Community health den 4362 with angela tedeschini
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COMMUNITY HEALTH DEN 4362 (with: Angela Tedeschini). Welcome Back!. “Let’s mingle!”. “What was the highlight of your summer?” “What are at least 2 of your health related goals this semester?”. ***Gibson & Frankie***. AGENDA:. What on earth is Community (Public & Population) Health ?

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Community health den 4362 with angela tedeschini

COMMUNITY HEALTHDEN 4362(with: Angela Tedeschini)

Let s mingle
“Let’s mingle!”

  • “What was the highlight of your summer?”

  • “What are at least 2 of your health related goals this semester?”


  • What on earth is Community (Public & Population) Health?

  • What is this ‘Hybrid Learning’ stuff?

  • What does the course outline say?

  • How do you use Blackboard again?

Well here we are in the 21 st century
Well, here we are in the 21st century…

  • is heart disease and diabetes under control?

  • do people still smoke?

  • do we always wear seatbelts when we drive?

  • is our water safe to drink?

  • what is the air quality in this classroom?

  • do we all floss every 24 hours?


  • "Why is Jason in the hospital?

    Because he has a bad infection in his leg.

    But why does he have an infection?

    Because he has a cut on his leg and it got infected.

    But why does he have a cut on his leg?

    Because he was playing in the junk yard next to his apartment building and there was some sharp, jagged steel there that he fell on.

    But why was he playing in a junk yard?

    Because his neighbourhood is kind of run down. A lot of kids play there and there is no one to supervise them.

Scenario cont d
Scenario cont’d…

But why does he live in that neighbourhood?

Because his parents can't afford a nicer place to live.

But why can't his parents afford a nicer place to live?

Because his Dad is unemployed and his Mom is sick.

But why is his Dad unemployed?

Because he doesn't have much education and he can't find a job

But why ...?"

  • - from Toward a Healthy Future: Second Report on the Health of Canadians

What is community population health
What is Community (& Population) Health?

  • Community Health:

    • The efforts and activities of private or public individuals, groups or organizations to help communities improve the health of their communities through health promotion, protection and preservation

What is community population health1
What is Community (& Population) Health?

  • Population Health:

    • Consists of the same efforts and activities of Community Health, however it specifically focuses on entirepopulations and the factors that determine their health status. It is a primary preventive approach.

The mission of this course
The Mission of this course…

  • To instill an appreciation for the interconnectivity of Community, Public, and Population Health concepts to the provision of health care in any setting, and to develop the knowledge and skills to create and deliver effective health promotion programs.

What does the course outline say
What does the Course Outline say?


Course outline important info
Course Outline Important Info.:

  • Attendance is critical to keeping on top of course progress and group contributions – Call/e-mail me in advance if you will be absent: Ph. 727-4723 ext. 5156 /

  • CALL/E-MAIL ME in advance to discuss any difficulties or need for time extension, otherwise assignments are due as indicated or zero will be assigned.

  • A detailed course syllabus can be found in Blackboard under “Course Information”

What is a hybrid course
What is a ‘Hybrid’ course?

  • Algonquin College defines it as “a course that blends the efficiencies found within teacher-led classroom interactions & online learning activities using the Blackboard course system. These courses seek to capture the online activity as a normal part of the scheduled activity (I.e. 1 hour in class and 1 hour online).”

  • “The goal is to enhance student learning through a structured combination of face-to-face and out-of-class activities.”

What is a hybrid course1
What is a ‘Hybrid’ course?

  • “The hybrid model of course delivery can offer students a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom walls and accommodates the many varied learning styles and paces.”

  • “…is current and in keeping with the environment students will face upon graduation.”

  • “…prepares students for self directed and life long learning.”

  • (Algonquin College Teaching & Learning Services – Tools for Teaching brochure 2002)

Hybrid learning
Hybrid Learning…

  • The challenges:

    • Techno stress

    • Information overload

    • Self and group management

    • Variety of learning styles

    • Grieving period

    • Other?

Hybrid learning1
Hybrid Learning…

  • The benefits:

    • Less time in class

    • A world of information!

    • Student centered

    • Variety of learning styles

    • Group interactivity

    • Exciting new experience!

    • Other?

How will blackboard be used for this course
How will Blackboard be used for this course?


Blackboard tips and reminders
Blackboard tips and reminders:

  • For computer technical difficulties please call IT Services at : 727-4723 ext. 5555


  • Please visit the Online Learning Center to seek help and resources for using Blackboard – Located at C204/208

    - Email:

  • Please contact me any time for course content questions & suggestionsor at your own risk for computer help (ha!ha!)

Email preferences
Email Preferences

  • Make sure your email address in ACSIS is set for

    • See:

  • You may have your mail forwarded to another address…but…if that address has a content limit, you may not receive the message.

    • See this site and follow links to email settings

    • It is recommended that you check your email at instead (if you have more than 1 email address)

Looking forward to learning with you online next

Looking forward to learning with you online next!

Have a great week