I n the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful
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I n the Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I n the Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Global Terrorism presented by Mohsin ALI. W hat is war on terror . What are the objectives to fight against so called terrorist Goals of America. Control on global fuel assets. Security and defense of Israel.

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I n the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful

In the Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Global Terrorism

presented by

Mohsin ALI

W hat is war on terror
What is war on terror

What are the objectives to fight against so called terrorist

Goals of America

Reasons and background of 9 11
Reasons and Background Of 9/11

Zionest think thank (AIPAC) American interprice

They gave an vision that America will capture the 21th century

All Us foreign policy were made under this vision

Security and defense of Israel

Control of global fuel assets

Control of global water trade routes

Destruction of political and militant Islam

Encirclement of Russia

Encirclement of China

Elements which led to 9 11
Elements which led to 9/11

America realize if they want to achieve their goals then they have to motivate n stimulate their nation for this and nation would not stand except of an ACCIDENT such as PERL HABROUR


  • In 97 98 Taliban and America had direct dialogue

  • There is an American oil company UNOCAL they want to put oil pipeline from Turkmenistan Afghanistan to gawader

  • UNOCAL engage Taliban for this purpose n Taliban went to America

  • Taliban did not accept the term and condition given by UNOCAL and dialogue break down

  • They talk to American congress and gave them presentation that dialogue b/t Taliban n them breakdown they want Asian gas resources and the shortest way is to get resources by means of Turkmenistan Afghanistan and gawader so we need an region change in Afghanistan

What is the difference b t al qaida and taliban
What is the difference b/t al-Qaida and Taliban

Before differencing b/t Taliban and al-Qaida people should know that after capturing Afghanistan

America made president the person who was the employee of that oil company unocal

Hamidkarzia you can judge the influence of unocol on the foreign policy of America

Taliban are the people of Afghanistan produced /appear in 1980 to 1990

They were ruling in Afghanistan since 96 their forefather fought against the soviet union

There is big difference b/w al-Qaida and Taliban

Taliban live and rule inside the Afghanistan Taliban were not global jahadi but al-Qaida consider themselves global jahadies al-Qaida consist on some Arab nations some rich family related they consider whole world the battle field

Taliban destroy historical Buddha statues and because of this Taliban relations b/w Muslim world in crises Pakistan saudiaarabcondems this destruction they tell Taliban u are the not only Muslim ruling in this country before u there were great Muslim ruler in Afghanistan

Now coming back to 9/11 there is big perception inside and outside of America that 9/11 incident could be work by inside

Scientist security analysis media film makers they are all producing this operation could have not been conducted by al-Qaida and Osama sitting Afghanistan only.

There is some strange happening America did not investigate legally for this accident

Hennery casingen was appointed for this purpose he was the head of the inquiry commission and he gave resign 3rdday

Before some minutes of this accident Israelis were filming this building and they celebrated when plane hit the building they were behaving strange according to police and this is on the record of CIA and also on the net available

Khotaysicky is the documentary made on this 9/11 made by American individual investigators.

Events after 9 11

Events after 9/11 this building and they celebrated when plane hit the building they were behaving strange according to police and this is on the record of CIA and also on the net available

after 9/11 there was negative impression against Muslims that Muslims are terrorist and enemy wanted to attack any of Muslim country and there was discussion in US Foreign Policy which country should be attacked

  • every country had its own interest this building and they celebrated when plane hit the building they were behaving strange according to police and this is on the record of CIA and also on the net available

  • Israel lobby had its own interest they wanted to attack on Iraq Iran or Pakistan

  • Indian lobby interest was to hit Pakistan firstly

  • But America selected to attack on Afghanistan due to some reasons

  • India just wanted to give their base campus to America to hit Pakistan and said real problem came from Pakistan.

  • All these decisions were going too fastly just in few days America was going to attack on country anyone

At that time Osama bin this building and they celebrated when plane hit the building they were behaving strange according to police and this is on the record of CIA and also on the net availableladin was contained by mulaumer head of Taliban.

Taliban said Osama not to do any operation against civilian in world Taliban did not allow al-Qaida to do any kind of destruction.

Now the question is why Pakistan immediately decided to go with America

At that time America and other world force Pakistan to talk Taliban to handover Osama bin ladin

mulaumer said I had no prove that Osama did 9/11

Mulaumer refused to hand over Osama to America because he thought Osama did nothing.

Pakistan and saudiaarab forced mulaumer to handover Osama but mulaumer said he would only handed over Osama to Shari judiciary only if rest of the world gave him evidence against Osama.

Islamabad was very tens and crucial situation at that time what to do

Suddenly Osama announced that he had nuclear missile by this interview rest of the world got more ready to attack on Afghanistan

No one knows why Osama made this statement while he had no such kind of missile power.

Pakistan had no choice Pakistan was in much stress America gave 2 options to help America against Afghanistan war if not then ready for the war on your own country

And this was dangerous move for Pakistan

Finally Pakistan made decision to go with America

Pakistan made some classical mistakes
Pakistan made some classical mistakes what to do

1 They did not difference b/w al-Qaida and Taliban. Taliban were not terrorist at all Pakistan did not ask America who was your enemy. Enemy should be described

2 Pakistan should have came this problem to the parliament and cabinet for discussion but this was not done and decision was made only by the government as a result there was severe reaction inside the Pakistan which is still present.

