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hanna boys center

Nestled in the heart of peaceful Sonoma Valley just

an hour north of San Francisco, Hanna Boys Center

has been turning hurt into hope for struggling

teens since 1945.

Families commit to being actively involved in their son’s

placement, including attending parenting groups and

family therapy sessions. Regular home visits provide

boys and their parents the opportunity to practice

newly acquired skills, and they promote important

connections. Tuition is based upon families’ financial

situation; no boy is denied admission due to an

inability to pay.

The pilot program began as a single cottage in a

residential area of Menlo Park, 40 miles south of San

Francisco, while the search commenced and funds

were raised for a permanent location. Eventually, the

former Morris Ranch—located in the scenic Valley

of the Moon in Sonoma County—was acquired, and

groundbreaking took place in September 1948.

Fifteen months later, Father William L. O’Connor,

Father Thomas F. Regan and social worker John J.

Guillaumin, along with 25 boys, transferred from

Menlo Park to their new home in Sonoma.


Hanna’s on-campus Archbishop Hanna High School

is staffed by specially trained teachers and staff.

The school is fully accredited through the Western

Catholic Educational Association and the Western

Association of Schools and Colleges. Class sizes are

small and personal, ranging from eight to ten students.

The new campus was named Hanna Boys Center for

Edward Joseph Hanna (1860–1944), the third archbishop

of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Archbishop Hanna

was well known for his accomplishments there and was

recognized as a “friend of mankind.”

In their studies and daily lives, boys demonstrate respect

for the faith traditions of our program. Upon graduation,

the scholarship program provides financial support to

boys seeking to continue their education.


In 2010 Hanna launched its first capital improvement

campaign to build sorely needed facilities that included

a new admissions and alumni building, the Hanna

Legacy Center, a state-of-the-art auditorium, and new

athletic fields. All the improvements helped serve

dual purposes of providing useful facilities for Hanna

students and alumni while also providing opportunities

for the local community to enjoy.


The majority of Hanna’s boys have experienced

high levels of adversity and toxic stress, including

abuse, neglect, as well as exposure to family strife

and community violence. A typical Hanna boy has

experienced difficulties at home, has fallen behind

in school for various reasons, and has struggled with

interpersonal relationships. These experiences have

created strained family dynamics as well as academic

difficulties and issues with social relationships. Many

of our boys come from under-served and impoverished

communities, most of them in Northern California.

Hanna relies solely on private donations from

individuals, private foundations and corporations to

fund its clinical, residential, and educational programs.

It solicits no funding from government entities or

the Catholic Church. Donations are tax-exempt as

permitted by law.

Boys who choose to attend Hanna have to show a

high level of desire, motivation, and resilience in

order to create positive change in their lives. 







from the

executive director

we are slowly changing the fundamental

question in care, from "what is wrong with you?"

to "what has happened to you ?"

We live in an increasingly complex and changing

world, and young people need all the care, support

and love we can give them. Through excellent

academics, competitive sports, and a commitment

to spiritual growth, Hanna Boys Center continues

to be there for the boys who most need this help.

We are slowly changing the fundamental question

in care, from “What is wrong with you?” to “What

has happened to you?” The boys we serve are not

bad kids—they are injured and we are learning

leading edge practices to help them heal and

recover from those injuries.

shared programs with Teen Services Sonoma,

Santa Rosa Junior College, and other

organizations whose missions closely align

with and complement ours.

Hanna has an engaged and committed team, a

devoted Board of Directors and a proud history

of helping thousands of young men navigate the

choppy waters to adulthood.

The campus improvements we have made as

a result of the capital campaign have changed

the face of Hanna, and allowed us to better

serve our boys and engage more fully with our

surrounding community. Literally thousands of

our neighbors now use our facilities for events,

meetings and recreation.

We have learned a lot of lessons over the last 70

years; in the next 70 we will work hard to take these

lessons to scale. We’re just getting started.

2015 marked my first full year at Hanna Boys

Center, and was full of changes and new

opportunities. It also marked our 70th year as a

premier provider of residential services for boys

whose lives have been blown off course by the

unrelenting winds of adversity.

As we learn, we are also engaging with the

broader community and inviting others to learn

with us. Community partners such as Voices,

Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, Child and

Parent Institute, Sonoma Charter School and

others are participating in training with us.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Brian Farragher

Executive Director

In the years ahead we will continue to expand

and deepen this community engagement, while

doing everything in our power to improve how

we help our boys.

This past year we began the challenging process

of becoming a trauma-informed organization, and

more fully recognizing and addressing the impact

that adversity and toxic stress has had in the lives

of our boys.

We have also sponsored and hosted numerous

lectures and seminars for the entire community.

And in the coming year we will be launching






accreditation report

glows for archbishop

hanna high school

vocational education

regains its former

glory at hanna

The latter program is part of a public-

private partnership that includes

electric vehicle manufacturer Switch

Vehicles, the locally based Career

Technical Education (CTE) Foundation,

the Sonoma County Office of

Education, and green energy provider

Sonoma Clean Power. Hanna science

teacher Ron Bilberry is facilitating the

project through his “Conceptual Physics”

classes. Students tackle building a car

from the chassis up, and along the way,

learn a wide range of technical skills that

will prove valuable when they leave Hanna and enter

the job market or go to college.

Hanna Boys Center has a proven record

of transforming the lives of young

men, and their newfound success and

confidence is tied to the excellent

education they receive at Archbishop

Hanna High School. That excellence

was reaffirmed by a team representing

two accreditation bodies—the Western

Catholic Educational Association and

the Western Association of Schools

and Colleges—which gave the school

glowing reports along with their maximum

six-year accreditation.

in his 42nd year of Catholic education, the last 12

of which have been at Hanna. “It told the team

everything that needs to happen at Hanna for us

to continue making progress. We are extremely

proud of our students and our entire team of

teachers, who are dedicated, heart and soul, to

the boys as students and people.”

“Everything old is new again” couldn’t be more

true at Hanna Boys Center. Many Archbishop

Hanna High School boys have “seen the light”

over the past few years as vocational education

has regained some of its former prominence.

“This was a group of veteran educators, one of

whom told us that in his 32 years of experience,

the Educational Improvement Plan (EIP) that we

submitted stood out as a perfect expression of

the form,” said Principal Dennis Crandall, himself

“This program has the potential to motivate every

student involved and turn them on to science and

technology in the real world,” says Bilberry. “They’ll

acquire skills and knowledge that most people know

very little about.”

Even as Hanna has constantly upgraded its

academic curriculum, it has striven to better serve

vocationally-oriented students who may need a

practical, hands-on program focused on learning a

trade or business. Other students combine both as

they prepare for college-level trade schools.


Hanna Boys Center strengthened the relationship with the nearly 25-year-old

community organization Teen Services Sonoma (TSS) in 2015. While a number

of Hanna boys took life skills classes at TSS, Hanna partnered with the

program’s “Lovin’ Oven” catering and baking business to hire teens

from both Hanna and the community.

Bilberry adds: “Not every Hanna boy is headed for

college, but we want every one of them to leave

here fully prepared for the next phase of his life.

Both academic and vocational programs have been

growing by leaps and bounds, and so have the

expectations and demands we’re placing on the boys.

And the boys are rising to meet the challenge.”

Several expanded programs exemplify this trend:

an agriculture program focused on winemaking,

produce cultivation, and animal husbandry;

a welding program to prepare students for

construction-related careers; and a new project

that actively engages Hanna boys in the

production of a clean energy electric car.

“We are also looking at getting the ‘The Shop’ back in business, which was

a place for teens to gather safely for music and dance,” says Hanna’s

Follow-on Department Manager Brooke Davis, who works closely with local

youth organizations. “Teen Services is a great resource for our boys, and we

hope to become an important resource for their youth.”







trustees & regents

Robert Seymour enjoyed a distinguished

educational career that included 16 years as

director of personnel for the San Francisco Unified

School District and a consultancy business serving

school districts across the United States. He then

served four years on the Hanna Board of Directors

before accepting a staff position as director of

finance and administration in 1984, where he

served 12 years before retiring. He was an avid

golfer who helped establish the Annual Hanna

Boys Center Golf Classic fundraiser.

