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Student Services Manager Joy Fouts Youth Dev / Guidance Suspensions / Parents

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Student Services Manager Joy Fouts Youth Dev / Guidance Suspensions / Parents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CFN 5 – Our Team Roles. Network Leader Yuet Chu Enrollment/ Facilities / OLR / Legal / Liaison to Central. Deputy Network Leader Fran Taurasi Capacity Building / Strategic Planning / Ops Team Facilitation. Director of School Improvement Isora Bailey SAM / Accountability / Teacher Leadership.

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Presentation Transcript

CFN 5 – Our Team Roles

Network LeaderYuet ChuEnrollment/ Facilities / OLR / Legal / Liaison to Central

Deputy Network LeaderFran TaurasiCapacity Building / Strategic Planning / Ops Team Facilitation

Director of School ImprovementIsora BaileySAM / Accountability /Teacher Leadership

Director ofSpecial EducationChuck McEvoyCapacity Building (PD) / Strategic Planning

Student Services ManagerJoy FoutsYouth Dev / GuidanceSuspensions / Parents

Human Resources DirectorAllison PedoneRecruitment, Onboarding, Leaves, Performance Mgmt

Strategic Services ManagerMirna FerminBudget / Grants / Compliance

Teacher Development SpecialistJudi de los Santos ELL / Inquiry Work / Mentoring / Summer School

Administrator of Special EducationBill WoodsCompliance / Case Mgmt / Impartials / Related Services

Student Services CoordinatorLeo MaciasAttendance / Health / SafetyStudents in Temp Housing

Strategic Services AssociateMarvin WashingtonProcurement / Ext Use / Transportation

Strategic Services AssociateDwight PrattPayroll / School Foods / HR Support

Special Education AnalystEvelyn BurgosSpecial Ed & YD Support Data / Clerical

Applications & ITSpecialistNerissa RandallData systems / Applications / Telecom


Functional Responsibilities – Achievement - Isora

  • Coordinate and supervise inquiry work in schools to use an inquiry approach in studying habits of students to inform instructional decisions;
  • Provide guidance and professional development around assessment issues, tailoring testing procedures to meet schools’ individual needs, etc.;
  • Provide professional development around instructional strategies and best practices, including differentiation and finding creative ways to deliver mandated services;
  • Coordinate with Administrator of Special Education to ensure students are receiving special education, trouble-shoot ways to deliver services to students within the context of the school;
  • Respond to schools needs around instructional support (e.g. content expertise);
  • Support data specialists around issues related to periodic assessments and data verification;
  • Assist principals and school-staff with quality reviews, internal/external monitoring, and ARIS
  • Consult and advise principals and school-based staff around NCLB and Accountability measures for Achievement

Functional Responsibilities – Assessment - Isora

  • Support principals and school-staff in meeting state testing guidelines
  • Coordinate and support administration, collection, and scoring assessments
  • Coordinate with school-staff and the Office of Assessment to collect answer docs
  • Coordinate with Achievement Director and school-staff around test preparation
  • Support DOE Central in scoring assessments
  • DOE Central and NYSED continue to: - Provide testing materials for schools (test booklets, answer documents, etc.)
    • - Supervise and plan assessment scoring


Functional Responsibilities – ELLs - Judi

  • Support school staff in reviewing schools’ enrollment and register to:
    • Identify and assess ELL students
    • Support schools to ensure that parents receive appropriate information re. their rights in choosing ELL programs/service models
    • Determine students’ eligibility for ELL services
    • Align resources to support school in providing appropriate instruction for all ELL students
  • Link principals and school staff with resources to support schools in:
    • Assessing students
    • Providing information to parents
    • Professional development for teaching and administrative staff
    • Supporting effective instruction for ELL students.
  • Support schools’ administration of NYSESLAT and LAB-R
  • Support schools’ completion of BESIS report
  • DOE Central (Office of English Language Learners) will continue to supportschools’ work identifying and assessing ELL students and provide critical support to CFN staff in ensuring that all schools are providing appropriate services to all ELL students – i.e compliance and reporting.

