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1200 Lectures in 12 months: Campus-Wide Classroom Capture at University of New Mexico Valencia Campus. Najib Manea PhD. University of New Mexico Valencia Campus. Agenda. UNM-Valencia Campus UNM-Valencia Classroom An overview of UNM-Valencia classroom capture technology program

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1200 Lectures in 12 months: Campus-Wide Classroom Capture at University of New Mexico Valencia Campus

Najib Manea PhD.

University of New Mexico Valencia Campus


  • UNM-Valencia Campus

  • UNM-Valencia Classroom

  • An overview of UNM-Valencia classroom capture technology program

  • Obstacles and incentives to adoption of classroom capture.

  • Campus administration role .

  • Classroom Capture Reports

  • The future of classroom capture

  • Learning Objects

  • Future Improvements and Challenges

  • Samples

Unm valencia
UNM Valencia

  • A branch campus to UNM Main Campus in Albuquerque since 1986

  • Serves as a community college to a large rural area (Valencia, N. Socorro, and W. Torrance Counties)

  • Serves over 2,300 students per semester

  • 22 Associate Degree or Certificate Programs

UNM Valencia Students

  • 56% self identify as Hispanic

  • 58% are first generation college students

  • 75% receive need-based grants and loans

Unm valencia classroom
UNM-Valencia Classroom

Includes standard technical infrastructure for teaching & learning :

  • Fixed data/video projection capability

  • Internet connectivity at instructor station

  • Wireless student networking

  • Standard input devices (VCR and DVD)

  • Hotline phone for instructor, pager, and desktop link.

  • Network drives for storage (Faculty + Students).

  • Flexible growth potential - able to interface new devices.

Why do use technology
Why do use Technology?

We use technology to:

  • Increase students retention

  • Increase student engagement

  • Maintain interest in curriculum and making it accessible

  • Use accumulated data to enhance lessons in the future

  • Make more effective use of media

  • Bring the world into your classroom via use of the internet

  • Allow students to drive learning to a certain extent

Classroom capture selection process
Classroom Capture Selection Process

Before choosing Mediasite we did Study four classroom capture systems including Mediasite:

  • Demos

  • Trials

  • Studying technical aspects

  • Contacting other Universities/ Institutions

  • Quotes

How did we fund the project
How did we fund the project?

The project was funded by HSI Title V grant:

  • Cooperating to Improve Rural Hispanic Student Success through Technology (Pilot-3 Classrooms):

    • P.I.: Dr. Najib Manea

    • UNM Valencia-UNM Los Alamos

  • STEM Graduation and Transfer Project (30 classrooms)

The requirements for launching the program
The Requirements for Launching the Program

  • Classroom Infrastructure:

    • Electric outlets/drops

    • Teachers' workstations

    • Podiums & Podiums customization for ventilation

    • Locks & KVMs

  • Audio/Video Equipment

    • Cameras & Microphones

    • DVD/VCR & Document cameras

    • Smart Switching Mats

  • Networking

    • Bandwidth, Data Ports, & IP addresses

  • Input devices in our classroom
    Input Devices in our Classroom

    We have a variety of Audio/Video devices in our classroom that include but not limited to:

    • Video Sources

    • Audio Sources

    • Image Sources

    Audio sources
    Audio Sources

    • XLR Connection

    • RCA (Line Level)

    • 1/8” Mini Jack

    • USB Connection

    Video sources
    Video Sources

    • Video camera

    • Webcam

    • Ceiling-mounted Camera

    Image sources
    Image Sources

    RGB/VGA (15 pin)

    • Laptop/Tablet

    • Document Camera

    • Smart board

    • Microscope

    • Anything with a VGA out

    Our mediasite recorders
    Our Mediasite Recorders

    • Rack-mountable RL 29

    • Transportable (Mobile) ML 4

    What do we capture in our classrooms
    What do we capture in our classrooms?

    We capture actual classroom activities that include:

    • Audio

    • Video

    • Supporting Material

      • PowerPoint Slides

      • PC Applications

      • Digital White Boards

      • Document Camera Slides

      • Microscopes

      • …..

    Sessions types
    Sessions Types

    • Classroom sessions

    • Special occasions

    • Graduation

    • Guest speakers

    • Vendors Installation/Tutorial

    • Webcasts

    Faculty planning
    Faculty Planning

    • Content (Slides, links, videos, questions,..)

    • Length

    • Video/no Video

    • Publishing

      • Formats (Video+ Slides, video, Audio+slides, audio)

    • Operator replaced by affordable technology (Camera + Mic)

    • Easy to use

    • Transparent from the instructor’s perspective

    The process
    The Process

    • Create your content as usual (PowerPoint, videos, simulation, …)

    • Teach your class

    • Capture system (Cam, Mic, and recorder) captures you session and/or makes a live session.

    • Recorder FTPs the session to the server

    • Session will be published

    • Students can start viewing the sessions in few minutes

    Distribution methods
    Distribution Methods

    • Live presentations.

    • On-Demand presentations.

    • Publishing presentations to a file folder or CDs.

    • Podcasting

    Incentives to adoption of classroom capture students
    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Students).

    • Enhance comprehension

    • Improve study and review for:

      • Homeworks

      • Reviewing for exams

      • Refreshing knowledge in preparation for other classes

    • Reduce language barriers

    • Catch-up in the event a class is missed due to illness.

