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Using an online platform for learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Using an online platform for learning

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Using an online platform for learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using an online platform for learning. Options for students and schools. Why online courses?. Resolve scheduling conflicts at school or meet the needs of different schedule configurations. Allow student flexibility in use of time to meet other school / family / work commitments.

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Using an online platform for learning

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    1. Using an online platform for learning Options for students and schools

    2. Why online courses? Resolve scheduling conflicts at school or meet the needs of different schedule configurations. Allow student flexibility in use of time to meet other school / family / work commitments. Virtual Learning may offer courses not available at the student's home school. Student needs to make up a credit. Online may be a better-suited learning environment. Student desires the experience of taking a distance education course. Provides opportunity for student to complete course(s) at an accelerated pace. Provides extended time to complete coursework for those students that need additional time. To meet the needs of a transferring student. Students who have medical conditions that may not allow them to be present for a full day. Provide meaningful and high level work for newcomers in their native language to supplement mainstream instruction Prepare for the 21st century global workforce. Source: CT Virtual Learning website

    3. Expanded uses of online learning • Credit recovery • Alternative programming • Summer school option • Differentiated learning • Enrichment • Acceleration • Expansion of program of studies

    4. CT Law PA 10-111 Districts who offer online courses for credit need to have a BOE policy Workload of online classes has to be similar to traditional class setting and aligned with standards Taught by instructors who hold a teaching certificate (any area) who have been trained in online instruction Districts must appoint an online learning coordinator from existing staff Districts with a dropout rate >8% must establish an online credit recovery option Source: CABE, PA 10-111

    5. Success factors The following characteristics promote online learning success: Self-motivation Independent learner Computer literate Time management Effective communication skills Personal commitment

    6. The “new” online learner • Students with academic risk factors • Working below grade level, reading level below grade level • Retained or failed classes • Students who difficulty getting to school daily • Health issues • School phobic • Home responsibilities • Students with social or behavioral issues • Students who have difficulty dealing with peers or adult authority figures • Students who are mobile • Students who move frequently, attend many schools • Breaks or gaps in education • Limited English proficiency

    7. What students say about it Reduces the “distractions” Keeps me out of the “drama” at school The computer doesn’t judge me Just could not get along with the teachers-they were too rigid I can see my progress I just want to get done with school I can do it on my own schedule, any time and at my own pace Source: student comments from Terryville High and Springfield (MA) Central High

    8. Special factors in program planning The “new” online student needs additional monitoring and supports in order to be successful Programs should include close collaboration between school administration, school counselors, online project manager/coordinator, site instructor Willingness to customize the program Re-thinking old concepts of seat time, moving to a mastery curriculum orientation

    9. Program design factors • About half the cost goes to purchase seat licenses and half to staffing • Nearly all providers offer multi-use licensing • Tiered by number of licenses ($350-$1000) • One license can probably serve as many as 4 students with creative scheduling • Existing programs include basic staff positions • Administrator or project manager to help with communication and student management/discipline • Counselor/online learning coordinator to recommend students, track credits • Site instructor present with students to answer questions, troubleshoot, provide encouragement, general supervision