Hanna Boys Center is governed by an all-volunteer

board, composed of Trustees, Regents and

Regents Emeritus. The Board of Trustees has

fiduciary responsibility for the center, while Regents

serve as an advisory body to the staff and Board

of Trustees. Longtime board members whose

actions and wisdom have brought Hanna to its

current successful position—such as past board

chairs, “life members,” or others who have had a

special relationship with Hanna over the years—are

honored as Hanna Regents Emeritus in recognition

of their service. We seek new board members

annually to ensure a fresh and varied flow of new

ideas, insights and expertise.

His wife Virginia taught kindergarten over a

33-year span at two San Francisco schools, then

retired to volunteer as a tutor for Family Literacy

and for the San Rafael Library. She also served

on the Hanna Board of Regents as an emeritus

member for several years.

Hanna Benefactors

Robert and Virginia Seymour

Robert and Virginia Seymour were married for

47 years before Robert’s death in 1998. Shortly

after, the Robert C. and Virginia C. Seymour

Educational Fund began providing scholarships

for many Hanna boys, something that continued

to give Virginia much satisfaction until she passed

away in May of 2015.

board officers

Julie Meyer


Bill Schrader

Chair, Board of Trustees

Tullus Miller

Vice Chair/Treasurer

Both the Seymours loved children, traveling, and

spending time at their home and in their garden

with family and friends. “We saw them every

summer at my grandparents’ vacation home in

Guerneville,” said their nephew John Seymour

recently. “They were both very kind and also very

thoughtful people.” Both of those qualities will

now endure with the parting gift the Seymours

have left to the school they served so well.

Jack Bertges

Immediate Past Chair

Most Rev. Robert F. Vasa



Now, the Seymours’ longtime fondness for Hanna

has found additional expression through a very

generous bequest from their estate that will

enhance the lives of Hanna boys for many years

into the future.

Jennifer Heafey

Michael Hengehold

Steve Lovette

Jane McClure

Joshua McFerron

Lisa Mertens

John Quinn

Rev. Dr. Charles Tinsley

Daniel Young

Harold Zagunis

Tom Angstadt

Anne Banks

Michael Battaini

Joseph Crivello

Randall DeVoto 

The seymours' longtime fondness for hanna

has found additional expression through

a very generous bequest from their estate.


Jennifer Heafey

Chair, Board of Regents

Jack Powers

Caroline Simmons Price

Sean Riebli

Don August Sebastiani, Sr.

Edward E. Sillari

James M. Smith

Kathleen Snodgrass

Scott Thorpe

Sean Tobin

Marc Traverso

Susan Lee Vick

Brenda Walker

Sarah Whitelaw

Michael Wingard

James R. Woolwine

Doug Hengehold

Gordon Hepler

William G. Isetta

Gregory Labagh

Jack T. Lance

Walter Linares

James R. Lynch

David Lyon

John Lyons

Matthew McGrath

Robert McGrath

Donald A. McPhail

Maryanne Murray

Michele Paul

Thomas M. Perkins

James Petray

Mary Jo Potter

Damian Archbold

Thomas E. Bertelsen

Mike Caselli

Rich Caselli

Russell A. Colombo

Charles M. Corsiglia

Charles De Torres

Donald M. Feehan

Robert Figone

Patrick Flanagan

John E. Fox

Jeff Geissberger

Bryan Giraudo

Patricia Granucci

regents emeritus

Daniel Libarle

Thomas J. Lohwasser

Annette E. Lomont

Albert A. Maggini

William E. McDonnell

William H. McInerney, Jr.

Joanne Murphy

Martin D. Murphy

Eugene C. Payne III

Rev. Msgr. James E. Pulskamp, MSW

Richard L. Robinson

Angelo C. Sangiacomo

Robert E. Simms

James Talton Turner III

Most Rev. Daniel F. Walsh, D.D.

Paul M. Watson

Robert B. Wilhelm

Peter D. Ashe

L. Wayne Batmale

Sister Linda Ann Cahill, D.C.

Thomas M. Chin

Terence A. De Voto

Jack Fitzpatrick

Louis J. Geissberger

Robert J. Kenneth

Arthur C. Latno, Jr.

Joan G. Latno






statement of activities

hanna by the numbers

july 1, 2014 to june 30, 2015



96% Pay $250 or less in annual tuition to Hanna

70%Experienced four or more childhood adversities


65% Come from single-parent households

25% Have annual household incomes below

poverty level



53% Have an identified learning disorder

48%Read below grade level at enrollment

12% Are households on public assistance




43%Have experienced mental abuse





35%Have experienced the death of a parent or

close family member

43% Hispanic/Latino

21%Have spent time living outside their home

34% Caucasian

20%Have challenges with substance abuse




13% African American

14%Are living with a family other than their parents

8% Asian/Pacific Islander

10%Have had some gang involvement

2% Other



Most of the boys enrolled here at Hanna have had long

histories of adversity in their lives. We believe the key to

recovery from these experiences is to build resilience.








100+ Boys living at Hanna at any given time




74 Boys joined the Hanna family last year

37% Sonoma County




4,031 Boys and their families served by Hanna

since 1945

10% Contra Costa County

9% Alameda County

800+ Inquiries received from families in need

9% Solano County

174 Applications requested in 2015

6% Marin County

6:1 Ratio of students to child care professionals

in Hanna residences

4% San Francisco County

4% Los Angeles County

7:1 Ratio of students to teachers in Hanna classrooms

3% Shasta & Lake County

180 Prospective Hanna families who toured

the campus

2% Sacramento County

2% Napa County

100+ Alumni in contact with Hanna per month

2% Santa Clara County

121 Hanna alumni received educational scholarships

or assistance from the Follow-On Program



1% San Mateo County




19 Hanna alumni currently serving in the

U.S. Armed Forces

7% Other California counties

4% Outside California







completion of our

capital campaign

Hanna Facilities:

a Haven for

community groups

Five years ago, in the midst of a major economic

downturn, Hanna Boys Center launched an

ambitious capital campaign—the first since

our 1949 effort to finance the move to Sonoma

from our initial home in Menlo Park. The $15

million goal was aggressive and aimed at

specific improvements that promised to

dramatically enhance our capability to fulfill

our mission.

steadily through the five-year process as budget

allowed, were already being utilized daily, in

countless ways. A new alumni and admissions

building, a state-of-the-art auditorium, and new

sports fields for soccer, baseball, football and

other activities were dramatic demonstrations of

our commitment to our boys. It assured them that

the love and support of those who believe in them

is steadfast and generous, and that when the call

went out, the Hanna community responded.

Hanna’s invitation to the surrounding community to share in the bounty of our new facilities continued

to have a mutually beneficial impact in 2014–2015. More than 50 community groups and 45,000 visitors

used our facilities in the past year. Their contributions have helped support the Hanna mission and

heightened Hanna’s profile while also answering the community’s ongoing need for quality playing

fields, meeting space and banquet rooms. Below are testimonials from a few of those groups.

“ We’ve had the good fortune of producing our last four annual fundraisers at Hanna, attended by as many as 400 people.

It requires a lot of extra logistics, but the Hanna staff is beyond awesome and the facilities are state-of-the-art and flexible in use.

Sonoma Valley nonprofits are indeed fortunate to have such a facility in our backyard.”

— Byron Hancock, Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley

Our boys were sorely in need of athletic fields

that would put them on equal footing with their

peers at other schools. They, along with our

many alumni, parents, staff, donors and other

community members, also needed places to

convene, celebrate, welcome visitors and enjoy

arts performances that could bring together the

Hanna community and its neighbors more than

ever before. So, as the campaign commenced,

with interim goals of $3 million each year, Hanna

supporters stepped up to the challenge.

We thank every one of our capital campaign

donors from the bottom of our collective

heart. The greatest thanks shine through

the smiles of our boys as they go about

transforming their lives through the generosity

of our loyal donors.

“Friends in Sonoma Helping (F.I.S.H.) uses Hanna Boys Center for our annual Holiday Food Basket Giveaway. The facilities are

spacious and bright and the staff is generous and helpful. Hanna is well known by our volunteers and clients, access is easy, and

people feel comfortable coming there.”

—Sandy Drew, F.I.S.H.

Special thanks go to capital campaign

Co-Chairs Caroline Price and Don McPhail, whose

tireless volunteer commitment did so much

to keep the project on track and visible in the

broader community. Hanna Boys Center will be

forever in their debt as we enjoy the fruits of their

labors for many decades to come.

