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PPP SIG Fifth Dissemination Event

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PPP SIG Fifth Dissemination Event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PPP SIG Fifth Dissemination Event. Taking stock…one year on 24 th February 2009. Summary. Summary SIG Purposes: Aide memoir Progress to date Meeting the sustainability challenge Building the community of practice Dissemination. SIG Purposes: aide memoire.

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ppp sig fifth dissemination event

PPP SIGFifth Dissemination Event

Taking stock…one year on

24th February 2009

  • Summary
  • SIG Purposes: Aide memoir
  • Progress to date
  • Meeting the sustainability challenge
  • Building the community of practice
  • Dissemination
sig purposes aide memoire
SIG Purposes: aide memoire
  • self-sustaining SIG and ‘community of practice’ for ‘PPP’, that adds value, builds capacity, and stimulates partnerships and networks;
  • discussion and dissemination of the use and benefits of educational podcasting and its future uses;
  • staff development focal point (from ‘novice‘ to ‘expert’);
  • integrate ‘the student experience’ and ‘student views’ into SIG activities and deliberations;
  • focal point for pedagogic research and investigation in podcasting (…and beyond?)
  • directory of practitioners and information and guidance on practice.
progress to date
Progress to date
  • Progress to date
  • Start-up event – 27th February 2008
  • Five dissemination events; six Steering Group meetings
  • JISC representation on SIG
  • Involvement of 210+ practitioners
  • Input and presence at ALT-C
  • Links with other projects
  • Wiki activity continuing to grow
  • Book Project
  • Rich input of ideas
meeting the sustainability challenge
Meeting the sustainability challenge
  • Longevity and survival of SIGs and communities
  • Sustainable community?... survey and needs analysis
  • Demonstrating ‘products’, value, and benefit
  • Take a broader view of podcasting…Digital Media
  • Dynamic Wiki activity
  • Book Project...scenarios; essays; case studies; thinking
  • ‘Pedagogic purposes’…’educational podcasting’…is where we are
  • Structure and sustainability formula…
  • …well coordinated Hub and Spoke model; strong spokes
  • ...inter-HEI, inter-, and intra-faculty involvement
  • From ‘engagement’...to ‘community of practice’
building the community of practice what we need more of
Building the community of practice...what we need more of?
  • Capacity, participation, and contributions
  • Practitioner stories
  • Student perspectives and stronger student dimension
  • Widen out the voices...need ‘other’ and ‘more’ voices
  • Spokes and regional activity
  • Improved wiki structure (e.g. separate curriculum/subject areas; generic issues and experiences)
  • Funding?



the book creative voices
The book: Creative Voices
  • Contributions needed
    • welcome interest from people with ideas wishing to develop their writing experience through co-writing
    • academic standards must be maintained.
  • Chapters on (e.g.):
    • History of media-enhanced pedagogy;
    • Creativity as a graduate attribute;
    • Comparing audio and video;
    • Creativity in digital media assignments;
  • Case studies: <1,500 words. Diverse perspectives. We have a template.
  • Peer review of 100 Ideas in the PPP wiki please!
  • Contact: a.j.middleton@shu.ac.uk