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Hands All Over Download

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Hands All Over Download

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If you are familiar with hit songs like “She will be Loved”, “This Love” and “Harder to Breathe”, you are in for a treat! Maroon 5 has a third studio album that is now available in the market. Hands All Over download was released in September 21. The group has joined forces with Robert “Mutt” Lange in recording their album in Switzerland. The producer Lange after hearing that the group is working on a new album expressed his desire to be the one to produce the group’s next project. It took them two months of working hard writing and recording songs but it was all worth it. Hands All Over download is similar to the previous albums in terms of music. Asked how to describe the new album, their lead singer answered “sounding exactly like Maroon 5”.
  • Maroon 5 has earned their success in the past through hard work and a lot of patience. Just like any one, Maroon 5 had to go through rejections and disappointments like all other successful artists. The albums before reached gold platinum and triple platinum in sales. The group travelled all over the world promoting their album. Their albums reached top spots on Billboard top 100 charts on several countries worldwide. The once rock turned pop group has achieved what struggling and new artists hope to do. They never expected to become as successful as they are now. In the Hands All Over download, their lead single “Misery” is expected to be a hit among music lovers. It sounded almost the same like “This love”—the reason why a lot of people keep downloading it. Aside from “Misery”, there are other tracks in the album worth watching out for like “Out of Goodbye” a duet with Lady Antebellum, “How” and “Don’t Know Nothing”. Again, because of so much similarities, success is expected in the Hands All Over download album.
  • Despite the positive note, the lead singer Adam Levine is a matter of concern to some people with the way he controls the group. There were so many portions in the album with him over singing some parts. Some even commented that the new album has no uniqueness making it boring and predictable. Great artists should not be afraid to try new things. Achieving greatness in doing something different is the best that they can give to the fans who continually support them. There are many websites in the Internet today where you can get the Hands All Over download. All you have to do is register your name and a valid email address. After completing it, you can get Maroon 5’s newest album for free.