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Character Development Nicholas Nickleby

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Character Development Nicholas Nickleby - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Character Development Nicholas Nickleby. Charles Dickens Naveen Albert. Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens has become to be known as the author that produces some of the world’s greatest works of literature. He is also the greatest novelist of the Victorian period

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character development nicholas nickleby

Character DevelopmentNicholas Nickleby

Charles Dickens

Naveen Albert

charles dickens
Charles Dickens
  • Charles Dickens has become to be known as the author that produces some of the world’s greatest works of literature.
  • He is also the greatest novelist of the Victorian period
  • Charles Dickens lived from 1812 to 1870
nicholas nickleby
Nicholas Nickleby
  • Nicholas Nickleby tells the tale of a young man who must support his family, and must elude his ill-spirited Uncle Ralph.
  • Nicholas Nickleby, paperback, is 711 pages and about 327,595words.
  • Nicholas Nickleby is the son of the deceased Mr. Nickleby and his widow, Mrs. Nickleby.
  • Nicholas has a sister called Kate.
  • Nicholas lives primarily in the London area, but travels to many different regions amidst his adventures.
ralph nickleby
Ralph Nickleby
  • Ralph Nickleby is Nicholas Nickleby’s uncle.
  • Ralph Nickleby only cares about money, and monetary events that will make him prosper.
  • Ralph Nickleby has no remorse, and cares for no one, until the very end of the book when he regrets his actions and hangs himself.
  • Ralph has made numerous enemies, and befriends no one.
the beginning
The Beginning
  • After Nicholas’s father dies, Nicholas is forced to seek employment to support the family.
  • Nicholas seeks help from Ralph and Ralph provides him with a job as an assistant to one of his associates, no better tempered than he.
  • Nicholas discovers that Ralph is a cruel man who cares only for himself, and when Nicholas
  • At the beginning of the story, Ralph is ill-spirited, remorseless, and a figure of prominent authority.
  • Ralph shows no compassion, even towards his respectable and kind-hearted servant, Newman Noggs.
beginning page 132
  • He had scarcely spoken, when Squeers, in a violent outbreak of wrath, and with a cry like the howl of a wild beast, spat upon him, and struck him a blow across the face with his instrument of torture, which raised up a bar of livid flesh as it was inflicted. Smarting with the agony of the blow, and concentrating into that one moment all his feelings of rage, scorn, and indignation, Nicholas sprang upon him, wrested the weapon from his hand, and pinning him by the throat, beat the ruffian till he roared for mercy.
middle page 215
Middle: Page 215
  • “Of what I have done, or what I meant to do, for you, ma’am, and my niece, I say not one syllable. I held out no promise, and leave you to judge for yourself. I hold pit no threat now, but I say that this boy, headstrong, willful, and disorderly as he is, should not have one penny of my money, or one crust of my bread, or one grasp of my hand, to save him from the loftiest gallows in all Europe. I will not meet him, come where he comes, or hear his name. I will not help him, or those who help him. With a full knowledge of what he brought upon you by so doing, he has come back in his selfish sloth, to be an aggravation of your wants, and a burden upon his sister’s scanty wages. I regret to leave you, and more to leave her, now, but I will not encourage this compound of meanness and cruelty, and, as I will not ask you to renounce him, I see you no more.”
end page 689
END: Page 689
  • “Yes,” cried Ralph, “detain him till to-morrow, then let them bring him here-him and my nephew-and come themselves, and be sure that I will be ready to receive them.”
  • “At any hour,” replied Ralph fiercely. “In the afternoon, tell them. At any hour, at any minute. All times will be alike to me.”
four events
Four Events
  • 1. Nicholas whips Squeers and runs away.
  • 2. Ralph Nickleby decides to hate Nicholas for evermore
  • 3. Nicholas falls in love with Madeline.
  • 4. Ralph commits suicide.
1 nicholas whips squeers and runs away
1. Nicholas whips Squeers and runs away.
  • This shows that Nicholas has been fed up with Squeers cruelty towards the children, and that he intends to give Squeers what he rightfully deserves at the cost of his own reputation and his occupation.
2 ralph nickleby decides to hate nicholas for evermore
2. Ralph Nickleby decides to hate Nicholas for evermore
  • This shows that Mr Ralph Nickleby is merciless to Nicholas, and to his remaining family, and based upon the misfortunes that befell Nicholas at Squeer’s boarding school, Ralph no longer consents to give Nicholas, in any shape or form, any piece of his wealth or knowledge, no longer.
3 nicholas falls in love with madeline
3. Nicholas falls in love with Madeline
  • Nicholas is affectionate with his friends and family, and especially passionate for Madeline, after discovery the scheme his uncle has been in on to win her fortune.
4 ralph commits suicide
4. Ralph commits suicide
  • This shows that Ralph has finally come to his senses, realizes what he has done, and is overcome with grief and remorse that his lost, dead son befriended his worst enemy, his nephew. In despair, he hangs himself.