    • Accessibility: sessions are automatically posted to course pages where students can retrieve them alongside assignments, references and other course information.

    Incentives to adoption of classroom capture students1
    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Students).

    • Choice :(face-to-face and/or online) sections

  • Play segments of video rather than the entire video to Maintain interest

  • Universally viewable

  • Breaks the requirement for students to either:

    • pay attention

    • take notes

  • Podcasting

  • Interactive for personal preference

    • Works with all Platform

    • Minimal Technical Ability

  • Incentives to adoption of classroom capture faculty
    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Faculty).

    • Automatic publishing, distribution, & Management.

    • Manual/Automatic start/stop/pause options

    • Live and On-demand sessions

    • Learning styles

      • Visual

      • Auditory

    • Allows faculty for pre-recording of lectures:

      • As a supplementary material

      • In case of a conference travel

      • In case of Illness

      • In case of domestic emergencies

    Incentives to adoption of classroom capture faculty1
    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Faculty).

    • Reach off-campus learners

    • Self-monitoring of lectures to study:

      • Content

      • Style

      • Interaction

  • Increases overall productivity

  • Improves effectiveness of office hours by spending less time answering routine course questions.

  • Provides assessment opportunities

  • Incentives to adoption of classroom capture administrators
    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Administrators)

    • Supporting the on-line and hybrid classes

    • Better leverage existing technology and facility investments

    • Boost usage of course management systems and smart classrooms

    • Provides assessment opportunities

    • Marketing tool

    • Improve student learning and retention.

    • Increase enrollment

    • Enhance recruitment and outreach

    • Capture campus events

    Teaching learning center role in classroom capture
    Teaching & Learning Center Role in Classroom Capture

    • Behind the scene actions

      • Configuring, Managing, Maintaining, and Scheduling

      • Publishing (Web, Folders, or CD)

    • Integrating within organization's IT structure

      • Access to Web server and/or Webmaster

      • Partnerships with other units (WebCT)

      • Compatibility with other software used (Browsers)

    • Ongoing maintenance issues

      • Staff willing to learn to use technology.

      • Support for faculty (settings, editing,….)

    Campus administration role
    Campus Administration Role

    • Funding and infrastructure

    • Support for both staff and faculty.

    • Integration with other entities within the campus.

    • Faculty Encouragement

    Administration and f aculty involvement
    Administration and Faculty Involvement

    From the beginning they participated in:

    • Attending several vendors demos including Mediasite

    • Studying technical aspects

    • Studying quotes

    • Getting feedback from faculty

    • Announcing the plan ahead of time.

    Obstacles to adoption of classroom capture
    Obstacles to Adoption of Classroom Capture.

    • The perception that a drop in student attendance will occur because:

      • Students think that no need to be in class

      • Any inconvenience can be a reason to stay home

    • Attendant loss of interaction in class

    • Decline in note taking

    • Faculty resistance because:

      • Permanent recording of class

      • Loss of control over content

      • Random evaluation by administration

    Faculty resistance
    Faculty Resistance

    • Paulo Freire (1973) once said that “The answer does not lie in the rejection of the machine but in the humanization of man” (p.35).

    • Freire (1972) also said "It is not the media themselves which I criticize, but the way they are used" (p.136).

    Dealing with faculty
    Dealing with Faculty

    • Involving Faculty from the beginning

    • Insuring Privacy

    • Tutorials

    • On trial basis

    • Requests from students services

    • Working with some students

    • Edit some sessions as requested by faculty members

    • …..

    The challenges
    The Challenges

    • Convincing all faculty members to be recorded and use the recorded sessions in their WebCT courses

    • Managing 30+ classrooms

    • Enhancing whiteboards capturing (Math)

    • Enhancing Sound Quality

    • Ability to interface new devices

    Future improvements
    Future Improvements

    • Enhancing science classes whiteboards writings sessions clarity

    • Using multiple cameras without operator

    • Automatic Integration with WebCT

    • Enhancing audio quality

    • Convincing all faculty members

    • Documenting H/W & S/W troubleshooting.

    Some research findings
    Some Research Findings

    Source: Insights regarding undergraduate preference for lecture capture UW-MADISON ONLINE-LEARNING STUDY

    Future of classroom capture
    Future of Classroom Capture

    Recent research indicates that lecture capture integrated with other instructional technologies will be one of the cornerstones of pedagogical advancement over the next decade.

    • Learning Objects

    • Metadata SCORM

    • Optical character recognition(OCR)

    What are the learning objects
    What are the Learning Objects?

    • Learning Objects are defined here as any digital resource that can be reused to support learning.

    • Learning objects can be described in terms of their:

      • Reusability derived from the concept of reusing small programming segments in computer science.

      • Granularity that means the scope and size of a learning object.

    Stem center
    STEM Center

    • Learning Objects Environment that will host:

      • Simulations

      • Discussion sessions

      • Tutorials

      • Lectures

      • Tutoring sessions

      • Webcasting

      • Podcasting


    • ART History

    • Biology Science

    UNM Valencia

    Dreams Start Here!

    Thank you!

    Najib Manea PhD

    UNM Valencia

    [email protected]