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B757 Review Questions

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B757 Review Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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B757 Review Questions. Airplane General. If the seat belt sign switch were selected to the AUTO position, when would the seat belt sign extinguish on departure? When the gear and the flaps are retracted. Airplane General. Under what conditions does the seat belt sign illuminate automatically?

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airplane general
Airplane General
  • If the seat belt sign switch were selected to the AUTO position, when would the seat belt sign extinguish on departure?
  • When the gear and the flaps are retracted.
airplane general3
Airplane General
  • Under what conditions does the seat belt sign illuminate automatically?
  • Deployment of the O2 system, or if AUTO is selected with flaps/landing gear extension.
airplane general4
Airplane General
  • If the emergency exit light switch were off in the cockpit, could the emergency exit lights be turned on from another position?
  • Yes, from the forward flight attendant station.
airplane general5
Airplane General
  • How many over wing hatches are over each wing on a B757-200?
  • 2 over each wing, 4 total.
airplane general6
Airplane General
  • With the EMER lights armed, what activates the interior emergency lights?
  • If power is lost to 28 volt DC bus, or if the AC power is turned off.
airplane general7
Airplane General
  • What is the power source for the EMER lights?
  • Individual NiCad batteries
airplane general8
Airplane General
  • How many POB’s are required?
  • One for each F/A
airplane general9
Airplane General
  • What is the minimum width needed to make a 180 degree turn?
  • 120 feet
airplane general10
Airplane General
  • What two items are monitored by the EMER DOOR light annunciator?
  • Over wing hatch and/or slide compartment doors.
airplane general11
Airplane General
  • What two items are monitored by the ACCESS DOOR LIGHT?
  • Forward equipment and E/E compartment doors.
airplane general12
Airplane General
  • If normal power is lost what lights are automatically switched to AC Standby Bus?
  • Magnetic Compass, Flood lights, essential Captains instruments, center and overhead panels.
airplane general13
Airplane General
  • Where do you read crew O2 pressure?
  • Lower screen STATUS page
airplane general14
Airplane General
  • How long are passenger O2 generators going to make O2?
  • 12 minutes
airplane general15
Airplane General
  • What is the function of the cockpit lighting OVRD switch?
  • Turns flood lights and forward and aft dome lights on to the maximum.
airplane general16
Airplane General
  • Will you be able to open the flight deck door if you lose electrical power?
  • Yes, the door unlocks automatically.
airplane general17
Airplane General
  • How many entry/service doors are on the B757?
  • Six doors, three on each side.
airplane general18
Airplane General
  • Without either APU or external power plugged in, can the cargo doors be operated electrically?
  • No, but then can be opened manually.
airplane general19
Airplane General
  • How many miles offshore constitute extended overwater operations?
  • 50nm
airplane general20
Airplane General
  • What causes the passenger oxygen masks to drop?
  • Pushing the PASS OXY switch on the overhead panel, or automatically at a cabin altitude of 14,000’.
airplane general21
Airplane General
  • What is the maximum takeoff gross weight on the 757-200?
  • 255,500 lbs at field elevations below 1,500' MSL
airplane general22
Airplane General
  • What is the height of the tail of the 757-200?
  • 44'6"
airplane general23
Airplane General
  • Do any of the flight controls on the 757 have manual reversion
  • No
airplane general24
Airplane General
  • Which of the following EICAS messages will cause the beeper to sound?
  • Caution message
airplane general25
Airplane General
  • How are the Cargo doors normally operated?
  • Electrically.
airplane general26
Airplane General
  • Which EICAS message will not cause a Master Caution or Master Warning light to sound?
  • Advisory message
airplane general27
Airplane General
  • How are the cabin doors opened for emergency operation?
  • A pneumatic charge is used to quickly open the door
airplane general28
Airplane General
  • What is the difference between the Nose Gear Landing lights and the Nose Gear Taxi light?
  • The landing lights are angled down and the taxi light is not angled down.
airplane general29
Airplane General
  • If the lower EICAS screen is blanked for takeoff, when will the secondary engine parameters automatically display?
  • When an engine exceedance occurs on a secondary parameter except amber exceedance are inhibited for five minutes after takeoff
airplane general30
Airplane General
  • The potable water system is normally pressurized by an electrically powered compressor. What is the alternate method of pressurization the water system?
  • Pneumatic system pressure
airplane general31
Airplane General
  • . Where are the packs located?
  • Lower fuselage around the main gear wells.
airplane general32
Airplane General
  • What is indicated by the PAX OXY ON light?
  • Power has been sent to all PSU door opening solenoids
airplane general33
Airplane General
  • How many mask outlets are available on a cabin portable oxygen bottle
  • Two
airplane general34
Airplane General
  • Where is the pressure indication display for the crew oxygen bottle?
  • Lower EICAS
airplane general35
Airplane General
  • Where is the crew oxygen bottle green blow out disc?
  • Right side of the fuselage
airplane general36
Airplane General
  • When the cabin altitude reaches _____feet, a pressure switch automatically activates the PSU door opening solenoids
  • 14,000’
airplane general37
Airplane General
  • What two items are monitored by the EMER DOORS light?
  • Over wing exits / or slide compartment doors.