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Travel, Tourism and Leisure (TT&L) WG PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel, Tourism and Leisure (TT&L) WG

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Travel, Tourism and Leisure (TT&L) WG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Travel, Tourism and Leisure (TT&L) WG
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  1. Travel, Tourism and Leisure (TT&L) WG 28 Nov. 2013 Akio Suzuki Acting Chair UNCEFACT T/T Domain Coordinator

  2. Activities of TT&L WG Promote Inbound Travel for each AFACT country 1. SLH (Small scaled Lodging House) Project Implementation in AFACT of SLH International Pilot Project based on UNCEFACT Specifications developed Local activities are also under trial implementation in Japan based on the same specifications. 2. DTI (Destination Travel Information) Project Contributing to the UNCEFACT specification development for the DTI project originated by Korea This has been newly approved as a new UNCEFACT project. BRS (Business Requirements Specification drafted and being discussed in AFACT TT&L WG.)

  3. SLH International Pilot Project (In case of Japan as a supplier) Starting from early next year Japan (Japanese and English Translation) Japanese DB Based on UN/CEFACT Specifications ベトナム ベトナム Vietnam Iran & Kish Tiwan Korea Thailand Others (English/Taiwanese Translation) (English/Thai Translation) (English/Vietnamese Translation) (English/Persian Translation) (English/Korean Translation) ・・・ Iranian Market (Iranian) Taiwanese Market (Taiwanese) Korean Market (Korean) Thai Market(Thai) Vietnamese Market (Vietnamese)

  4. Destination Information & Travel Products DTI (Destination Travel Information) SLH (Lodging Houses) Time Table AirA Global Airlines, Chain Hotels, Worldwide Rental Cars, Railways, & Others Sports Events, Local Activities Buses Travel Statistics Restaurants, Eating Places Taxis & Local RentalCars ネットワーク Conventions, & Others Local Railways & Other Transports Traveler Personal Info Security Customers (Consumers, Retailers)