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If you are worried that alcohol may be harming your health or that your drinking patterns are putting you at risk, help is available.

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Visit our website for Alcohol Rehab Center

Harbor Hall expands, offers new treatments for

women, families, and adolescents

By Randall Koch, MS, LPC, CADC, Director of Outpatient Clinical Operations

Harbor Hall has recently expanded its outpatient facility to serve the unique needs of women, families, and

adolescents struggling with issues related to substance use. We’ve long recognized that women and

adolescents require specific therapies to address their distinct recovery needs. Research, supporting holistic

approaches, fueled the development of new programs creating additional opportunities to help these two under-

served populations in our region.Harbor Hall’s growth into the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court programs in

Emmet and Charlevoix Counties also contributed to the need for additional therapeutic space.

In October of 2015, Harbor Hall’s Outpatient Clinical and Administrative teams began discussing expansion into

the lower level of the Desimpel Center, Harbor Hall’s existing outpatient office that opened almost a decade ago

at 2236 E. Mitchell Rd in Petoskey. Energized with the Board and Foundation support, development of the new

center took off.

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Harbor Hall’s commitment to better serve female clients began earlier the same year with the integration of yoga

and dietary education into its existing women-specific programs. Women tend to place the needs of others

before themselves and let daily demands interfere with their ability to establish and maintain their personal,

physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care.

By treating the whole person, supporting and nurturing efforts to recover, women become aware of their needs.

They begin to understand the importance of their self-care, to trust themselves, and those important to them.

This allows problem sharing and developing new, healthy behaviors that are personal and relevant to their life.

Through continued support and education, hands-on experiences, and practice of self-care, healthy habits are

established that support long-term recovery.

Adolescent clients also need specific treatment services tailored to age appropriate development. The “one-size-

fits-all” orientation of the past (i.e., treating adolescents as little adults), is now widely acknowledged as doing

more harm than good. Our adolescent treatment targets behavior, decision making and problem emotions to

preempt future substance use.

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For too long, substance use in adolescence has been hailed as a rite of passage. Today’s substances are more

potent and difficult to detect increasing the possibility of overdose. Treatment requires flexibility, attention to

specific behaviors, and the ability to shape creative resolutions. Integration of parents and family members is

essential to the development of a successful long-term recovery.

On July 15, 2016, Harbor Hall opened its new center and already the staff has witnessed the benefits of the

more holistic and specified range of services.

Harbor Hall's Women, Family, and Adolescent Center is located at the east entrance of the outpatient office, 302

Orchard Ridge, Petoskey, MI. For more information or to seek help, please visit our website or

call our office at (231) 347-9880.

For more information, visit our website Michigan Alcohol Rehab Center | Michigan Addiction Treatment Services