Months before the official close of the campaign,

Hanna officials announced the goal had been

reached, and the facilities, which had been built

“Our group uses the facilities every week to cook for up to 25 families facing a health emergency. Hanna’s beautiful kitchen has

enabled us to serve over 20,000 meals in the last two years. Hundreds of teenagers have learned how to cook nutritious food and

made the connection between food and health. It’s an absolutely spectacular venue.”

—Francesca Fifis, Ceres Community Project

“The Hanna buildings and grounds are always clean and tidy, and the people are organized and helpful. Hanna is a true

community organization; they share their facilities and give back graciously. Sonoma Valley is blessed to have it here.”

—Joe Ohman, Sonoma Jr. Dragons Football and Cheer

“The Hanna field is the best soccer field in the Valley. We are very appreciative to be able to use it for practices and games.”

—Dan Sondheim, Sonoma Soccer



master plan

looks to school






on the rise


As the $15 million “Spreading Our Wings” capital

campaign concluded in 2015, Hanna’s Buildings and

Grounds Committee was already turning its

attention to the perennial question: “What’s next?”

Committee members saw a serious need for

students can come together and mingle. “The

school’s curriculum has evolved over the last

few years to offer college prep courses and a

reformulation of vocational education,” says Chief

Operating Officer Scott Singer. “But the buildings

In recent years, Archbishop Hanna High School

has been raising not only its academic profile,

but its athletic one as well. The gains in both tend

to reinforce each other as more boys acquire the

skills and courage required to put themselves on

the line in performance-based venues. The result

has been a steadily improving program of both

interscholastic and intramural athletics, and 2015

continued this trend.

Junior Dakota Woltering was named Third-Team

All Empire, and shared Hanna’s Most Valuable

Player honors with Armani. What a year!

Meanwhile, the soccer team landed its fourth

consecutive spot in the North Coast section

playoffs. The baseball team also earned a post-

season berth, and the wrestling team saw its star,

Hanna Boy of the Year Alex Garcia, advance to the

state tournament for the second straight year.

There is a real sense of enthusiasm

here for making facility improvements

upgrading Archbishop Hanna High School’s

classroom and administrative facilities. Although

the boys in our high school almost never grow

older than 18 before moving on, the school

facilities continue to age each year.

haven’t been updated. Our students deserve school

buildings and grounds in line with their peers at

other schools. There is a real sense of enthusiasm

here for making facility improvements the next

major aspect of our master plan.”

The Hanna Hawks basketball team led the upsurge

last season as Coach Courtney Jackson’s charges

made the team’s first-ever appearance in the

State Tournament on the way to a 25-6 record.

The Hawks cruised through their small school

Bridge League with a spotless 12-0 record and then

won their first game in the state tournament before

losing in the semifinals to the eventual state champ.

Spirited intramural competition also continues to

flourish at Hanna, steadily gaining participants in

activities ranging from basketball, tennis and flag

football to less traditional endeavors such as

wiffle ball, billiards and frisbee golf. All of it, in

the words of Hanna Chief Operating Officer and

Athletic Director Scott Singer, with the purpose of

“keeping the boys moving and providing them

with many ego resources!”

Today, much of the school remains essentially

unchanged from its initial 1950s construction.

That equates to old wiring, plumbing and plaster,

along with outmoded shop and laboratory facilities

and the lack of a welcoming outdoor area where

Building on its analysis of the school facilities in

2015, the Buildings and Grounds Committee is

pleased to further hone our needs list and the

budget required to make continued progress

on this near-term goal.

Five Hawks earned All-League honors, with

senior Armani Perry named the Santa Rosa Press

Democrat Redwood Empire Player of the Year.

2015 Bridge League Champions






hanna legacy society

thank you to our donors


Our ability to fulfill our mission leans heavily on the generosity of our donors. Through good economic

times and bad, they have been steadfast supporters of our work, in many ways:

Moyra S. Moy, M.D.*

Patrick O’Halloran

Mr. Charles Perrell

Mary Jo Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil F. Quigg*

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Rader*

Judd and Marilyn Redden

Mr. Richard R. Roderick

Sally D. Ryan

Mr. Allan P. Scholl*

Mr. Charles H. Scott*

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sheets

Dr. Leslie E. Smith*

Mr. Spencer Smith

Mr. Gordon R. Stedman

Mrs. Joan E. Sullivan

Miss Marie-Louise Tanner

Mrs. Jocelyn D. Thompson

Mr. Richard J. Veglia

Mr. Patrick T. Vermaaten

Mrs. Elenora Wagner

Mr. William W. Wakefield

Mr. Charles O. Wallin

Mrs. Carolyn R. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wilhelm

Mr. Anthony Wintczak

Mrs. Lorraine J. Zollicoffer

Mrs. Barbara Flaherty

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Furrer*

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gandola

Mr. John D. Griffin*

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Grohoski*

Mr. Daniel Grumet*

Beth Guillaumin, M.D.

Gary O. Gustman

Lori Hines

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hoel*

Mr. James L. Imerzel, Jr.

Mrs. Beverly A. Jordan*

Mr. Kenneth D. Joseph*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kraft*

Mrs. Kathleen P. Lafferty*

Mrs. Maureen W. Lane*

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Leardini*

Mrs. Patricia A Leonard*

Twila LePage*

Mr. Roy C. Lopaus*

James and Sharon Lynch*

Ms. Catherine T. Lyons*

Mr. Albert A. Maggini*

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Mazzetti, Jr.*

Mrs. Mary Mc Irvin*

Douglas and May Meredith

Robert Montini

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Aitken*

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Basque*

Mrs. Marguerite Baumgartner*

Mrs. Nancy Berges*

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bertelsen, Jr.

Mr. David Blasquez

John Joseph Bleiman*

Mrs. Lucilla B. Boyd*

Ms. Alice L. Bozzo*

Mr. Walter Brusatori*

Mrs. Mafalda Cardoza*

Mrs. Patricia D. Cercos

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Clapp

Monica and Peter Clark*

Robert Clark

Mrs. Hellena L. Clemes*

Mrs. Marie S. Costa*

Father John S. Crews, Ed.D.*

Mrs. Lynda M. Cronin*

Sherry Dahlquist

Ms. Patricia Deneen

Lillia N. Domench*

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Downey*

Janice M. Farrar-Titus

Mr. Joseph Fernandes*

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fitzpatrick*



Donors who contributed from $250–$25,000+ during

Donors who have included Hanna Boys Center in

2015. See page 18

their estate plans. Their names are inscribed on a

plaque in the Hanna Chapel. See page 15



Donors who offered supplies, materials, and labor that

are vital to our endeavors. See page 25

Donors who provide ongoing support for the Hanna

program by fulfilling a monthly pledge. See page 16

Twenty-Four Grads Bid Farewell to Hanna

Every Archbishop Hanna High School graduating

class includes unique individuals who made

solemn commitments to themselves, their families

and Hanna when they enrolled. Just as their

many predecessors have done, the 2015 class

made good on those commitments by preparing

themselves well for the next chapter of their lives.

families and hometown schools to complete their

high school education.

During the graduation ceremony, six seniors

addressed the large crowd of family, friends and

well-wishers, reflecting on their life at Hanna

and their goals for the future. They have now

joined their classmates and generations of past

students as Hanna alumni, connected for life

through the unique bonds they have developed

with this community.

The 2015 class consisted of 24 young men

who received their high school diplomas at the

commencement ceremony in May. The annual

rite of passage included three

winter grads who earned their

diplomas the previous December,

and returned to participate in

the ceremony. Nine eighth-

graders stepped up to begin

their freshman year at Archbishop

Hanna High School in the fall.

An additional four young men

successfully completed their Hanna

tenure and chose to return to their

*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.


Georganne Papac has served as volunteer coordinator of

Hanna’s Christmas Bazaar for the past five years, helping to

sell crafts made by Hanna boys and community volunteers.

She also served two years as director of the farmer’s market table

and is a regular volunteer server in food lines at Hanna events.

