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GTM V11 update

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GTM V11 update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GTM V11 update. Jing Lin 2012 12 March. Files change. Removed files: / config / gtm / wideip.conf / config / gtm /region.* / config / gtm / New file: / config / bigip_gtm.conf / config /*partitions*/ bigip_gtm.conf Remain file: / config / gtm /server.crt

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GTM V11 update

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Presentation Transcript
gtm v11 update

GTM V11 update

Jing Lin

2012 12 March.

files change
Files change
  • Removed files:
  • /config/gtm/wideip.conf
  • /config/gtm/region.*
  • /config/gtm/
  • New file:
  • /config/bigip_gtm.conf
  • /config/*partitions*/bigip_gtm.conf
  • Remain file:
  • /config/gtm/server.crt
  • /config/gtm/keyset-* ( dnssec zone)
  • /config/gtm/dsset-* (dnssec zone)
commands change
Commands change
  • Removed:
  • Gtmparse
  • New:
  • tmsh /gtm
  • Esrapmtg, only for converting wideip.conf to bigip_gtm.conf
  • Tmsh show cm device-group gtm
  • Remain:
  • bigip_add, gtm_add, iqdump
gui change
  • Add prober pools menu
  • Add prober pool configurations when manage server/dc
  • Change old “Statistics Collection Server ” to prober pool
  • Add iquery, prober pool info in gtm statistics
gui change continue
GuiCHANGE- continue
  • Add dns profile when creating listener Need create dns profile first in ltm part.
  • Add route advertisment when creating listener.
function change
Function change
  • New function dnsexpress.
  • See another ppt for dnsexpress detail:
  • dns_zone_transfer_and_dnsExpress.pptx
  • New function DNS6to4
  • New function IP Anycast
  • Now can use dnsirule command to control/maintain/manipulate dns packets. – v11.0 read-only;v11.1 read-write, create/modify rr
change on creating sync group
  • No change!
  • Still bigip_add, gtm_add… big3d_install
what change to user
What change to user?
  • Cant use gtmparse –l to load wideipconfig
  • Use tmsh load sys configgtm-only partitions allinstead
  • Use tmsh save sys configgtm-only partitions all
architecture change
Architecture change
  • GTM LB AND PERSISTENCE moved into tmm now. So now gtm can get high performance. (GTM CMP now)
  • This help reduce gtmd’s load and increase its stability.
change on sync logic
Change on sync logic











change on sync logic1
Change on sync logic
  • Not use timestamp of wideip.conf now
  • Use commit-id timestamp
  • Also can see commit-id timestamp in iqdump
  • No more sync the whole wideip.conf file. Use mcp message instead now.
prober pool
Prober pool
  • Use prober pool override GTM election logic of big3d.
  • Note will not override gtm election logic of gtmd. So you will still see the same result on which gtmd will be responsible. Need be careful when checking logging.
  • Prober pool can be applied to DC, server (not vs)

If customer upgrade to v11, and get strange behavior, first check big3d version which is running.

  • You can find them in iquerymessage,
  • In ihealth check gtm_module.xml