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Scale Watcher

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Scale Watcher. Janice Roscoe Ryan Ayers 913-384-0880 817-288-1040. Session Objective.

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scale watcher

Scale Watcher

Janice Roscoe Ryan Ayers

913-384-0880 817-288-1040

session objective
Session Objective

Scale Watcher II, an integrated photo verification tool that provides ironclad proof of vehicle pickup, without signatures. Scale Watcher overlays ticket information onto a photo of a truck on the scale and saves the images with the ticket number for easy retrieval to email to customers. The optional anti-theft module alerts authorized personnel of anomalous events, such as gate/valves opening or weights on scales, without a ticket being printed. During this session Dividia Technologies will provide detailed specifications on camera integration capabilities, hardware, and connectivity. This session is especially useful for aggregate and cement terminal operations.

Scale Watcher

ticket video capture
Ticket Video Capture

Ticket number saved with imageEasy retrieval byticket number

Scale Watcher

special license plate cameras
Special License Plate Cameras

High resolution for clear images

Scale Watcher

special license plate cameras1
Special License Plate Cameras

Read license tags in the dark, even with bright head lights. The more light, the better.

Don’t be blind

Scale Watcher

anti theft option
Anti-Theft Option

This is what we want . . .

But, this is what we fear . . .

Scale Watcher

minimize shrinkage
Minimize Shrinkage
  • Anomalous events trigger photo capture.
  • Photo taken, real time alerts sent and/or report created.
  • Valve Alerts: silo gate opens ≠ no ticket.

(interfaces with Loadout PLC).

  • Scale Sensing: weight detected on scale ≠ no ticket.
  • Connection to scale is lost (or restored).
  • Gross weight mismatch: scale weight ≠ ticket weight.
  • Tare weight contamination: compares average max tare weight to verify potential tare weight contamination.

Scale Watcher

real time reports
Real –Time Reports

DIVIDIA System [TSM] Report [Scale Report] Tues 02 Sept 2010 08:42:04 AM CDT


From dvs@dividia .net

To: ryan.ayers@dividia .net

A Scale Report report was generated on Tues Sept 2 08:42:04 at TSM

Gross ticket weight did not match weight on scale [Scale 1].

Tare Weight [8000]

Max Weight [56000]

Ticket Weight [50260]

This is an automated message generated by DIVIDIA (866-348-4342)

Scale Watcher

summary report
Summary Report

DIVIDIA System [TSM] Report [Daily] Generated Tues 02 Sept 2010 08:43:36 AM CDT

From dvs@dividia .net

To: ryan.ayers@dividia .net

A Daily Report report was generated on Tues Sept 2 08:42:04 at TSM

Reports Processed (Total)

Created (1) Type [Lost Connection with Scale]

Created (2) Type [Restored Connection with Scale]

Created (1) Type [Gross Ticket Weight Mismatch]

Apex Reports

Date Time Type Scale Tare Wt Gross Wt Ticket Wt

09/02/2010 08:40:39 Restored Connection 1

09/02/2010 08:51:26 Gross Ticket Weight 1 12000 73000 50260

09/02/2010 08:56:35 Lost Connection with 1

This is an automated message generated by DIVIDIA (866-348-4342)

Scale Watcher


Close range license plate camera – day or night

Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera for multi-silo truck positioning

Scale Watcher

  • Up to 16 cameras per DVR
  • Each camera creates jpeg image for text overlay
  • Multiple camera images per ticket stored in 1 PDF
  • Photo is stored each time ticket is printed (new or corrected)
  • Apex auxiliary ticket used to capture overlay data
  • Moxa Nport convert serial to Ethernet
  • Moxa Vport video Server connects distant cameras
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras capture images from multiple positions
  • Anti-theft options for scales and silo gates

Scale Watcher

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Scale Watcher