Functional Responsibilities – Special Education - Chuck

    • The Director of Special Education’s primary responsibility is to ensure that schools have the capacity to provide services and supports mandated for students under federal and state law. The DSE will work closely with the Administrator of Special Education to support schools with service delivery, IEP development, HR, Budget and Legal. The DSE will also be responsible for liaising with the Office of Student Enrollment regarding seat projections, opening / closing of classes, program changes.
  • Provide professional development to school staff and administrators in Co-Teaching, students with Learning Disabilities, students on the Autism/PDD spectrum, strategies for students with significant developmental delays;
  • Ensure that schools are aware of and incorporate the best research and methodology to support students in the Least Restrictive Environment;
  • Support principals in building internal capacity to improve instruction in special ed;
  • Liaise with outside experts – i.e., Schools Attuned, Marilyn Friend, Staff Development Associates.

Functional Responsibilities – Special Education - Bill

    • The Administrator of Special Education’s (ASE) primary responsibility is to ensure that schools provide services and supports mandated for students under federal and state law. The ASE is also the primary manager and/or source of support for all special education issues as they pertain to mandated services, IEP development, HR, Budget and Legal. The ASE serves as the district representative in their schools’ impartial hearings.
  • Manage end-to-end Related Services provisioning, including issuance of RSAs when necessary
  • Work with schools to ensure that special education teachers, SBST clusters, and mandated paraprofessionals are staffed
  • Provide professional development for school-based staff related to IEP Development & SOPM
  • Prepare for and represent the district at schools’ impartial hearings
  • Assist with the resolution of parent complaints and provide technical assistance to the schools in appropriately addressing parent and advocate special education inquiries.
  • Ensure that schools are recommending services consistent with Least Restrictive Environment mandates and that schools are maximizing opportunities for mainstreaming and integrating students with disabilities

Functional Responsibilities – Special Education - Evelyn

    • The Special Education Analyst assists the Special Education Team with all necessary work around HR/Budget issues, and works with special education data systems and paperwork related to special education.
    • Run and review reports to ensure that special education systems accurately reflect student populations;
    • Aid schools in entering data for related services;
    • Prepare for and track progress of mediation / impartials;
    • Support schools / parents with site visits.
    • Due to the cross functional nature of our work, the Special Education Analyst will also support the Student Services team with data management.
  • DOE Central will:
    • Manage assignment of related services staff to school(s)
    • Manage non-DOE vendor contracts for assessment and related services
    • Continue to provide legal support via the Special Education Attorney

Functional Responsibilities – Budget – Fran / Mirna

  • Work with schools to manage all major budgetary deadlines for schools including, but not limited to, initial scheduling, budget surplus rollover, mid- year adjustments, register loss set asides
    • Provide advice on utilizing budgetary systems such as Galaxy, budget optimization, as well as organizational and budget planning decisions to school leadership
    • Administer budget transactions and manage allocations that are given to schools through transfer utility as well as itinerant split funding
    • Monitor student registers, mandated services reports – IEP paraprofessionals, Title I mandates and lunch form collection
    • Provide professional development for principals and school-staff related to all of the above

Functional Responsibilities – Procurement - Marvin

  • Create, approve, and cancel purchase orders for schools and network team
    • Review school spending plans, payment status, received status
    • Add funds to procurement cards and trouble-shoots issues with p- cards
    • Aid schools in audit preparation, participate in audits, support use of FAMIS
    • Ensure schools are in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOPM) and bidding thresholds for non-contractual purchases
    • Approve exceptions to bidding and sole source (up to $25,000)
    • Schools are responsible for certification of delivery and share responsibility for monitoring open items. DOE Central (65 Court) is responsible for paying vendors.