Objectives of usa at afghanistan

if u look at the map Afghanistan is the centre of Asia what to do

one side is Pakistan second side Iran third side Turkmenistan central Asia and china

America needed 440 km in Afghanistan for the gas pipe line resources

Iran was their future target they needed a suitable location against Iran

and that was only Afghanistan.

  • from there they can disturb china

  • they wanted to disturb Baluchistan Pakistan

Objectives of USA at Afghanistan

Pakistan made what to dogawader port with the help of china

China has great edge in gawader port china can trade its business through gawader

And Pakistan was developing gas pipeline with Iran so Baluchistan was main focused

by American to disturb china and to stop development in Pakistan

  • Afghanistan drugs/ Opium

worlds 90 % drugs come from Afghanistan

Taliban were against the drugs they destroyed fields of drugs and prohibited the

cultivation of drugs

Now a days cultivation of drugs is restarted in Afghanistan because people don’t have

any substitute of earning and govt don’t have enough power to stop all the cultivation of

drugs ….this drug spread all over the world most of the production used in

Muslim countries and very low in America.

Pakistan role in this so called war on terror
Pakistan role in this so called WAR on terror what to do

Pakistan helped USA in Afghanistan under panic situation Pakistan had no options except of facing this storm to own side or to move the storm toward Afghanistan.

Now this is proved that Afghanistan is the graveyard of super powers USA are meeting such problems and hurdles which Russia met in Afghanistan.

When Pakistan was helping in this war US thought Pakistan is big allay to achieve the US strategic objectives in the world.

But this was wrong perception of US …Pakistan made some term and conditions with US in this war after some time

US request Pakistan to send the army inside IRAQ what to do

but Pakistan totally refused this

And secondly US want some information from

DR AQ KHAN regarding NORTH KORIA nuclear power

US was pressurizing Pakistan to recognize the Israel

to accept Israel Pakistan refuse it too

  • US demand Pakistan to handed over

  • Dr AQ KHAN they wanted to punish

  • DR AQ KHAN for developing atomic power Pakistan

North Korea is chine’s asset in Asia pacific to disturb US invasion in this region America is totally unaware of north Korea nuclear potential US have no idea the range of their missile system so US wanted to get information regarding north Korea nuclear potential this information can provide china which china will never do it and Pakistan can provide this information because Pakistan had old defensive relation with north Korea. Pakistan did not provide this information to US by refusing handed over DR AQ KHAN it wholly disturb anti china policy in Asia specific.

USA invasion in this region America wanted pakistanto stop our nuclear and missile defense system but Pakistan was developing a new missile technology every week every month

In 2000 Pakistan was unable to hit Israel but now Pakistan have this technology have such kind of missile to hit Israel and US bases in the region

Now come to the waziristan insurgency
Now come to the Waziristan insurgency invasion in this region America

American wanted Pakistan to kill tribal peoples whose related and helping Taliban and al-Qaida with no hesitation and full power

But Pakistan has seen and realizes this is creating a trap for Pakistan

Waziristan consist on Pakistani tribal’s afghan tribal’s Arab Uzbeks and there was local population also

So Pakistan could not kill every one in the Waziristan Pakistan was very conscious about this and wanted to resolve these problem by the tribes themselves

These peoples were impress by al-Qaida ideology not Taliban ideology we have discussed already what’s difference b/t Taliban and al-Qaida

Taliban was not the enemy of Pakistan they realize the Pakistan govt attitude and Pakistan people’s attitude Taliban were disturbed with Pakistan policy but not with Pakistan peoples

On other hand al-Qaida don’t made difference b/t Pakistan state policy and Pakistan peoples they called Pakistan fakir state and announced war against Pakistan

These elements are present in the Pakistan which should be resolved

So we are facing a danger situation as far as US policy concern we much destroy US policy

By not handover DR AQ khan

By not recognizing Israel

Making better relation with Iran

Forces not sent to Iraq

Better relation with china

And Pakistan nuclear and missile system

Destroyed BLA(Baluchistan libration army) which was the asset of USA in Pakistan

If we analyze the objectives then we will find that USA policy much disturbed on globally

But we indulged ourselves in tribal area unrest and terrorism in whole country

Recent situation of pakistan

After 9/11 Pakistan made some historical mistakes by helping USA in this region

But now Pakistan is in much good position as compared to after 9/11

Pakistan should differentiate b/t al-Qaida and Taliban

Pakistan should not take a side any of group in Afghanistan Pakistan should b neutral

Pakistan should take Taliban on board because only Taliban can destroy Indian

and Israeli assets in Afghanistan that are promoting terrorism in Pakistan

BaitullahMehsooz is totally a terrorist group CIA and Indian RAW providing logistic

support to him and stimulates him to kill the people of Pakistan

Now a days Pakistan facing tribal panic situation and unrest inside the Pakistan

All this is happening by Indian agency RAW Israeli agency MOSSAD and American CIA

They are promoting Pakistan talibanization and cause of suicide bombing into the



Our current problem of terrorism and increase of USA in this regiontalibanization is just because of indiaisrael and america which is still going on

In the last presenting some hadees some precdictionstnat have been made 1400 years ago