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(E)valuating VLE

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(E)valuating VLE. pp Dr Mike Davis Lead Educator, ALSG. Today …. Rationale revisited Pilot and telephone interviews Full implementation Outcomes Feedback on course Achievement Uptake. Rationale. Instructor availability to teach on courses

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(E)valuating VLE

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e valuating vle

(E)valuating VLE

pp Dr Mike Davis

Lead Educator, ALSG

Today …

Rationale revisited

Pilot and telephone interviews

Full implementation


  • Feedback on course
  • Achievement
  • Uptake

Instructor availability to teach on courses

The difficulties candidates are having obtaining study leave

The reduction in study leave budgets

The improved availability of robust internet access

A feeling that there were still too many lectures

Wanting to capitalise on the benefits of blended learning

The difference in the amount of work that piles up and inconvenience to your colleagues is very big between 2 and 3 days.

I’m not sure doing lectures adds anything. The 2nd day of the old course, the morning full of lectures was too much. I think it’s better than the old course.


Pilot January to June 2008

Phone interviews with candidates and instructors

Evaluation of results

Feedback from candidates and instructors on courses

Revisions to face to face programme

outcomes reported
Outcomes reported

AMEE conference, Prague, September 2008

See handout and/or poster

telephone interviews instructors
Telephone interviews: instructors

No ‘down’ time (previously provided by lectures)

Less workshop time for exploring issues

Is the teaching too specific now because it is done through scenarios?

Without any lectures there is no time to sit down.

There is a little bit missing and it does feel a bit like you’re going from scenario to scenario, but I wouldn’t want to replace them with discussions and there is no leeway in the time table.

I wasn’t sure whether they would manage, I was pleasantly surprised.

telephone interviews candidates
Telephone interviews: candidates

Problems with specific aspects of the VLE

Suggested changes

Time spent varied 7 – 15 (24) hours

What was missing face to face?

we didn’t cover things like bradycardia. And I would have benefited from that in case I come across it in real life then I’ve only got the VLE to fall back on and that wouldn’t be enough.

It would be better if, when you re-did the MCQ it asked you different questions. There could be a bank of 1000 questions and it randomly asks them.

some contrasting views
Some contrasting views

F2F element

what I like most, was the lectures were kept to a bare minimum

It was very intense and I stopped being able to learn. It would be nice if the practical sessions were broken up with lectures.

VLE element

I thought it was a very clever way of doing it and it was very interactive so it was quite good.

the only thing is the VLE was a bit, very simple, like I could sense they didn’t actually care what answers I gave so I didn’t take it that seriously.

some initial problems
Some initial problems

Viewing videos

  • An ongoing issue, CD has been created

Access – NHS networks and firewalls

  • Advised to access from home if possible, also pdf of topics to print out

Mini teaching sessions around scenarios not working face to face

  • These were removed

Candidates completing VLE but not registering for face to face

  • Report commissioned to investigate
full implementation
Full implementation

Launch July 2008

I think it’s more challenging because… you want to make sure they are achieving, you’ve got less time to observe them. It’s a new course so I think I felt, some of it was my anxiety… It’s another thing I’d need to talk about in a year’s time if the course has been accepted.

some outcomes
Some outcomes

If anything candidates are doing a little better

Concerns about group dynamics have not materialised

Concerns about struggling candidates did not materialise during the pilot

Registration of candidates is dropping

continued issues of concern
Continued issues of concern

… you tell us …

feedback from coordinators
Feedback from coordinators

Why are candidate numbers dropping?

  • Is this happening on other courses
  • Tell us about study leave for F1s and F2s
feedback from coordinators1
Feedback from coordinators

To date the emergent themes are:

  • Study leave and budget
  • ALS is compulsory
  • Very few F2s are doing the programme
  • Recruitment
  • Low staff morale
  • Qualified instructors
some negativity about vle
Some negativity about VLE

From VLE to face to face

I know you must be aware of the issues with VLE and candidates accessing the F2F because of not completing the VLE component I think this and the change in programme are probably at the heart of the issues


VLE is not fixed like a book

The working group will review one topic each month

Sue has been noting down the concerns that you have raised


What strengths do you see in the APLS blended learning package?