Functional Responsibilities – Grants – Fran / Mirna

  • CFN Grants (Operations Director) will work closely with Central Grants Officer on the responsibilities listed below:
    • Ensure funds for reimbursable categories & competitive grants are appropriately scheduled
    • Review grants information with school-based staff and Central offices, as necessary
    • Assist schools with audits, BEDS submissions, etc.
    • Work with principals to complete program narratives for legislative grants
    • Provide professional development to school-based staff for areas above (developing school budgets in compliance with reimbursable guidelines, writing program narratives, NCLB compliance, etc.)
  • DOE Central will focus on the following responsibilities:
    • Enter grants into Grant Tracking System (GTS)
    • Facilitate contracts process by ensuring appropriate documents posted to Central drive
    • Respond to inquiries and/or seek information from various central offices, SED, USED
    • Liaise with managers of competitive grants, School District Improvement Liaisons
    • Complete NYSED Comparability reports, FS10 budget narratives, oversee SES
    • application process


Functional Responsibilities – Human Resources - Allison

  • Assist principals in the planning for and assignment of educational staff, including: recruitment, screening and selection, on-boarding, certification, projected vacancies, excessing and transfer actions, leaves of absence and returns, part-time and substitute teacher assignments, data collection and reporting, reassignment, ATR placement
    • Assist principals in utilizing HR systems such as: New Teacher Finder, Open Hire (not used by principals), BEDS, CyberShift, HRS, NYCAPS, Open Market / Excess Selection System
    • Provide HR-related staff development and training sessions to school-based staff, including reviewing current procedures and implementing system modifications
    • DOE Central makes certification determinations. Supervisory selection is conducted in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-30.


Functional Responsibilities – Payroll - Dwight

  • Complete payroll transactions, purchase orders, etc., including all payroll transactions for the network team
  • Serve as the primary liaison and support to school payroll secretaries regarding HR issues that affect salary and payroll.
  • Process new educators for payroll, assist school payroll secretaries with payroll issues (H-Bank, CyberShift, per session, per diem, etc.)
  • Process emergency checks, W-2s, and timekeeping for network team

Functional Responsibilities – Data / IT - Nerissa

  • Provide initial access to systems for school-based personnel (including log-in names and passwords), technical assistance and ongoing professional development related to various systems applications, such as: ATS, SIS/SEC, HSST, BEDS, Galaxy, VPN, CPS, CAP, ARIS, FAMIS, Outlook;
  • Answer routine and complex inquiries regarding applications;
  • Make regular visits to schools to assist with ATS procedures, e.g., scanning daily attendance, following up on pending discharges, generating report cards, performing end-of-year functions, and generating exam scores;
  • Technology systems and applications access, processing and support for CFN team;
  • DOE Central (DIIT) continues to support schools with hardware (phone services, LAN/internet problems, printer malfunctions, etc).

Functional Responsibilities – Transportation - Marvin

  • Work with schools to ensure students receive yellow busing; runs and reviews reports in ATS for:
    • - Elementary & middle school students - Special Education students in all grades- Assists school-based staff with student address changes in ATS
  • Ensure students receive MetroCards as appropriate:
    • - Trouble-shoot MetroCard screens in ATS - Work with school-based staff to trouble-shoot MetroCard issues- Assist school-based staff with student address changes in ATS
  • Handle inquiries and parent complaints about yellow busing and MetroCards
  • Liaise with OPT regarding ATS coding issues, yellow busing inquiries, MetroCard inquiries, address change notifications, etc.

