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How to Remove ESURF.BIZ from Homepage PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Remove ESURF.BIZ from Homepage

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How to Remove ESURF.BIZ from Homepage
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How to Remove ESURF.BIZ from Homepage

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  1. How to Remove ESURF.BIZ from Homepage

  2. definition • ESURF.BIZ should be a typical browser hijacker that can alter your browser settings and system settings so as to redirect you to dubious websites that you don’t want. ESURF.BIZ will replace your existing homepage or search engine with its own. Like most browser hijacker viruses, ESURF.BIZ can modify your default homepage and search provider to its own. Once you click on its sponsored links, you will be redirected to other websites that contain more destructive infections.

  3. Every now and then, ESURF.BIZ hijacker will force you to visit its sponsored websites to increase its advertising revenue. It may also redirect you to its sponsored websites, which will generate some traffic. ESURF.BIZ may be bundled with spyware which can gather your personal information like banking detail or e-mail authentication. In this way, it can get revenue without your notice. Besides, ESURF.BIZ may include many malicious links to your search results. ESURF.BIZ has the ability to add unwanted bookmarks of porn websites to your bookmarks collection. As a result, you may suffer unstable system. Sooner or later, ESURF.BIZ even damages your registry. So, you may visit the malicious websites if you don’t pay enough attention. For its bad traits, you must remove ESURF.BIZ from your browser immediately.

  4. How to Remove ESURF.BIZ from Homepage

  5. Google Chrome • • Start Google crome. • • Select Tools, then, click on Extensions. It opens a window showing all the installed Extensions and plug-ins of Google Chrome.

  6. Manually remove ESURF.BIZ from Google Chrome • • Scroll down to the ‘On startup’ section with the option ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ and click on Set pages. • • Click on the “X” button to remove the unwanted or hijacked startpage from Google Chrome. • • If there is only one startup page and the default startpage is removed, you should create a new preferred web address by clicking Add a new page and type to set Google as your default startup page.

  7. Mozilla Firefox • • Start Firefox and Press Ctrl+Shift+A to open the ‘Add-Ons Manager’. This windows will provide a list of all extensions and plugins installed in Firefox. • • Under Extensions, select the adware or Potentially Unwanted Program items and the click the Remove button. • • restart Firefox and check if the changes you have made are successful

  8. Remove ESURF.BIZ From Mozilla Firefox • At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button, go over to the Help sub-menu (on Windows XP, click the Help menu at the top of the Firefox window), and select Troubleshooting Information. • • Click the Reset Firefox button in the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page. • • Click Reset Firefox in the confirmation window that opens. • • Click Finish and check everything is fixed as well.

  9. Apple Safari • • Click the Security icon and select “Block pop-up windows” to stop some types of pop-ups. • • Check your homepage and search-engine settings. Ad-injection software sometimes changes these settings. Click the General icon and make sure that the Homepage field is empty or contains the website you want’ • • Click the Search icon and make sure that the search engine setting shows your preferred search engine. In some versions of Safari, this setting is in the General pane. • • Click the Extensions icon and uninstall it.

  10. Remove ESURF.BIZ From Apple Safari

  11. Open Windows Start menu. • Go to control panel-> Open Programs and features and search for ESURF.BIZ program and click to uninstall. • windows-7-programs-and-features

  12. Delete any folders or files related to ESURF.BIZ by checking the following locations: • %ProgramFiles% • %AppData% • %ProgramData% • %LocalAppData%