“I give to Hanna simply because it’s an extremely worthwhile

cause. Hearing the life stories of the boys I’ve met—they’re so

heartfelt! It emphasizes there is goodness in all of us.”






guardian angel s


Lt. Col. and Mrs. Noma C. Martini*

Tiffany M. Masciorini

Martin and Nancy Mazzanti*

Mrs. Dorothy M. Mc Carrick

Mr. Eldon L. Mc Comb*

Mrs. Catherine I. Mc Gowan*

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron McClintock*

Lanore E. Meckenstock*

Mr. Richard Medeiros*

Elynda and Jeff Mehl

Sister Rose M. Menard

Steven and Leah Mendoza

Mrs. Laurell Meredith

John M. Mitchell

Robin L. Moran*

Judith Morris

Mrs. Mary Jo Morris

Mr. Leo P. Mullin*

Mr. Olaf K. Myklebust*

Mrs. Joan H. Nash*

Barbara Nobles

Edward Norman*

Eulogia Obeso

Norma R. O’Brien*

Michael J. O’Neill

Mrs. Gloria Opperman*

Colleen R. Ostrofe*

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ouimet*

Mrs. Marilyn L. Panelli*

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Pappas*

Ms. Lois A. Paratore

Mr. James L. Parker*

Ruby J. Parmer

Michele Paul

Mrs. Shirley M. Paul

Paula C. Pearce*

Mr. and Mrs. Dario J. Pedrotti*

Mr. Frank Pena

Mrs. Aida M. Peterson*

Mr. Ranndy D. Pina

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Pisani*

Martha N. Purohit

Mr. Donald Pursglove*

Michael Quinn

George and Carole Raine

Mrs. Mary E. Rasmussen*

James and Diane Rebollini

Jean Reed*

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Reed*

Fred L. Rhian

Mr. Edward A. Richard

George and Laurajean Rick

Ms. Mary A. Roa

Mrs. Mary A. Robbiano*

Bonnie Roberts*

Maxine Robinson

Mr. Carlos R. Rodriguez*

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Rodriquez

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Rudder*

Ana M. Rueda

Ms. Charlie F. Ruff

Ron Russell

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ryan*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sadler

Uta Santos

Carol A. Saylor

Carolyn F. Scherini

Mr. Charles H. Scott*

Michele Sebastiano

Mrs. Yolanda J. Selmeczki

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Semenero*

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shattock*

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Sienes

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Silverie III*

Therese A. Slepnikoff

Mr. Gregory M. Smith*

Edith C. Smith

Mrs. Thelma L. Smith

Keld and Jeanne Sorensen*

Mr. Gordon R. Stedman

Richard and Diane Stein*

Mr. Paul A. Stokes*

Mr. Bernard Suessmeier

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan*

Sikuan Sutanto

Dimitra G. Sutsos

Mr. Don Sutton

Mrs. Brenda Switzer*

Gina Tan

Mrs. Mary C. Taylor*

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Taylor

Mr. Vincent Taylor

Rita M. Tornatore*

Elizabeth M. Tregaskis

Col. and Mrs. Charles S. Tubbs*

Mrs. Betty J. Udaloff*

Rosemary Penna U’Ren

Anne Louise Van Hoomissen*

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Van Metre*

Mr. Fred N. Van Trease*

Tony L. Vasconcelles

Mr. Alfred W. Vierra

Adria J. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Welsh

Mr. Daniel E. Whelan

Charles E. Wieland

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wildes*

Mrs. Jeanette O. Woods*

Judy K. Woolston

Mrs. Stephanie Worm*

Mary R. Wright

Mrs. Hannah Wynne

Jack Young

Mr. Thomas G. Zimmerman

Alfred J. Zubler

Ms. Doris A. Grimley*

Mr. Phil Grow*

Mrs. Barbara A. Grundman*

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gunn, Jr.*

Gary O. Gustman

Gilbert R. Guzman

Mr. John J. Hagan*

Mickie Hale*

Katherine M. Hansen

James J. Hartnett, Jr.

Betty S. Hayworth

Richmond and Karen Hazlehurst

Jim Henderson*

Nancy and Gordon Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hepler

Mr. and Mrs. George Heuga*

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hicks*

Joe and Lupe Hilario

Mr. Thomas R. Hoffman

Mr. David J. Horton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hudson*

Sandra A. Huggins*

Nancy E. Hull

Mrs. Joan P. Hunt*

Mrs. Loretta Iacobitti

John and Marguerite Igoe

Eunice Jacobo

Jerilee A. Jensen*

Mrs. Suzanne I. Jones

Ms. Vernell June

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Junkin*

Dr. Maria Kabalin-Gaston

Henry L. Kane

Clarice A. Kemp

Evelyn B. Kirkpatrick

Ralph and Jackie Knights

Mrs. Oneta F. Kremer*

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kypreos*

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Laney

Mr. Coleman R. Lee*

Daniel J. Lennon

Mrs. Patricia A Leonard*

Mr. David Lippi*

Mr. John R. Lobao

Dave Longa

Franco Lucchesi

Geraldine Lusnia

David J. Mackenzie

Miss Alda Maggiora*

Patrick Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie W. Maier, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Martin*

Harley Aguillon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Airaudi*

James Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ambrosio

Robert and Kathleen Arnold

Sarah Aronno*

Mr. Troy Ballard*

Dianne Barnreiter

Gregory W. Bartha, M. D.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Basque*

Ms. Sylvia Bellero Karson

Rose M. Beltran

Carol A. Bernal

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Berry

John Bertaina

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bertholdi*

Kathryn M. Besio*

Ms. Ester Q. Betancourt

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Biagini*

Ms. Lesley D. Bissett

John Joseph Bleiman*

Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Blumenthal*

Lynda Bogart*

Ruth A. Borad

Paula Bordner

Paulette A. Borg

Richard Borgman and Saskia Jans

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Bouey*

Patrick and Judy Bowler

Mrs. Theresa A. Boyle*

Mr. Christopher Boyle

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Brady*

Ilona C. Bragg

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Broach*

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Brogan

JoAnn M. Brown*

Andrea Brunetti

Jane M. Bryan

Mrs. Lillian E. Buckley*

Mr. and Mrs. William Bush

Wendy L. Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Cady*

Colleen M. Cahill

Philip and Dolores Callerro

Jim and Patricia Carr

Mrs. Dorothy R. Carrara*

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Caruso

Mrs. Patricia D. Cercos

Joseph K. Chan

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chanteloup

Sue Charlesworth

Clinton and Karon Chrisman

Ken and Delores Clapp

Robert Clark

William Clopton

Mr. James S. Clover

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Cogan*

Matthew and Melissa Cooper

Mrs. Marilyn C. Cooper

Carol A. Craft

Ugo J. Dallas

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Darling*

Mr. Walter E. Davenport*

Ari V. De La Oliva

Mrs. Janet M. De Lara

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deignan

Marie Delany*

Miss Georgette A. Delclaux*

Fei Wen Deng

Mrs. Peggy J. Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Dolce*

Miguel Dominguez

Mr. and Mrs. Cleo O. Downs

Mrs. Harriet Draper

Dr. Mary G. Ducharme*

Mrs. Earlene Dutton*

Paul and Daisy Eichman

Epicurean Group

Timothy and Stephanie Exline

Gloria T. Eynck

Miss Rita Fabri*

Mr. Joseph Fernandes*

Mrs. Phyllis R. Finney*

Maxine Foraci

Marvin and Lorraine Foster

William W. Fuller

Mr. Mariano L. Furtado

Ann K. Gaekle

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gallagher*

Mr. James V. Gamez*

Ms. Helene M. Gann*

Mr. Alfred M. Garcia*

Mike Geissberger

Mrs. Kathryn Gemello*

Mrs. Lorene A. Giansiracusa

Mrs. Margaret L. Giesin*

SMSgt. and Mrs. George A. Gilliam, Jr.,

USAF Retired

Mr. Lawrence R. Glenn

Mr. George J. Gonzales*

Mrs. Mary Gonzales

Gloria A. Gooding*

Mr. Jack M. Gookin*

Miss Eloyde L. Granucci

*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.


This year we redsigned our website,

The new website features intuitive navigation and

ease of use that has already resulted in a 60 percent

rise in web traffic since its launch in August. It had an

auspicious debut when it won a prestigious MarCom

2015 Gold Award from among more than 6,000 entries

in the educational institutional category. Our new site

is secure and scalable, and will meet Hanna’s online

needs for marketing and public engagement for years

to come.






TOTAL GIFTS OF $2,500 TO $4,999

special donors

thank you!

Amy C. Ash

Bank of Marin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Battaini

BNY Mellon

David and Victoria Bull

Monica and Peter Clark*

Corlett, Skaer & DeVoto

Architects, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Corsiglia

Cox Foundation

Charles and Noelia De Torres

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Dolce*

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Donnelly

Eli and Mae Rosen Foundation, Inc.

