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Handyfox- Professional Handyman Services in London PowerPoint Presentation
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Handyfox- Professional Handyman Services in London

Handyfox- Professional Handyman Services in London

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Handyfox- Professional Handyman Services in London

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  2. ABOUT US If need home repairs or have a list of things to do around the house, and you are having trouble finding a skilled handyman then get in touch with Handyfox; your local trusted handyman service. Our trained handymen can help with odd jobs around the house. Whilst our skilled professionals can take care of the more complex tasks, such as plumbing, electrical, painting.

  3. Services plumbing electrical painting handyman carpentry

  4. plumbing At Handyfox, you can rest assure that you are getting the highest quality service.  We are your residential repair service specialist. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable plumber, then you have come to the right place. Handyfox is proud to be the top local plumbing service. We are committed to creating satisfied customers and handing all your plumbing needs. For all your plumbing repair needs, you can trust Handyfox to respond and fix the issues swiftly.

  5. Electrician Service When you need an electrician in London fast, trying to get a professional at short notice will be tough.  Either you find a local accredited electrician or try a company that offers multi-skilled handyman that is qualified to do the job!  You would be glad to hear that we have many self-employed electricians ready to fix your problem.  It doesn’t matter if you are based in Stratford or Romford, as we have experts in many areas of London to repair your immersion heater or other types of modern heating appliance the same day.  If you need any other electrical work, we will schedule a competent London electrician to visit your property the next day.

  6. Handyman Service Most people that need od jobs done around the house usually look for a local handyman near them.  Although we all have DIY skills and can take care of the small tasks ourselves, it’s sometimes better to hire a cheap handyman in London.  With cost of living going up, most people work more hours now and do not have time to do small house repairs themselves.  Hence, finding 24-hour handyman service in London is a better option, especially when they can work around your schedule.

  7. Address: Suite 5, 47 Vallance Road, London E1 5AB Call us: 020 8004 1154 Contact mail: Website: