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IT 227:. Unknown Phage 6. Objectives/ Procedures.

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It 227

IT 227:

Unknown Phage 6

Objectives procedures
Objectives/ Procedures

  • The task was to take an unknown phage and perform a variety of procedures like finding the plaque size, running samples through a mass spectrometer, and identifying proteins through spectrum-mil in order to find out what cluster and sub cluster the unknown phage belongs to.

Results from my unknown phage
Results from my unknown phage

  • The type of plaques I observed from my phage were extremely similar to that of phage Bxz2, which belongs to cluster A and subcluster A3.

  • plaque size was also close to, but exactly alike, to phage named Dori, which belongs to subclusterK

  • From analyzing the plaque sizes and the number of matches of different phage, I would guess my phage belongs to would be cluster A.

  • My phage matched Bxz2 on 55 entries, 22 entries of Dori, and 19 entries of EpicPhail-Draft which belonged to cluster A.

Unknown 6 vs bxz2 epicphail
Unknown 6 Vs. Bxz2/EpicPhail

Unknown phage 6



Proteins identified in phage
Proteins identified in phage

  • I identified three proteins through the phage database that were associated with phages that had a high percent scored peak intensity.

  • These three proteins were Tapemeasure, minor tail, and ribonucleotidereductase

  • One protein that was identified in the mycobacterium that was associated with the highest percentage peak score intensity was rpoB.

  • The protein profile showed about two bands. This suggests that there was a low concentration of protein from the preceding procedures.

Details about unknown phage
Details about unknown phage

  • Known: it’s plaque size which is about 3 mm in diameter and a dilution of 10^-6 creates a web plate

  • Not known: what cluster it belongs to.

    • From the data collected, most of the phages that my unknown phage matched those that belonged to cluster A although there were some other phages that belonged to other clusters such as K and F.

  • It is also unknown, what it’s morphotype is and how many genes it contains.