Exchange Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Feehan*

John and Sandra Fletcher

Brian and Jennifer Heafey

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Labagh

David and Dori Lang

Twila LePage*

Matrix HG, Inc.

Jane and Andy McClure*

Mitchell and Caroline McCahey

Joshua and Deborah McFerron

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McGrath

Michael J. Nelson Foundation

George and Deborah Montgomery

Moss Adams LLP

Joanne and Martin Murphy*

Michele Paul

Presidio Bank

Mr. William R. Schrader

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sheets

James and Gloria Smith*

Mr. Gordon R. Stedman

Harold and Diane Steuber

John and Debbie Strebel

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thorpe

Sean and Michele Tobin

Universal Protection Services

Harold Zagunis and Tamara Krautkramer


Celebrate Foundation Inc.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Patrick and Darla Flanagan

Flanagan Family Foundation

Maurice and Marcia Gallagher

Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

Robert and Joan McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noonan*

Caroline and Michael Price*

Schwab Charitable Fund

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

William and Linda Sullivan

TOTAL GIFTS OF $2O,000 TO $24,999

TOTAL GIFTS OF $1,000 TO $2,499

Jack and JoAnn Bertges

Destination Races, LLC

I Have A Dream Foundation San Francisco

Greg and Kathy De Jong

Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeBlauw

Fei Wen Deng

Denning and Company

Ken and Susan Di Lillo

Joanne D. Dow

John A. Dowling

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Downey*

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dunlavy

Phillip S. Estes

Dr. Stephanie A. Evans

Evans Fund–Marin

Community Foundation

Sonja Farley

Brian and Anne Farragher

Cherielyn and Tom Ferguson

Raymond and Lana Fioresi*

Lawrence B. Fitzgerald

Thomas J. Brandi

Lee Bucker

C & T Recycling

Mary Esther Candee*

Mr. Louis Canessa*

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Caruso*

Joseph K. Chan

Chateau Montelena Winery*

Ken and Delores Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cohn*

Father John S. Crews, Ed.D.

Mr. Joseph A. Crivello*

Mr. James S. Cronin

Christine Crowley

Pamela J. Curtis

Mr. Richard J. Daly

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Davies*

Brooke and Chris Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Airaudi*

Alice Phelan Sullivan Corp.*

Mr. Bruce B. Allen*

Ameriprise Financial

Anthony Caruso Associates

Mr. Wayne Antol*

Mr. Paul Attia

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Bailey*

Anne and David Banks

Mrs. Judy D. Barrett*

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Basque*

Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Batmale*

Ed Battle

Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame/

Youth Endowment Fund

Mr. F. Michael Bennett*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Besse*

Mr. James R. Birle

TOTAL GIFTS OF $1O,000 TO $19,999

Monique Dubois

David and Kathleen Grieve

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Latno, Jr.*

McDonald Family Foundation

Michael Michalski

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Nelson

John and Judy Olano

Mary Jo Potter

Charles and Wilma Riemann

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Valley Rotary Foundation

Speedway Children’s Charities

The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta

Gellert Foundation

The Futures Project

The Mozart Development Company

A & C Ventures, Inc.

Lee and Michelle Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bertelsen, Jr.*

Callie D. McGrath Foundation*

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Clegg

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Colombo

Pete Connolly

Mr. and Mrs. John Coulston

Dodge & Cox*

TOTAL GIFTS OF $5,000 TO $9,999

Carolyn A. Alioto

Arthur M. Robinson Foundation*

Bank of America–US Trust

Aaron and Barbara Blakeley

Sally R. Briggs

Scott and Ana Brubaker

David and Claudia Chittenden

Joseph and Rebecca DeLuca

Joseph and Kristine Demko

Paul and Margaret Denning

Mr. and Mrs. Randall DeVoto

Peter and Diane Donnici

John C. Dwyer

Tim and Susan Geraghty

Bryan and Courtney Giraudo

Graystone Consulting

Mrs. Virginia Hammerness*

Heck Foundation

Pat and Jill Hemingway

Hope Hofmann

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kelleher

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kelly*

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Kozel*

Mr. Park L. Loughlin

James and Sharon Lynch*

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Noma C. Martini*

Tullus Miller

Ronald W. Miller*

Moyra S. Moy, MD*

Pasha Group

Kiki Pescatello

John and Nicole Piccetti

Eugene and Christine Raggio

Marsha Caulfield Rianda

Kathy J. Ruiz

San Francisco Police Officers


Mark S. Sarti

Mr. Allan P. Scholl*

Scott Anderson Landscaping

Edward E. Sillari

Stevens Hemingway Stevens, Inc.

TRUX Airline Cargo Service/

Park SFO Airport Parking

Susan Lee Vick

Mr. Paul M. Watson*

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Woolwine


*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.


Craft workshop Co-Coordinators

Karen Powers and Anne Farragher

(pictured at right), who do so much to

facilitate volunteer craft contributions that

are sold at the farmer’s market and special

events, with all funds supporting the boys’

year-end trips. Also to Hilda Swartz and

the Sonoma Valley Certified Farmer’s

Market Board of Directors for offering

booth space to Hanna the past two years.

*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.






TOTAL GIFTS OF $1,000 TO $2,499


continued from previous page

continued from previous page

William and Barbara Cancilla

Jason and Jennifer Carlton

Mrs. Patricia D. Cercos

Dolly Chan

Bill and Sara Clegg

William and Donna Conley

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Conlin

Janet and Michael Connors

Dennis and Marcia Crandall

John and Klara Crean

Mrs. Nancy L. Crowe*

Gerald P. Cunningham

Dairydell Inc

Daughters of Vartan

Mr. and Mrs. Serge De La Porte

Mrs. Carmen A. DeLano*

Robert C. Devincenzi

Mr. Philip Di Stanislao

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Dicus, Jr.

Gail A. Dillon

Gregory DiPaolo and Barbara Hughes*

Dr. Mary G. Ducharme

Douglas and Brandie Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Eggers

Epicurean Group

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Erle*

Stacey and Brooks Esser

Mary C. Falvey

Lorraine Fazzolare

Robert and Liana Figone

Sarah G. Flanagan

Benton Fong

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Friedeman

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gallagher*

Albert and Patricia Galli

Allen and Yvonne Garayalde

Kevin M. Gay

Mrs. Kathryn Gemello*

Pat and Kim Gluch

Stephen and Pat Granucci

Mr. Charles Perrell and Beth Guillaumin, M.D.

Scott and Christina Haddad

David Hagerman

Robert and Jennifer Hamill

Handpiece Express

Mr. Thomas W. Hannan*

Mr. and Mrs. Fredric C. Hansen

Hansen Vineyards

Doug and Meaghan Hengehold

Margaret and Thomas Henry

Charles D. Hill

Huber Property Management, Inc.*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Iantosca*

Roger and Deborah Idiart

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jensen

Jerilee A. Jensen*

Jerry & Don’s Yager Pump & Well Service

Darrell Jobe

David and Karen Johnson

Mr. Joseph I. Kelly*

Kevin and Monica Kendrick

Gary A. Koverman

Dave and Pam Kraft

Mrs. Cherie E. Kraus

Mr. Richard M. Kunde

Robin and Kurt Kunde

Nicholas A. Kunst

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Labagh

Gail LaBass

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ladrini

Peter Lam

Amy E. Lane

Mr. Joseph G. Leach

Greg Leat

Mrs. Patricia A Leonard*

Dave Longa

Jose and Martha Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Lowe

Ron Macaluso and Jean Vanden Heuvel

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Madrigrano

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mariani*

Mr. Gerald Marino

Ms. Janet A. Martin

Dave and Teresa Martinelli

Mr. Richard C. Maurer*

Michael and Alison Mauze

Andrew and Alison Mazzanti

Martin and Nancy Mazzanti*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McAllister

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. McClure

Willie H. McDevitt

Mr. and Mrs. Don McPhail

Mr. and Mrs. Les R. Melghem*

Mrs. Elise Meyers*

Mrs. Thurldean K. Mitchell

Mr. Holbrook T. Mitchell

Mitchell Family Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Patricia F. Mooney

Lynn M. Moore

Annie L. Moore

Robin L. Moran*

Murphy, Burr and Curry

William and Catherine Murray

Nave Enterprises*

David and Rosanne Neagle

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Neil

Ms. Nancy Neu

Nick’s Restaurant*

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Nightengale

Louis and Susann Nordrum

Mrs. Gloria Opperman*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. O’Rourke*

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Pagter*

Mrs. Gael M. Pardi*

Mr. James L. Parker*

Paul & Deborah Cleveland Fund

Christopher and Diane Penn

Keelin Pohl

Bill and Diane Powers

Peggy Prescott

Mr. Merton F. Preston*

Mr. Donald Pursglove*

Michael Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Quinn*

William Ramirez and Dolores Gater*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Remley*

Mr. Edward A. Richard*

William G. Robinson

Ubaldo Rodriguez and Krista Lotto

James and Sharon Rose

Jo-Ann M. Rose

Ms. Charlie F. Ruff

Sally D. Ryan

Mr. George P. Sabatte, Jr.*

Steven A. Sanders

Michele Sebastiano

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Sheehan, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sheela*

Roberta A. Shomon

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Silverie III*

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Singer

Therese A. Slepnikoff

Sonoma Ag Art

Sonoma Sterling Limousines, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Stark*

Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Stolp*

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance T. Stretch

Summit Financial Advisors

The Jewish Community Endowment Fund

The John Jordan Foundation

Rev. and Mrs. James M. Thomas, Jr.

