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Comenius Photo Competition

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Comenius Photo Competition. 2009. France. Breathing from Holland Taken on Sunday, March 22nd 2009.

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breathing from holland taken on sunday march 22nd 2009
Breathing from HollandTaken on Sunday, March 22nd 2009

Could anything be more typical than this windmill? Nothing can be as cliché as windmills in Holland.This windmill stands proudly in a place that the Dutch call "Holland's Green Lung".In this place, there are traditional windmills everywhere. But in fact, they have not been built at the same time.

Any time one of them collapses, the Dutch build another one, at the exact same place.Nowadays, what is most interesting is that those windmills coexist together with modernDutch life. Actually, one kilometre away, you can see the city and its typical factories.

a linguistic footbridge taken during the gala evening on wednesday march 25th 2009
A “linguistic footbridge”Taken during the gala evening, on Wednesday, March 25th 2009

With the Comenius project, the Italians, the Dutch, the Estonians and the French students have been unified and able to communicate thanks to English.

The main themes of this project are: “Breaking down walls” and “Building bridges”.

This photograph was taken during the Gala dinner, which was also meant to break down walls and build bridges between all the countries present.

This bridge, built during the gala dinner, symbolises the “linguistic footbridge” which is going to break down walls between the various European cultures.

The bridge on the table is a junction between Holland and France, which are symbolical of two European countries.

The meat products and the French flag symbolize France while the water and other flags symbolize Holland. The candle flame symbolizes the warmth of Italy and the fingers symbolize an Estonian walking on this bridge, newly built for this recent member of the European Union.


This picture reflects almost all the aspects of our country: bridges, water and rain. =)

On this day we took the foreign students to Amsterdam, where they unfortunately had to ‘enjoy’ weather which is so familiar to us Dutch students.

Walking together under the umbrella made it all very cozy, and this way we were able to build even more bridges!

friendship behind frontiers
Friendship behind frontiers

An Estonian and Dutch girl are walking near the beach. Their Bridges are built and their walls are broken. At the background you can see a real bridge.

cars and races
Cars and races

I have chosen this picture because of an aspect that Germans and Italians like.

In the background you see Michel Schumacher a famous German racer and in front you can see German students, both of them show their appreciation of Ferrari which is made in Italy.

So you see it doesn't matter which culture we belong to or which language we speak Only the things that combine us matter, in this case it’s the car or the brand Ferrari.

break something down also means to create new things
Break something down also means to create new things

On our second day in Italy, the 10th march, we went to the beach of Rimini. The sun was shining all over the day, completely different to the weather at home. During lunchtime Alexandra K. and Alexandra H. decided to built something with sand. First they came to the conclusion a butterfly would be a wonderful animal and easy to built. But after a short time the structure of the sand looked more like the body of a ladybird. Then they tried to make the eyes of the beetle and the creature got eyes like a frog.

According to the topic `breaking down walls, building up bridges´ that means, when you break down something, e.g. a wall, there come new things, you get the chance to build up a bridge and maybe you even do not know what will come but it is wonderful to make experiences.

hol iday land

I think this picture describes Holland the best because if you looked down from the Euromast the town was like in the hollow of he hand. To me that place was the most memorable, because I have never seen that whirling thing, which was on the top, before. The view was breathtaking and I will never forget that feeling.


In this picture all the most common to Holland are presented. The bike – there’s no place where you can’t find so many bikes. The location itself – the view on the canal, a bit mystery. The bridge – also very common to Holland (specially to Amsterdam). And of course wet weather – I guess local people aren’t happy about that...

climbing walls
Climbing walls

Invisible walls are made up of prejudices, discrimination,

rejection of difference, stereotypes. We want to climb them.

a hole in the wall
A hole in the wall

Italian and German students have explored the Comenius themes and have found a … hole in the wall!

Is there a new world on the other side ?

points for the winner 2009
Points for the winner 2009
  • Each country gives
  • 20 points for the best photo
  • 10 points for the number 2
  • 5 points for the number 3

Send your points to Holland !!!

Do this before October 18th.

Final result Photocompetition: October 25th.