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The Hot Water Experiment

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The Hot Water Experiment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Hot Water Experiment. Gary, Hailey, Elaina, Joseph. Variable Being Tested. Our group decided to test water. Control and Experimental Groups. Our control plant will be with regular tap water. Our experimental plant will be hot water. Our Hypothesis.

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the hot water experiment

The Hot Water Experiment

Gary, Hailey, Elaina, Joseph

variable being tested
Variable Being Tested

Our group decided to test water.

control and experimental groups
Control and Experimental Groups

Our control plant will be with regular tap water.

Our experimental plant will be hot water.

our hypothesis
Our Hypothesis

If we water the plant with hot water then it will not grow as tall as the regular water plant.


2-15-12 On the first day the grass was green and standing up and a little brown. 2-24-12 On the last day both plants shrunk and the experimental had pink brown and green. On the experimental plant it was very thin.

conclusion statement
Conclusion Statement

From this experiment, we learned the plant doesn’t mater what temperature you water the plant with .

hypothesis statement
Hypothesis Statement

Our hypothesis was wrong because whenwe water with hot it grew the same as the regular water plant.

future experiments

Future Experiments

If given the chance, how would you change this experiment in the future?

any question
Any Question?

Does anyone have any questions about our experiment?