Functional Responsibilities – Facilities – Yuet / Fran

  • Work with principals and school-based staff to: review annual building plans; conduct walkthroughs; review custodial ratings.
  • Provide personalized training to school-based staff and principals around: acceptable conditions for facilities, minimal custodial responsibilities, how Office of Student Enrollment and space planners look at space
  • Coordinate / communicate with DOE Central around use of space & facilities
  • DOE Central (DSF, Space Planner and SCA Facilities Manager) continues to: track real time progress of existing work orders for SCA and DSF; ensure school has no safety or health hazards; approve and prioritize work requests for repair and maintenance projects; manage permit entries and allocations; approve extended-use permits and safety requests.
functional responsibilities youth development joy
Functional Responsibilities – Youth Development - Joy
  • Collaborate with principals, counselors and other school personnel around youth development, guidance and attendance issues.
  • Support schools in their compliance with mandated responsibilities such as child abuse and neglect prevention, identification and reporting; and students living in temporary housing.
  • Collaborate with schools to develop internal capacity that will enable them to establish school accountability and develop plans that best meets students’ needs regarding: progress toward graduation, attendance improvement, temporary housing, college planning, building effective partnerships with CBOs.
  • DOE Central (Office of School and Youth Development) continues to provide support to all schools related to citywide drug prevention, Students in Temporary Housing (STH) and other initiatives: social/emotional learning climate, schools identified as Persistently Dangerous and/or IMPACT, Respect for All, gang awareness
  • CFN will continue to collaborate with ISC Crisis Team staff to provide emergency response support
functional responsibilities attendance leo
Functional Responsibilities – Attendance – Leo
  • Analyze data to identify target schools with low attendance and collaborate with schools to ensure the delivery of direct services that can improve attendance.
    • Conduct tailored school-based trainings on an as-needed basis for specific attendance issues such as 407 reporting, planning interview process and documentation, ATS, register review process, and discharge and transfer codes, etc.
    • Monitor 407 investigations, approve all planning interviews and “address unknown/not found” discharges and identify trends in attendance records.
    • Investigate attendance discharges and close 407 investigations
    • Follow up with chronic student absences by making home visits and regular school visits to work with the school-based attendance team

Functional Responsibilities – Safety – Leo / Joy

  • Assist and work with schools to build capacity around compliance measures, such as: fire drills, bus drills, safety plans, school safety committee meetings, entering compliance data online, facilitating task force meetings;
  • Provide professional development for all of the above;
  • Support ISC Safety Administrators and Crisis Teams in responses to emergency situations;
  • Provide transactional support around OORS data, IPDVS projects, digital video surveillance, implementation of progressive discipline per the discipline code & Chancellor’s Regulations.
  • DOE Central continues to provide support:
    • Geographic-based safety administrators continue to respond to emergencies at CFN schools; support for the above in Campus settings with CFN and non-CFN schools

Functional Responsibilities – Suspensions – Joy / Leo

  • Work with and advise schools on all suspensions issues, including: - Review Superintendent Suspension requests to advise Borough Suspension Directors; - Review and support schools with voluntary and involuntary transfer processes;
    • - Ensure Manifestation Determination Review and suspensions plans are implemented; - Support schools with SOHO and OORS (including proper data entry.
  • Investigate & issue decisions for all appeals of Principal suspensions for CFN schools.
  • Liaise with Alternate Learning Centers to ensure students receive mandated services.
  • Address all parent, hearing office, and principal inquiries
  • Work with principals regarding early reinstatement
  • DOE Central continues to be responsible for: approval / rejections of SOHO requests for Superintendent Suspensions (within 24 hours; documents all approvals/rejections); placement of suspended students in Alternative Learning Centers; approval of all involuntary and voluntary transfer requests and liaise with OSE for subsequent placement; create and coordinate elementary buddy suspension program
functional responsibilities health leo
Functional Responsibilities – Health – Leo
  • Advise principals and school-based staff on health and compliance issues:
  • - Student evaluation and guidance regarding child abuse
      • - Immunization compliance, TB Testing
      • - Vision & hearing screenings
      • - FitnessGram
    • - Condom availability
    • - Mental health programs
    • - Communicable disease / environmental notification issues
  • Provide professional development and build capacity around:
      • - 504 Accommodations – support implementation of plan - AED/CPR; Epi-Pen administration - OSHA; other health-related issues