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MYTHOLOGY: TIMELESS TALES OF GODS & HEROES. Chapters 7-8. THE GOLDEN FLEECE. The myth of Jason & the Argonauts By Apollonius of Rhodes. The Golden Fleece. Genre: Quest story Protagonist: Jason Assistants: the Argonauts Object: the magical golden fleece of a flying ram Ship: the Argo

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the golden fleece

The myth of Jason & the Argonauts

By Apollonius of Rhodes

the golden fleece1
The Golden Fleece
  • Genre: Quest story
  • Protagonist: Jason
  • Assistants: the Argonauts
  • Object: the magical golden fleece of a flying ram
  • Ship: the Argo
  • On the way they experience their share of magic, monsters, and mayhem
the most famous argonauts
The Most Famous Argonauts
  • Atalanta – the only female
  • Castor – one of the “heavenly twins”
  • Hercules – legendary warrior
  • Jason – the leader
  • Laertes – father of Odysseus
  • Melampus – a seer
  • Meleager – participated in the Calydonian Boar hunt
  • Orpheus— poet and singer
the golden fleece2
The Golden Fleece
  • The Oracle prophesied that King Pelias would be killed by a kinsman (man with one sandal)
  • Pelias believes this kinsman is Jason, who has come to claim the kingdom for himself
  • Pelias agrees to hand over the kingdom to Jason on one condition: He must return the Golden Fleece from King Æete
the island of lesbos lemnos
The Island of Lesbos (Lemnos)
  • Jason and the Argonauts first sailed to Lesbos, an island where only women lived.
  • Only one man, the king, was left on the island.
  • Although the women had risen up against the men on the island by killing them, they gladly helped the Argonauts with gifts of food and wine.
  • The Argonauts travelled to where the Harpies lived.
  • flying creatures with hooked beaks and claws
  • Leave an awful odor whenever they go
  • Every time Phineas the Prophet tried to eat, the harpies would snatch his food away
  • Two argonauts slay the harpies
  • Phineas advises how to navigate the sea of the Clashing rocks
hera assists the argonauts
Hera Assists the Argonauts
  • Hera wrapped the Argonauts in a fog so they would not be seen
  • Hera enlists Venus’s help
  • Venus enlists Cupid’s help to make Princess Medea fall in love with Jason
king etes
King Æetes
  • King Æetes agrees to give Jason the Golden Fleece if he can prove his courage
  • Jason must harness two flame-breathing bulls whose feet were made of bronze and to plow a field with them.
  • A crop of armed men would grow and he must fight this crop of armed men.
princess medea
Princess Medea
  • Cloak of invincibility: Medea gave Jason a charm that when it was sprinkled over his weapons, he and his weapons would become invincible for a day
  • Magic stone: Medea gives Jason this too – thrown at the enemy, they will turn and fight one another
  • Medea helps Jason retrieve the Golden Fleece from the serpent
  • The argonauts escape
the return to greece
The Return to Greece
  • On the return journey, the argonauts pass through the rock of Scylla and the whirlpool of Charybdis.
  • Medea and Jason deliver Golden Fleece to Pelias
  • They find Pelias had forced Jason's father to kill himself and his mother had died of grief.
  • Medea devises ways to punish Pelias
  • Medea convinces Pelias' daughters to cut Pelias up, telling him it will make him young again.