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Progress Monitoring Case Studies

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Progress Monitoring Case Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Progress Monitoring Case Studies . Aug 18, 2010. Student: Jane Grade:3. Meeting Date September Aims RCBM= 40wpm 10 errors Aims MAZE= 12 Aims MCAP= 6 Absent= 0 days Works hard, parents very supportive

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Presentation Transcript
student jane grade 3
Student: Jane Grade:3

Meeting Date September

Aims RCBM= 40wpm 10 errors

Aims MAZE= 12

Aims MCAP= 6

Absent= 0 days

Works hard, parents very supportive

Teacher Concerns: Has difficulty with reading grade level materials with fluency and accuracy.

What should we do?

  • What should Jane’s goal be?
  • What should her intervention be?
  • When is the review date?
  • In (#) weeks (Student name) will read (#) Words Correctly in 1 minute from randomly selected Grade (#) passages.
review of old iats
Review of Old IATs
  • Example 1= 3rd grade
  • Example 2= kindergarten
  • Example 3 = 1st grade
interventions vs accommodations
Interventions vs. Accommodations
  • Thursday, October 30, 2008
  • Interventions/Accomodations What's the difference? Samples
  • What’s the difference between an intervention and an accommodation?Delaware Department of Education’s (DOE) definition of an intervention is:
  • An intervention is focused on specific, targeted performance deficits identified through scientifically researched based screenings and/or diagnostic assessment.
  • Interventions are provided in addition to the core curriculum with the intent of improving the at risk student’s proficiency in meeting grade level expectations.
  • Interventions may be selected through a standard treatment protocol approach or a problem solving approach.
  • Interventions require either the teaching of a researched based strategy or a skill that is focused on increasing the at risk student’s proficiency in the targeted area, either academically or behaviorally.
  • Success of the intervention is determined by collecting data on it’s effectiveness in improving student performance through progress monitoring.
interventions vs accommodations1
Interventions vs. Accommodations
  • Accommodations are frequently referenced with regard to students with disabilities.
  • Accommodations are practices and procedures in the areas of presentation, response, setting and timing/scheduling that provide equitable access to the general (core) curriculum during instruction and assessments for students with disabilities.
  • Accommodations are intended to reduce or even eliminate the effects of a student’s disability. Accommodations do not reduce learning expectations.
  • Accommodations typically refer to testing situations. Students who have IEPs typically have testing accommodations and daily classroom accommodations. Please see a list of sample accommodations below. (Please note: THESE ARE NOT INTERVENTIONS)
  • Testing Accommodations· Read aloud words, phrases, sentences in questions, or answer choices· Allow oral responses· Use a scribe· Vary the testing format· Allow use of technology· Give extra time for completion· Divide into more than one administration· Shorten length of a long test· Limit answer choices· Allow test to be given in a smaller group· Change time of day or test· Change testing location· Provide monitored test breaks· Follow district/state guidelines for testing allowances
  • Fall 2009 OAT Reading= 376 Limited
  • Spring 2010 OAT Reading= 404 Math= 409 Proficient