your dad did what n.
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Your Dad did What? PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Dad did What?

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Your Dad did What? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Dad did What?
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  1. Your Dad did What?

  2. An impersonal way to refer to the pupils Where they have been, if they have been away, or what they’ve done at home, if they have not – you make them write about the holiday. One writes My Dad did. What? Your Dad did what? Questions suggest the teacher’s anger

  3. Teacher only concerned with grammar Suggests the teacher feels superior to the pupils Teacher is strict That’s not a sentence. Never mind the bell. We stay behind until the work is done. You count their words (you who can count and spell); all the assignments are complete bar one and though this boy… Enjambement reflects how she will not stop to find out why; just jumps to conclusions

  4. Her tone suggests he is being defiant and though this boy seems bright, that one is his. He says he’s finished, doesn’t want to add anything, hands it in just as it is. No change. My Dad did. What? What did his Dad? Repetition of these words reinforces teacher’s annoyance

  5. Teacher not interested? You find the ‘E’ you gave him as you sort through reams of what this girl did, what that lad did, and read the line again, just one ‘e’ short: This holiday was horrible. My Dad did. Link between missing letter and the grade she gives the work Makes it clear why pupil wrote what he did - makes reader feel sad

  6. Clashes and Collisions How does this poem fit into the theme? • Conflict between teacher and pupil • Misunderstandings can lead to conflict How can you link it with the other poems? • Stereotyping – not taking the time to find out the truth: Half-Caste; Parade’s End • Conflicts that occur between adults and children / teenagers – “Catrin”; “Our Sharpeville” • Loss – “Catrin”,