gagarin was first to orbit
    • earth 4/12/1961.
    • American John Glenn did the same
    • by 2/1962.
    • JFK pledges to land a man the moon
    • by 1970.
    • 1961 both countries nuclear tests.
  • Efforts to slow the arms race:
    • “Limited Test Ban Treaty” outlawed nuclear
    • testing in air/space/underwater in 7/1963 ,
    • this was JFK’s greatest achievement.
    • Problems?
      • Soviets refused to allow inspections
      • France and China refused to sign
      • Treaty did not stop weapons development



Political Cartoon Analysis

  • For your assigned cartoon:
    • Analyze the cartoon.
      • Label several examples of symbolism.
      • Explain the meaning of the cartoon.
    • Draw another cartoon from scratch about a topic
    • or event from the Cold War (1960s).
analyzing political cartoons
Analyzing Political Cartoons
  • Choose one other cartoon in the packet and write a paragraph analysis of it including:
    • Two or more examples of symbolism
    • Interpretation of the cartoon’s meaning