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LT RBR :. Long Term Radiation Belt Remediation. Joshua Davis ASTE 527 Space Concepts Studio. LT RBR :. RBR means removing the trapped electrons and ions from the near Earth environment for the benefit of manned and unmanned spacecraft. Radiation Environment’s Impact on Manned Spaceflight.

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Long Term Radiation Belt Remediation

Joshua Davis

ASTE 527

Space Concepts Studio



RBR means removing the trapped electrons and ions from the near Earth environment for the benefit of manned and unmanned spacecraft.


Radiation Environment’s Impact on Manned Spaceflight

A majority of the radiation Astronauts receive on orbit is attributed to the trapped radiation particles in the inner Van Allen belt.

Temporary and permanent eye damage.

Increased risk of cancers.

Time on orbit is limited by an Astronaut’s total radiation exposure, limiting the ability to study long term micro-gravity effects on Humans.

The daily dosage of radiation on the ISS is equal to 8 chest X-rays per day.

Radiation dosage on the ISS is roughly 4 orders of magnitude higher than at Sea Level.

Increased risk of heart, digestive, and respiratory diseases.


Energetic Particle & Plasma Hazards

before after

False stars in star tracker CCDs

Surface degradation from radiation

Solar array power decrease due to radiation damage

Electronics degrade due to total radiation dose

Solar array arc discharge

Single event effects in microelectronics: bit flips, fatal latch-ups

Spacecraft components become radioactive

Electromagnetic pulse from vehicle discharge

Induced Voltage

Cryogenic systems experience notable charged particle heating



Energetic Particle & Plasma Hazards

Arc Discharging

Bit Flips / Single Event Upsets

Solar Panel Power Decrease


How RBR Works:

Change the particle’s pitch cone angle such that its velocity vector is pointed roughly parallel to the magnetic field lines.


Neutral Particle Injection

Ion-Cyclotron Turbulence Generation



Very Low Frequency Radio Waves

conclusion and future work for lt rbr
Conclusion and Future Work for LT RBR

VLF should be further researched as the primary method for LT RBR

Feasibility study of Long Term operation of VLF stations

Additional study on the effects of RBR on the atmosphere should be conducted

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Why does the Earth have a Radiation Belt?

A Radiation Belt is

more stylish than

Radiation Suspenders!


International “Space EPA” to study and control RBR practices and take over NOAA’s space weather responsibilities.