Megan Tillisch

Frank and Jeannette Tomany

Sylvia Toth and Zsolt Takacs

Jonathan Trainor

Mrs. Betty J. Udaloff*

Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Vandenbroeck

Rafael Velez

Mrs. Carolyn R. Walsh*

Reino I. Wantin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ward*

Heidi N. Watson

Bob and Nancy Weber

Dave and Sarah Whitelaw

Charles E. Wieland

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wildes

Victoria Willock

Diane B. Wilsey

Vicki and Emory Winship

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Wolff*

Daniel Woodhead III

Michael R. Woods

Barbara T. Wornum

Wright and Gervais Accountants, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Burrell L. Wyle*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zlatunich*

Robert and Pat Zurcher

Rogers Family Fund

Mr. Raymond G. Rossi

Donna and Joseph Rubin

Sacramento Region

Community Foundation

Uta Santos

Mr. Warren A. Schneider

Mrs. Joan M. Sebastinelli*

John T. Siegler

Edward F. and Denise K.B. Silicani

Robert E. Simms, Esq.*

Lena M. Sivik

Katie and Greg Snodgrass

Lawrence and Barbara Soletti

Summit State Bank

Ali Tabibian

Mrs. Lena K. Tan

The Ayco Charitable Foundation

The Dennis and Gloria O’Brien


The John Jordan Foundation

The Kelter Foundation Inc.

The Raymond & Joanne Lin Foundation

The Reed Charitable Trust

Marc and Katie Traverso

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Turner III*

Elizabeth C. Ungrodt

Ms. Greta J. Vallerga

Mr. Patrick T. Vermaaten*

Washington Square Health Foundation

Gary S. Whizin

William and Marian Ghidotti Foundation*

Doug and Maria Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Wilson

Michael and Gretchen Wingard

Patrick Woods and Kathleen Clark

Mike and Katie Wright

Mrs. Hannah Wynne

Chuck and Judy Young

Fritz and Susan Zimmer

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Martin*

Mr. Dennis P. Martino

Claude A. Maurer III

Mr. and Mrs. William E. McDonnell

Daniel and Maureen McCarthy

Dan McGue

Joanne Meroney

Lisa and Mike Mertens

Steve and Eileen Meuris*

Julie A. Meyer

Mr. Arthur J. Micheletti*

Peter Morway

Heather Mozart

John F. Mozart

Justin P. Mozart

Ashley D. Mozart

Mr. Leo P. Mullin*

Toby and Susan Mumford

Ken and Betsy Niles

Nyberg Nursery

Orbis Payment Services, Inc

Mr. Michel J. Orradre*

Chad Overway

Joane M. Palmi

Jonathan and Daniela Pedley

Judith S. Peletz

Robert and Amy Perille

Pershing LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Peterson, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petrocchi*

Michael S. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Powers Jr.*

Mr. John W. Poysa, Jr.*

Alan Pricco

James and Diane Rebollini

Judd and Marilyn Redden

John P. Redding

RedHawk Food Group

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Robinson*

Mr. Kent M. Roger*

Amy and Matt Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fitzpatrick*

Julie A. Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A Freeman*

David and Brenda Friedlander

Chandra and Bob Friese

Hugh Futrell

Sylvia Galambos

Robert and Gretchen Gardner

G.E. Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Geissberger, D.D.S.

James F. Glover

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grey

Ms. Eleanor R. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gurney

Michael and Theresa Haire

Mrs. Susan M. Haley*

George and Pamela Hamel

David and Nicole Hamilton

Mr. Henry F. Hanson*

Pat and Al Huber

Hugh Futrell Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Hughes

William and Marilyn Isetta

Ericka L. Iten

Mary C. Janis

Mrs. Beverly A. Jordan*

Mr. Kenneth D. Joseph*

Charles and Lynn Kracker

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kraft*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kurvers*

Ralph and Ana La Rossa

Cal and Sue Laws

Mr. Coleman R. Lee*

Michael and Christina Leventini

Elisabeth R. Levy*

Joanna Lin

Robert and Rebecca Loback

Carolyn F. Lopez

Stephen and Connie Lovette

MAM Investments, LTD

Mr. and Mrs. David Mares


Mr. Alfred A. Agrella

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Alberigi

Mr. and Mrs. Mario F. Alioto III

Andrew and Michelle Aloe

American Asphalt Repair & Resurfacing

Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Amidon

Mr. Michael Anthenien*

Roxanne Araim-Sullivan and Paul Sullivan

Damian Archbold

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Arnaudo*

Robert and Kathleen Arnold

Mr. Nello Baiocchi*

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Balch*

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L Barker

Richard and Susan Barry

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bartolucci, Sr.

Mr. Gary F. Batistich*

Nils and Linda Behnke

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian A. Bello*

Peter Krause and Holly Bennett-Krause

Daniel and Moira Bessette

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Bewsher*

Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Blumenthal*

Lynda Bogart*

Bottle Barn, Inc

Romana and John Bracco

Mr. Robert Braghetta

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Briscoe

British European Motors

Stephen T. Buehl

James and Nancy Bundschu

Jim and Sheila Burke

Alan Burr

Ronald and Sydney Bushman*

Peter and Mary Bussi

Joe Cabral

Mr. John Calamoneri*

Ann Cameron

Louise Camilleri

*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.







a colorful

evening with the

all-stars gala!

Katherine M. Hansen

Mrs. Lee Harnett*

James J. Hartnett, Jr.

Mr. Herbert C. Haskins*

Susan S. Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Heilmann*

Robert Heisterberg and Susan Skinner

Michael Hengehold

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hepler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herr*

Mr. James Heslin

Art and Jana Hess

Mr. and Mrs. George Heuga*

Dolores P. Hickey

John Hickey and Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey

Mr. David J. Horton

Matt Hoskins

Mr. Christopher L. Huebner*

Mrs. Joan P. Hunt*

*Mr. Campbell M. Hunter

Judy A. Hyder

Innovative Business Solutions

Joyce Jekot Smith*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Jones*

Dr. Maria Kabalin-Gaston

Henry L. Kane

Garry S. Kataoka

Kenneth Keeney

Debbie and Kevin Keith

Margo and David Kelly

Clarice A. Kemp

Joseph J. Kennedy

Sheila D. Kiernan*

Mrs. M. Kilgannon-Evans*

Dennis and Martha King

Mr. Mike Kirby

Evelyn B. Kirkpatrick

Ralph and Jackie Knights

Christa J. Korp*

Mr. David E. Kostuik*

KRAVE Pure Foods, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kypreos*

Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Lance

Mrs. Maureen W. Lane*

Shawn C. Larsen

Geraldine Lauterwasser

Mrs. Mary M. Lavezzo

Ms. Anna Lazzarini

Mrs. Joan LeClercq-Rotar*

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Leonardi*

Daniel and Donatella Levintow

Mike Loscavio

Mrs. Mary V. Loudon*

Geraldine Lusnia

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Lynch*

Mr. Robert L. Machris

Joan B. Maciorski*

Mr. and Mrs. Allen O. Maffei*

Mr. Albert A. Maggini*

Patrick Mahoney

Patricia E. Mahoney*

Mark and Melody Mariani

Mrs. Nancy B. Corbin*

Paula M. Cornyn

Rosemary Cortez

Sharon Cottrell

Kenneth R. Coyne

Gary Cristofani

Timothy and Celine Curran

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Darling*

Mrs. Leonore R. Daschbach

Harvey and Shelley Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dawson, Jr.

