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Drive-By Dialogues

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Drive-By Dialogues. Topics. The Long Strange Trip of I2 – NLR Merger A Brief Comment on Optical Networking Middleware Developments Security Developments. A Long Strange Trip. Optical Networking. “Packet vs switched” The final answer is both, and it can be done Needs control plane

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Drive-By Dialogues

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Presentation Transcript
  • The Long Strange Trip of I2 – NLR Merger
  • A Brief Comment on Optical Networking
  • Middleware Developments
  • Security Developments
optical networking
Optical Networking
  • “Packet vs switched”
    • The final answer is both, and it can be done
      • Needs control plane
      • Needs monitoring and measurement
    • Capstone architecture; market will refine
  • Higher ed can drive the invention
  • Future frontiers are not performance related
    • Security, transparency, mobility
    • Trust (note ISOC/IETF Meeting)
    • Non-IP, non-optical wave
  • Lots and lots of issues – DDOS, phishing, DNS attacks, problems within the perimeter; some successes
  • Federal efforts
    • Services
    • Business model work
  • CSI2
  • FWNA and eduRoam
  • Security and middleware (roles)
middleware developments
Middleware Developments
  • SAML and Shibboleth
  • Working with open source and legacy apps
  • InCommon and international federations
  • Collaboration management platforms
  • NSF-Mellon Scientific and Scholarly Workflow
saml and shibboleth
SAML and Shibboleth
  • Common roots (RL Bob Morgan, UW and Scott Cantor, OSU)
  • Shibboleth has always been built on SAML/preSAML and primarily add multilateral federation support and metadata
  • With SAML 2.0 convergence is complete, with the Shib code providing multilateral, WS-FED interop
  • Shib 1.3 widely deployed; Shib 2.0 now in beta
  • Undeveloped areas (ARP editors, WAYF, n-tier) becoming visible
shibboleth and applications
Shibboleth and applications
  • Wireless access, bandwidth allocation
  • CAS and other SSO
  • Wikis, mail lists, etc
  • Sharepoint (!)
  • Sakai, Kuali, Mellon
  • OpenId is the vapor-weight alternative
  • Growing steadily now; 75 members and 1.3M user base
  • Major applications include outsourced services, content providers, wiki and collaboration tools
  • NIH and federal follies elsewhere
  • Apple, Google and Microsoft
  • InCommon Bronze and Silver now under discussion
some inter federation key issues
Some inter-federation key issues
  • Multi-protocols
  • Sharing metadata
  • Aligning policies
  • WAYF functionality
  • Dispute resolution
  • Virtual organization support
prague meeting on inter federation
Prague Meeting on Inter-federation
  • 15-20 International R&E federations (5 continents) plus Liberty Alliance and a few others
  • Prague, September 3
  • Lots of topics: Attribute mapping, Privacy Policies, Dispute resolution, Financial considerations, Technical direction setting
  • UK drafting an analysis of International Peering needs, opportunities, etc.
scientific and scholarly workflow
Scientific and Scholarly Workflow
  • Jointly commissioned by NSF and Mellon
  • Intent is not to open new lines of research but identify key components (and implementations) that, with investment, is readily deployable cyberinfrastructure
  • Role of enterprise and federations in collaborative workflow
  • Management of collaboration a real impediment to collaboration, particularly with the growing variety of tools
  • Goal is to develop a “platform” for handling the identity management aspects of many different collaboration tools
    • Platform includes a framework and model, specific running code that implements the model, and applications that take advantage of the model
    • This space presents possibilities of improving the overall unified UI as well as UI for specific applications and components.
comanage 2
Comanage 2
  • Leverages federated identity and the attribute ecosystem heavily
  • Uses Grouper to manage groups and Signet to manage privileges
  • Built completely on open protocols, using open source components
  • Open and proprietary applications can be plumbed to work with it
comanageable applications
Comanageable applications
  • Already done
    • Sympa, Federated wikis, Asterisk (open-source IP audioconferencing), Dim-Dim (open-source web meeting)
  • Immediate targets
    • Rich access controlled wikis
    • Web-based file shares
comanage dimensions of growth
Comanage dimensions of growth
  • In the applications that can be driven by it
      • Collaboration and domain science prime areas
      • Largely a function of the application’s respect for middleware
  • In the areas being managed
      • Diagnostics? Others?
  • In the identities being managed
  • In the coupling of autonomous and diverse instances
      • Deployment instances may be at many layers of organization and shift as it matures
      • Underlying stores may be db, directory, or other
  • Identity management – several related services
  • Directories and getting applications to use them
  • The REN-ISAC
  • Federations