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How To Find A Good Apartment - Happy 8 Phuket Apartments Services PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Find A Good Apartment - Happy 8 Phuket Apartments Services

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How To Find A Good Apartment - Happy 8 Phuket Apartments Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Find A Good Apartment - Happy 8 Phuket Apartments Services

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  1. Happy8Phuket How to Find A Good Apartment In Phuket Thailand

  2. How to Find a Good Apartment Finding an apartment can be very stressful without the right tools. Optimize your search to make sure you don’t waste time and resources. Make sure that you find the perfect fit before signing any lease agreement. Close the deal with the proper documents and only after a fully informed decision.

  3. How to Find a Good Apartment Optimizing Your Search Set a budget range. Determine what you can afford each month by factoring your income and expenditures. Include groceries, transportation, social activities, utilities, and gym membership as your expenditures. Make sure you provide realistic numbers so that you can still save in case of emergency. Do not be tempted to look at apartments above your price range. You will waste time and resources looking at larger and newer spaces that you cannot afford.

  4. How to Find a Good Apartment Keep the bigger picture in mind. Don’t be fooled by small perks. If a landlord throws in a tv or let’s you move in early, it may be a waste if the apartment doesn’t meet one of your larger needs. Make sure to set your priorities and don’t compromise them. Remember that you may be locked into a lease so make your decision wisely.

  5. How to Find a Good Apartment Consider the time of year. Prices may be much higher during the summer because that’s when a lot of people tend to search for a new apartment. Depending on where you live and whether you have a timeline, it may be best to search during October to December or February through March. People do not want to move during the holidays or cold months so take advantage of the drop in competition. Places tend to stay vacant during these times so you may see some prices drop if you are willing to wait a month or so. If you live in a location with a lot of college students, waiting until after school starts in September can help you find a reduced rental rate.

  6. How to Find a Good Apartment Narrow your search. Don’t spend time looking at everything that’s available. Search online and create a list of no more than four or five apartments to visit. Schedule your visit as opposed to simply dropping by. Take photos and ask questions during your visit to make sure the apartment meets all your standards. If the person showing the apartment is unable to answer a question, be sure to get his contact information so that you can follow up.

  7. How to Find a Good Apartment Keep organized. Depending on your time and resources, you may be able to look at a number of apartments. Keep all the information organized in a single document complete with pictures and a pros and cons list. You may also be able to place them on a map and order them according to convenience of travel from your work or school.Spreadsheets are great to keep track of things like rent, amenities, security deposit, lease length, and contact information. Keep any additional notes and how many times you have visited the location. The more informed of a decision you can make, the better.

  8. How to Find a Good Apartment Research public transportation. Public transportation can save you money or be necessary during emergencies. Make sure you know how far your apartment is from major transportation routes. Even if you have a car, researching how much you may save on insurance, gas, and travel time may cause you to change how you commute.

  9. How to Find a Good Apartment Look into new construction. It may seem counterintuitive but new buildings may have reasonable rents because a new apartment complex may want to fill up as fast as possible. Owners and managers may be flexible with their rent if they are trying to lease the entire building. Make sure to see if there is room to negotiate.

  10. How to Find a Good Apartment Use an apartment locator. Apartment locators are in constant contact with landlords and may become aware of decreases in prices, rent specials, or deals before they become available to the public. They may have personal relationships with landlords that can help you find a deal unavailable to anyone else. Search social media or job boards for apartment locators. It may be free to use the services of an apartment locator in your city so research any costs that may be associated before investing.

  11. How to Find a Good Apartment Broaden your search. If you have been looking for a while and you are finding it increasingly difficult to find an apartment in your price range, expand your search criteria. You may look at locations a little bit further than you originally planned or building without certain amenities. Prioritize what you are able to be flexible with and change your search criteria. Many times it is the location that is the most difficult thing to find as the most prime apartments are often taken or priced for their coveted location. While your commute may factor into your location, also factor in safety and cleanliness. Adding a few minutes to your commute is an easy sacrifice for a safe and clean apartment.