Ms. Norine E. DeGregori

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deignan

Miss Georgette A. Delclaux*

Charmaine Detweiler

Mr. Anthony V. DiMaggio*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Domeno*

Mr. John S. Dresser*

Nazar Eljumaily and Helena Duffy

Greg Dumas

Beth and Howard Dunaier

Paul M. Eldering

English Country Pine and Design

Ray and Sherrill Evans

Gloria T. Eynck

Miss Rita Fabri*

Fastening Systems International

Gregory and Linda Feehan

Kara Feehan

Steven and Jeannie Feehan

Fenwick & West LLP

Mr. Joseph Fernandes*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Ferrando

Maxine Foraci

Ray and Larre Freeman

Ms. Eda L. Freggiaro*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fry*

William W. Fuller

Judith L. Gabriel

Mr. Martin A. Gaehwiler

Ms. Helene M. Gann*

Mr. Alfred M. Garcia*

Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Geissberger*

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Gerlach

Ghilotti Bros. Contractors

Mrs. Margaret L. Giesin*

Ray and Jan Giordano

Mr. Werner H. Goese*

Donnie and Karen Goodman

Mr. Jack M. Gookin*

Gerald R. Graham

Matt Graham

Ryan and Robin Granko

Miss Eloyde L. Granucci

Michael Graziano

Mr. John D. Griffin*

Ms. Doris A. Grimley*

Mr. Daniel Grumet*

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gunn, Jr.*

Antionette Kuhry and Thomas Haeuser*

Mr. John J. Hagan*

Mr. Frank E. Hamilton*

Samuel P. Ackerman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Adams*

John and Barbara Addeo

Danilo G. Ajero

Mr. William A. Alfano*

Alta Mesa Improvement Co.*

American Endowment Foundation

Gordon Amrein

Mr. and Mrs. Todd G. Anderson

Anderson’s Tree Service*

Robert H. Antonelli

Dr. Nina K. Auerbach

Ronald J. Azevedo*

Bill and Carolyn Bacigalupi

Mr. Troy Ballard*

Jeanette Barekman

Richard and Marcia Barsotti

Joan L. Battaini

Ms. Sylvia Bellero Karson

Michael F. Berard

Col. and Mrs. Richard W. Bergson, USA Ret.

Carol A. Bernal

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bertini*

Linda F. Bisson

Gail D. Blach*

John Joseph Bleiman*

Paula Bordner

Paulette A. Borg

Richard Borgman and Saskia Jans

Roberta F. Borgonovo

Mr. and Mrs. Freeman W. Born, Jr.*

Eileen K. Boyd

Mr. Christopher Boyle

Jim Bradley*

Mr. Alfred J. Brandi*

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Brinton

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Broach*

John and Joan Broughton

Marilyn M. Brown

Mrs. Gail F. Brown*

Mrs. Lillian E. Buckley*

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bushnell*

Colleen M. Cahill

California Community Foundation

Mariella Callahan*

Mr. William L. Cappiello

Mike and Stacey Carlo

Phillip and Kathy Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Carr*

Jim and Patricia Carr

Mr. Albert R. Ceresa

Thomas M. Chin*

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Claeys*

Robert Clark

Walter H. Clemens

Mr. James S. Clover

Mr. Michael T. Cobler*

Alissa Cohan

Gail Coney

Mr. Writ Cook

Matthew and Melissa Cooper

Generosity is only one quality that describes

Hanna Boys Center donors. For the ninth

straight year, Hanna’s broad-based community

of supporters came together for an evening

music and delectable menu items, silent and live

auctions generated lively bidding. Artist Jared

Emerson delighted the crowd by producing a

real-time painting of San Francisco Giants pitcher

The event raised more than $400,000 for Hanna programs

of dining, dancing and laughter at the Annual

“Evening with the All-Stars” celebration on the

Hanna campus. The event showcased our new

facilities, which were transformed into a theme

land of “Color Outside the Lines” (picture giant

crayons and color palettes galore).

Madison Bumgarner and catcher Buster Posey

in an iconic celebratory hug after the final out of

the 2014 World Series. It took Emerson only eight

minutes, and raised $20,000 for Hanna.

In total, the event raised more than $400,000 for

Hanna programs. Hearty thanks to all who attended,

donated and volunteered for what has become a

true highlight on the Hanna calendar.

The gala broke previous attendance records,

with 428 people enjoying the festivities. Besides

continued on page 24

*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.








continued from page 22

Ann E. Smith

Dave Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Smith*

Dr. Leslie E. Smith*

Mrs. Thelma L. Smith

Patricia A. Smith*

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation

Gary and Cathy Spratling

Spurgeon Painting, Inc.

St. John Bosco Council #613 YMI

Sarah C. Steinbreder

Stephens & Associates

Mr. and Mrs. John Stibdard*

Mr. Richard F. Stier

Edward and Kimberly Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan*

Chuck and Janet Sylvester

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tatro

Mrs. Mary C. Taylor*

Mr. George Tometti*

Rita M. Tornatore*

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Traverso*

Mike Treppa

Col. and Mrs. Charles S. Tubbs*

Michael S. Turrini*

Adrienne E. Uboldi

Anne Louise Van Hoomissen*

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Van Metre*

Karen J. Vesely

Allan and Charlotte Vogt

Mr. Walt von Hauffe

Adria J. Walsh

Mr. Joseph F. Walter

Dr. John W. Ward

Wells Fargo Insurance Service

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Welsh

Mr. John M. Wernli*

Wetherby Asset Management

Mr. Fred E. Weybret*

Loren and Carol Wicklund

Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Wittig

Mr. Charles J. Wolf

Bill Wright

Daniel C. Young CFP, CFE

Mr. and Mrs. William Young*

Mr. Thomas G. Zimmerman

Alfred J. Zubler

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Perkins*

Jeffrey Petersen, D.D.S. and

Susan Petersen, D.D.S.

Dr. Alexander F. Petzinger

Mr. Richard M. Planka*

Mr. and Mrs. Gian Polastri*

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Porter, Jr.

George and Rose Prado-Navone

Premier Foundation

Walter Preusse

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Rader*

Jean Reed*

Dr. Linda M. Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. Rene H. Revel*

George and Laurajean Rick

Frank and Nancy Rico

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Riebli, Jr.

Ms. Mary A. Roa

Bonnie Roberts*

William and Pam Roederer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rose*

Mr. Dan Rosenthal*

Mr. Richard Rosenthal*

Mrs. Dolores Rosier

Aurelien Roulin

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Rudder*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Saibene*

Francisco Salguero

Fred and Doreen Salomon

Col. Henry A. Sandbach and

Catharine Sandbach

Marilyn E. Sander

Carol C. Savio

Carol A. Saylor

Mr. Charles H. Scott*

Donna R. Seabrooks, M.D.

Paul Segre and Megan Stefanki

Toni Seixas

Joseph P. Selletti

Stephen C. Sexauer

Richard and Mary Ann Shafer

Mrs. Irene P. Shelchuk*

Meg Shick

Tina P. Shone

Mr. Robert L. Sideroff*

Mrs. Mary Sims

Jane Sims

Mr. Patrick M. Skain

Carol Slack

Mr. Roger Marks

Victoria R. Maro

Mrs. Rosie M. Marshall

Ross Martin

Leo and Mary Martinez*

Jill H. Matichak

Mr. William J. Matson*

Stephen and Patricia Mayer

Mrs. Patricia Mazzini*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. McCapes*

Martin B. McCormick

Michael J. McDevitt

Patricia and John McDonnell*

Mrs. Catherine I. McGowan*

Keith and Deborah McNeil

Marvin McCauley

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron McClintock*

Craig E. McRae

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mein*

Manuel R. Merjil

Roy E. Michelini

Lt. Cmdr. John P. Mills, USN Ret

John M. Mitchell

Chris and Barbara Montan

Susan M. Mooney

Mrs. Jerilyn Moore*

Loretta A. Morris

Katherine Mouney

Ms. Virginia Murillo*

Mr. and Mrs. John Murray

Mr. Olaf K. Myklebust*

Mr. Mark A. Nance*

Mr. William K. Nisbet

Edward Norman*

Donna Norquist

North Bay Corvette Association

Mr. Daniel E. O’Connor*

Mr. William L. Olds, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank O’Malley

Michael J. O’Neill

Mrs. Marilyn L. Panelli*

Maurice and Constance Parker

Parsons Hardware and Lumber

Mitch and Roxy Patin

Mrs. Shirley M. Paul

Mrs. Patricia F. Paule*

Paula C. Pearce*

Val P. Peline

Craig and Vanessa Pelletier


Marta Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rogina

Michael Rosendin

Louis Rosendin

Sandra Saikowski

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Opera

Santa Rosa Meat & Poultry Co.

