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SPS Donate Now VT. Donate Now Test Account. Please use the following test account when you are conducting a demo of the Donate Now VT with your merchant: The login URL is https://www.sagepayments.net/donatenow VTID and Username = 516577179031 Password = password1

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Donate now test account
Donate Now Test Account

Please use the following test account when you are conducting a demo of the Donate Now VT with your merchant:

The login URL is https://www.sagepayments.net/donatenow

VTID and Username = 516577179031

Password = password1

This information will not change for this test account. If you would like a test account created specifically for your merchant, please email VT Support at virtualsupport@sagepayments.com.

Donate now virtual terminal
Donate Now Virtual Terminal

What is the Donate Now VT?

The Donate Now VT will give our merchants the ability to add a secure donation payment form to their existing website. This form is hosted on our server which eliminates the need for the merchant to obtain an SSL certificate for their website.

  • This form will collect all of the donor’s sensitive billing information along with the fund they are donating to and then process the payment through our gateway.

  • The merchant will also have the option of allowing their donors to sign up for automatic recurring transactions at the time of their initial donation.

Target merchants
Target Merchants

  • The merchants that would benefit the most from this product are:

  • Churches

  • Non-Profit Organizations

Setup process
Setup Process

There are several steps the merchant must perform before adding this payment form to their website.

First they must login to the Virtual Terminal and go to the Donate Now menu to setup the configuration of the form.

  • Branding and Customization

    • The merchant will be able to specify the background and text colors, enter the approved and declined URLS, and upload a banner image.

Setup process continued
Setup Process Continued

  • Features and Options

    • This is where the merchant will enter specific donation amounts (up to 10) along with a description and decide to offer an open amount for the donor to enter.

    • The donor will only have the ability to select one amount.

    • They will also enter the descriptions for the donation designations (up to 40).

    • The donor will only have the ability to select one designation.

    • The other options allow the merchant to enable the following features:

    • Tribute service (In honor/memory of)

      • Please note the Tribute Card or Email must be generated by the merchant. This is not sent from the Virtual Terminal.

    • Anonymous donation

    • Mailing list

    • Thank you email

    • Comments

Setup process continued1
Setup Process Continued

  • Recurring Configuration

    • The merchant will be able to enable the feature and determine if they would like to offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual recurring donations.

      ****If they will be using this feature, the merchant should create at least one Group and Schedule to assign these donors to after the initial transaction is settled.

      Please follow these steps for creating the Groups and Schedules:

    • Go to Transaction Management  Recurring Transactions  Group Management.

      • Enter the name of the group and click “Add New Group”.

    • Next go to Transaction Management  Recurring Transactions  Schedule Management.

      • Enter a description for the schedule (ie. Monthly on the 1st or Weekly)

      • Enter the interval

        • If it is a monthly schedule enter 1 for every month, 2 for bi-monthly, 6 for semi-annual, ect.

        • If it is a daily schedule enter 7 for weekly, 14 for bi-weekly, ect.

      • Enter or select the day/start date

      • Then select if the schedule will process on a non-business day (holiday or weekend)

      • Finally click “Add Monthly or Add Daily”.

Setup process continued2
Setup Process Continued

  • Email Features

    • This will display the email template we use for the “Thank You” email. The merchant can modify the text in this email to customize it for their business.

Setup process completed
Setup Process Completed!

After the merchant has completed the setup and configuration of the payment form, the last step is adding the HTML code for the Donate Now form to their website.

They may obtain the HTML code in the Virtual Terminal under Donate Now  Features and Customization  Integration Link.The merchant is now ready to accept donations online!

Confirmation emails for donations
Confirmation Emails for Donations

For every transaction processed through the Donate Now form, our gateway will generate an order confirmation email and an invoice detailing the order. The invoice is not modifiable, but the merchant may change the text the in the order confirmation email in the terminal under Donate Now  Email Features.

Managing donate now transactions
Managing Donate Now Transactions

All of the Donate Now merchants will have auto close enabled on their accounts by default. But we would still recommend they review their batches daily to ensure none of their donors are being double billed or overcharged.

They may review the batch in the terminal under Batch Management  Current Batch Detail.

After the batches are settled, they are available for reference in the terminal under Batch Management  Settled Batches.

Registering recurring customers
Registering Recurring Customers

A list of all donors who selected the recurring donation option will be viewable in the terminal under Donate Now  Recurring  Donor Registrations after the initial transaction is settled.

The merchant should manage these recurring requests on at least a weekly basis.

  • After the merchant enters the date range they would like to view, a list of donors will appear.

  • The merchant will see 3 management options on the right-hand side of each record.

    • View Detail = This will provide the details for the recurring charges requested by the donor.

    • Original Trx = This will provide the details for the original transaction.

    • Add to Recurring = This will prompt the merchant to add this donor to the recurring group and schedule of their choice.

      • Please note: The merchant must have the Groups and Schedules already created under Transaction Management  Recurring Transactions  Group Management and Schedule Management.

Donate now support
Donate Now Support

Please have the Donate Now merchants contact Virtual Terminal Support if they have any questions. They may reach us by calling (877) 470-4001 or email us at virtualsupport@sagepayments.com.

There is also a Technical Support link under the Help menu in the terminal where they may conduct a live chat online or send us an email through the terminal.