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Word of the Day-List #2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Word of the Day-List #2

Word of the Day-List #2

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Word of the Day-List #2

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  1. Word of the Day-List #2 Review

  2. Even though the witness to the crime was very cooperative with the detective questioning him, the detective believed the witness was a _____________ and was not to be trusted.

  3. Answer: Charlatan

  4. Because Julie was a _____________ student, she studied for her WOD quiz for several days, made flash cards, and asked everyone in the family to quiz her each night.

  5. Answer: Diligent

  6. Even though Kim claimed that she was not upset with me, I could tell something was bothering her because of her _______ way of answering all my questions with one word responses.

  7. Answer: Curt

  8. When Charles wanted to audition for American Idol at the age of 56 even though he never sang, it was discovered that his amazing singing ability was a _________ talent that surfaced so late in his life.

  9. Answer: Latent

  10. I often enjoy _____________ing around the mall, not wanting to buy anything, but simply just enjoying walking around.

  11. Answer: Meandering

  12. Though Katie was involved in a serious car accident, she emerged __________ and did not suffer any injuries.

  13. Answer: Unscathed

  14. The ____________ author wrote over 50 books and was well known in several countries.

  15. Answer: Prolific

  16. I had to ____________ and make many promises to convince my parents to let me go to the Justin Bieber concert on a school night.

  17. Answer: Grovel

  18. When we finally gave him his birthday present, his ______________ expression made it difficult to know if he liked or disliked the gift.

  19. Answer: Stoic

  20. Even when everyone else panicked when the building was on fire, Julie, who is very ______________, figured out a very logical way to get everyone safely out of the building.

  21. Answer: Pragmatic

  22. My physics professor is very good at _________________ his main points at the end of his lecture so that each student completely understands the content of the course.

  23. Answer: Elucidating

  24. Because I broke my leg a day before the ski trip, I had to experience the trip ____________ through the twitter and facebook updates from my friends who were on the trip.

  25. Answer: Vicariously

  26. When I tried to talk to the student who cut my class, he _________ into the crowd of students that filled the hallway when the bell rang, and I could not find him.

  27. Answer: Absconded

  28. It is important to be ______________ and sensitive when discussing certain controversial topics with young children.

  29. Answer: Discreet

  30. I received _______________ for shoveling my neighbor’s driveway and was able to use the money to buy a new outfit for the party.

  31. Answer: Remuneration

  32. Because my father is quite ______________ and loves to reuse items, he often scrapes any unused ketchup back into the ketchup container, uses candles at night instead of turning on the lights, and picks up all coins he sees on the sidewalks.

  33. Answer: Parsimonious

  34. Kevin’s _______________ was evident when, after a long day of standing at work, he gave up his seat on the crowded train so the tired old man could sit down.

  35. Answer Altruism

  36. Lenny has such a ____________________ love for books that he converted all the bedrooms in his house into libraries.

  37. Answer: Voracious

  38. At the birthday party, the hostess gave me such a __________ slice of cake that I ate it in one bite and needed two more slices to actually savor the taste.

  39. Answer: Paltry

  40. The police officer showed me a significant _____________ of ___________ when she gave me a warning instead of issuing my a ticket for $500 for speeding.

  41. Answer: modicum; clemency