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A scientific inquiry by:. What are the Rules of Attraction?. Ms. Sarah Bielanski Mr. Daniel Sigafoos Ms. Rebecca Ellison Mr. James Flynn. "We have to understand beauty, or we will always be enslaved by it." - Nancy Etcoff. Introduction.

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a scientific inquiry by

A scientific inquiry by:

What are the Rules of Attraction?

Ms. Sarah BielanskiMr. Daniel Sigafoos

Ms. Rebecca EllisonMr. James Flynn


We decided to study the aspects of physical attraction, particularly in regards to how facial features and one’s sense of dress style contribute to how attractive they are to the opposite sex.


We predicted that men and women generally look for similar things in each other:

  • A healthy person
  • A person with symmetrical features
  • Someone who dresses in a similar manner to them.
predictions cont
Predictions, cont.

However, specifically we predicted that men and women differ in these ways:

  • Men would prefer women with lighter, softer features, and a more refined sense of dress
  • Women would look for men with darker, harder features and a casual style
  • We researched myriad articles from journals, magazines and websites, not to mention books.
  • Many of the articles suggested that attraction is based on evolution - men and women trying to get together to mate and carry on the species.
Eye size, color

Hair length, color

Skin tone

Other facial features, including nose size and jaw type

Pant type and fit

Shirt type and fit

Amount of jewelry


The results of our survey showed that, on most of the categories within the facial features list, there was not a significant difference.

However, men and women do seem to differ significantly in their taste for clothing styles and fits.


While we found a few categories within our survey that showed a significant difference, overall, our survey did not prove what we set out to - that men and women differ significantly in what they find physically attractive in the opposite sex.


One of the main limitations of our study was that we only focused on the facial features. We did not focus on more aspects of physical attraction.

errors cont
Errors, cont.

We didn’t discuss pheromones.

We didn’t account for homosexuality and bi-sexuality.