Scandia Family Fun Center

Schug Winery

Judy Scotchmoor

Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Sebastiani

Sebastiani Vineyards

Amir Shafii and Allison Joyce

Betty Sherer

Brian K. Sibbald, D.D.S.

Silverado Resort and Spa

Simco Group

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Singer

Mark and Jane Singleton

Meg Sokoloski

Sonoma Canopy Tours

Sonoma Chevrolet

Sonoma County Fair and Exposition. Inc

Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Train Town Railroad

Sonoma Valley Cyclery

St. Francis Winery and Vineyards

Ted and Joan Stier

Greg and Magnolia Stork

Alberta Stornetta

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stringham

Scott Sullivan, D.D.S.

Paul Sullivan

Tarantino’s Restaurant

Terri’s Hot Shots

The Charles M. Schulz Museum

the girl & the fig

The Spinnaker

Don D. Thoreson

Paul Tiernan, D.D.S.

Rev. Charles D. Tinsley IV

Transcendence Theater Company

David C. Trent, M. D.

Trimyc Mechanical

University of Califronia Berkeley

Valley of the Moon Natural

History Association

Peg Van Camp

Gera Vaz

Vella Cheese Company

Susan Lee Vick

Vino! Wine Shops

Timothy Wahle, D.D.S.

Elena Wardwell

Jane and Rich Wicklund

Steven C. Wilburn, D.M.D.

Willowbrook Cellars

Michael and Gretchen Wingard

Vicki Woodhead and Ernie King

Wyvern Restaurants, Inc.

Donna Yock, D.D.S.

Michael Zatto, D.D.S.

Ms. Theresa A. Zingarelli

Don Sebastiani & Sons

Jim and Debbie Drummond

John Duran

Eleven Eleven Wines

Patti England

Etude Wines

Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Eyster

Fairmont San Francisco

Maria Falaùto

Anne Farragher

Katie Farragher

Robert and Liana Figone

Five 4 Five

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fox

Cornelius Marlyn Fredrick

Mr. and Mrs. William Friedeman

Bill Friedeman

Robert Charles Friese

Roland Gangloff

Suzanne Garnier

Patty Garrison

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Geissberger

Geo’s Pool Spa and Solar Company

Glen Lyon Vineyards

Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards

Go Pro

Gary and Eileen Greenberg

David Grieve

Andrea Guido, D.A.

Gundlach Bundschu Winery

Hamel Family Wines

Hanna Winery

Harlan Estates

Anna Harrigan

Brian and Jennifer Heafey

Karen Heaney

Kay Heigel

Michael Hengehold

Doug and Meaghan Hengehold

Treasure Hinchman

Letta Hlavachek

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Holifield

Hollingsworth Jewelers

Lynne Hsia, D.D.S.

Robert Hunt

Inman Family Wines

Jackson Family Wines

Carlos and Suzanne Jacobo

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

John and Andrea Joyce

Patrick Joyce

Timothy Joyce

Julia Joyce

Andrea Joyce

John Joyce

Diane Juen

Arlene Keenley

Dan and Joanna Kemper

Joanna Kemper

Steven Kerekes

Sally Kitchum

Kathy King

Larry Knusen

Korbel Champagne Cellars

Kunde Family Estate Winery

Marcia Kunde-Mickelson and

James Mickelson

ACME Posts

Alpha Omega Winery

Anderson Conn Valley Winery

Jodi Anderson

Andrea E Soci Custom Design

Tom Angstadt and Nancy Kivelson

Robert and Kathleen Arnold

Lorraine Ashton

Ashton Vineyards

Ms. Margaret H. Atwood and

Mr. Harold Steinberger

B.R. Cohn Winery

Anne and David Banks

Allen Barbierri, D.D.S.

Tony Barrera

Sue Bartlett

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Battaini

Nancy and Mark Baty

Beau Wine Tours

Russ C. Beford

Holly Bennett

Cammy Bennett

Evelyn and Lester Bennett

Jack Berkowitz

Robert Berner

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bertelsen, Jr.

Virginia Bertelsen

Jack and JoAnn Bertges

Bleyco, Inc.

Lillian M. Bollen

Scott Bonin, D.D.S.

Tyler Boynton, D.M.D.

Brocco’s Old Barn

Nancy Bruce

Café’ la Haye

Cake Corner

California Wine Tours

Call of the Sea

Teresa Cameron

George Capwell

Dr. and Mrs. Richard O. Caselli

Jamie Cegelski

Diane Cerelli Garcia

Chandelle of Sonoma

Christ Church United Methodist

Cline Cellars

Coldwell Banker

Tom Cordellos, Jr.

James and Mary Corroon

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Corsiglia

Declan Cunniff

Maureen and Tom Daley

Christopher Daniel, D.D.S.

David Arthur Vineyards

Craig Davis, D.D.S., M.D.

Charles and Noelia De Torres

Mrs. Ramona J. Decker

Deerfield Ranch Winery

Paul and Margaret Denning

Janet Denson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Dettman

Linda Direnzi

John and Gail Diserens

John Diskin

Una Dockery

Christine Dohrmann

Connie Dominguez

Debby and Bob Kweller

Lace House Linen Supply, Inc.

Marguerite LaDue

Patricia I. Lagunas

Lagunitas Brewing

Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Lance

Landmark Vineyards

Larson Family Winery

Annette Lomont

Jeffrey C. Lopes, D.M.D.

Robert Lutolf

James and Sharon Lynch

Ms. Valerie Lynn

M & M Trucking

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Mary Pat Manning

Virgilia Mapa

Dena Marcus, D.D.S.

Mare Island Golf Club

Marin Brewing Company

Rosemarie Marks

Martinelli Winery

Mary’s Pizza Shack

Laura Mc Combs, R.D.H.

Lisa and Mike Mertens

Michael Merrill Design Studio

Michael Mickelson

Mike’s Truck Garden

Montagna Napa Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan

Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant

Mr. Cheese O’s

Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Winery Shuttle

Gary and Marcia Nelson

Elsa Nelson

Randy Nguyen, D.D.S.

Hope and Jack Nisson

Oakwild Ranch

Gerard F. Orme

Mr. and Mrs. Bill O’Shea

Georganne Papac

Park Avenue Catering Company

Pellegrini Wine Company

Kathryn and George Perry

Personal History Productions

Jeffrey Petersen, D.D.S. and Susan

Petersen, D.D.S.

Connie Philippe

Piatti Ristorante & Bar

Mary Jo Potter

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Powers Jr.

Karen Powers

Caroline and Michael Price

Price Pump Co.

Punch Line Comedy Club

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Quinn

Chuck Raaberg

Sydney Randazzo

Ravenswood Winery, Inc.

Red Hen Cantina

Ann Reder

Courtney Richarson, R.D.H.

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Riebli

Charles and Wilma Riemann

Riordan High School Class of 1965

Rocca Family Vineyards

*Indicates donor who has given for 20 or more years.


Tom and Maureen Daley have been Hanna donors for over 15 years,

making cash contributions, buying clothing items for boys in need,

giving tirelessly of their time at events, and always attending Sunday

chapel services. “We give because of all Hanna does for these young

men and the many strong connections we have made with so many

wonderful people there. They give boys a chance who would not

have gotten one otherwise.”


Every gift to Hanna Boys Center helps spread an ongoing message of hope. No single donor

or staff member can provide all that our boys need, but working together, we can continue our long

tradition of helping thousands of boys change their lives. There are a number of ways you can help:

• Make a general, memorial, or commemorative donation

• Become a “Guardian Angel” by donating monthly

• Attend or volunteer at a fundraising event

• Donate personal property

• Donate stocks or securities

• Include Hanna in your estate plans

• Underwrite an activity, facility, program, or scholarship

To volunteer, schedule a campus tour, learn how to apply, or receive more information,

visit us online at or call 707 996 6767.

17000 Arnold Drive

P.O. Box 100

Sonoma, CA 95476-0100

707 996 6767 Phone

877 994 2662 Toll-free