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Quiz Questions

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Quiz Questions
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  1. Quiz Questions In class review

  2. Chapter 4 • The three phases of business processes re-engineering are? • A. Ideas, technology, people • B. Unfreezing, changing, refreezing • C. Rethink, redesign, retool • D. Job analysis, job descriptions, job specification

  3. Chapter 4 • Kathleen is suffering from high blood pressure, although she has a healthy lifestyle. When she talks with her co-workers, she finds that a number of them have high blood pressure and other stress-related medical problems. It is possible that the medical health of the employees and the company’s cost in health benefits would be improved with? • A. Outsourcing these jobs to eliminate these unhealthy workers • B. Enriching the jobs in this department • C. Introducing flexible scheduling • D. Examining the job design in this department

  4. Chapter 4 • The ability to do an entire unit of work from start to finish is called job identity, and its presence contributes to the worker’s_____ the job. • A. Knowledge of results of • B. Experienced meaningfulness of • C. Experienced responsibility for • D. Sense of autonomy over

  5. Chapter 4 • All of the following are reasons to use the competency-based approach to job analysis EXCEPT? • A. Communicate valued behaviors • B. Raise competency levels • C. Emphasize people’s capabilities for enhancing the competitive advantage of the organization • D. To have a sound legal precedent for job related decisions about employees

  6. Chapter 4 • The Americans with Disabilities Act calls the fundamental duties of the position that an individual with a disabiltiy holds or desires ______. • A. Essential job functions • B. Knowledge, skills, and abilities • C. Critical job elements • D. Job specifications

  7. Chapter 4 • A _________ is a grouping of tasks, duties and responsibilities that constitutes the total work assignment for employees. • Job • Essential function • Job specification • Job design

  8. Chapter 4 • A major limitation of the interview method of job analysis is that it is _________. • Less accurate than other methods • Very time consuming • Too subjective • A very complex process

  9. Chapter 4 • The essential functions and duties section of a job description should contain clear and precise statements on the _______. • A. Tasks, duties, and responsibilities performed • B. Qualifications needed to do the job satisfactorily • C. Conditions in which the work is performed • D. Mental and physical requirements of the job

  10. Chapter 4 Which of the following is the BEST example of an essential job function for a senior shipping specialist in an operations department? • Supervise shipping staff to ensure that procedures are followed. • Oversee the use of the company van when needed. • Accompany HR personnel at local recruiting fairs. • Encourage shipping staff to participate in company sponsored retirement planning.

  11. Chapter 4 Which of the following is an example of a knowledge requirement? (Sales job) • Managing time effectively • Overcoming customer resistance • Maintaining good relations with customers • Identifying product features and benefits

  12. Chapter 4 • Which of the following is an example of a skill requirement? • A. Understanding product advantages • B. Demonstrating product features • C. Knowing government procurement procedures • D. Listing major competitors

  13. Chapter 4 • Which of the following is an example of an ability requirement? • A. Questioning for prospect need • B. Maintaining friendly relations with suppliers • C. Presenting proposals to decision makers • D. Analyzing territory for market potential

  14. Chapter 4 • The PRIMARY purpose of a work log is to? • A. Compute the average time needed for key tasks • B. Identify patterns that translate into job responsibilities • C. Determine the attitude of incumbents toward the job • Help supervisors rank employees’ efficiency

  15. Chapter 4 • Which of the following is NOT included in a job description? • A. Primary duties and responsibilities • B. Activities performed • C. Rate of pay • D. Working conditions