global surfactants market trends analysis n.
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Research focused on the Surfactants Market analysis, 2017–2025 PowerPoint Presentation
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Research focused on the Surfactants Market analysis, 2017–2025

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Research focused on the Surfactants Market analysis, 2017–2025 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research focused on the Surfactants Market analysis, 2017–2025

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global surfactants market trends analysis

Global Surfactants Market Trends, Analysis, And Forecasts To


The compounds that reduce the surface or interfacial tension between two liquids or between a liquid

and a solid are referred to as surfactants. These surfactants may work out as emulsifiers, wetting agents,

detergents, foaming agents and dispersants. Usually, these surfactants are organic compounds that are

amphiphilic in nature. The meaning of amphiphilic is that they consist of both hydrophobic groups as

their tails and hydrophilic groups as their heads. Thus, a surfactant comprises of both either water-

insoluble or oil-soluble component and a water-soluble component. These components diffuse in water

and adsorb at borders between air and water or at the edge between oil and water, in cases where water

is mixed with oil. The water-insoluble hydrophobic group may spread out of the bulk water phase, into

the air or into the oil phase, while the water-soluble head group remains immersed in the water phase.

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The global surfactants market can be classified based on substrate, type, application and region. On the

basis of substrate, the global market is classified into bio-based surfactants, and synthetic surfactants.

Depending upon type, the global surfactants market is segmented into cationic surfactants, anionic

surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, and amphoteric surfactants. As per application, the global market is

divided into textile, personal care, detergents, crop protection, oilfield chemicals, industrial &

institutional cleaning, food & beverage, elastomers & plastics, and others.

The global surfactants market is expected to garner maximum revenue in the forecast period. Factors

such as rising demand from personal care segment and their wide usage in soaps, detergents, cleaners,

shampoos and other related products for removing stains, dirt, oil and various unwanted foreign

particles from the surface .are expected to fuel the growth of surfactants market.

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Based on regions, the global surfactants market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific

(APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to

command the maximum market share and would lead the surfactants market during the forecast period.

Factors such as the increased demand from household and industrial application, high demand from

rising population in countries such as Indonesia, India, China, and others will fuel the surfactants market

growth. Also, the organization of the retail and rising disposable income will further boost demand for

better quality consumer goods in the region thereby propelling the demand for surfactants during the

forecast period.

The major players in global surfactants sector are increasingly adopting expansion, acquisition,

agreement, joint venture, product launch, investment, certification, contract, partnership, and innovation

among others as their major business strategies

among others as their major business strategies in order to endure in the competitive market. The chief

strategies adopted by the leading companies in this market include expansion and product launch. The

major companies that provide surfactants include Akzo Nobel N.V., Stepan Company, BASF SE , Clariant

AG, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., and E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Table Of Content


1.Market Definition

2.Market Scope

3.Data Sources


1.Market Drivers

2.Market Restraints

3.Market Opportunities


1.Value Chain Analysis

2.Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.Key Trends

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