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Instructional Technology & Design Office [email protected] 217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instructional Technology & Design Office [email protected] 217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892. Zotero & Mendeley Workshop. Presented by Kate Rojas. What are Zotero and Mendeley ?. Zotero Free organization tool for research references

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Instructional Technology & Design Office

[email protected]

217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892

Zotero & Mendeley Workshop

Presented by Kate Rojas

What are zotero and mendeley
What are Zotero and Mendeley?

  • Zotero

    • Free organization tool for research references

    • Extracts bibliographical information from docs on web

    • Available as program, browser plug-in and offline platform

  • Mendeley

    • Free reference and PDF manager, bibliography builder and annotation tool

    • Works best as program and available for offline platforms

Zotero pick your format
Zotero: Pick your format!

Third option is via, which syncs with either/both versions

Zotero basics
Zotero: Basics

  • Citation Manager

    • Look for “capture icon.” If it’s not there,

      there’s nothing to grab

  • Pulls bibliographic info

    • Various item metadata including books, articles, and documents to web pages, artwork, films, sound recordings, bills, cases, or statutes

  • Interface Similar to iTunes, Spotify

    • Items in center column

    • Metadata on the right

    • Left column is navigation/My Library

Zotero online library
Zotero Online: Library

Zotero online groups
Zotero Online: Groups

Really cool stuff
Really Cool Stuff~

  • Can grab PDFs and put everything in one place. Zotero does a fairly good job at putting metadata off of the web

  • Can search and obtain information from ISBN, DOI, or PubMedID

  • Functions within a browser

  • Has an advanced search feature

  • Can snapshot, save, and capture web pages

  • Not overly complex

Zotero drawbacks
Zotero: Drawbacks

  • Drawbacks

    • Recognizes most items but some must be added manually

    • Very little text, mostly icons

    • Sync requires several plugins, downloads but can be linked through Zotero account

    • Some other software may interfere with Zotero Sync like Kapersky Security, Symantic Endpoint, Skype extension for Firefox, etc.

    • Possible errors in versions of Word 2013 and new OS (Win8, etc.)

Zotero resources
Zotero: Resources

  • Downloading Zotero:

  • ITD Tutorial:

  • ZoteroDocumentation:

  • ZoteroLibguide:

Mendeley basics
Mendeley: Basics

  • Managing Web Sources

    • Login to with 2 GB of online storage

    • Import sources from Zotero, Endnote, etc.

    • Add actual document to library and folders or link using bookmark manager

  • Bibliographic Info

    • Choose Type and imports authors, title, journal name, pages, absract, author keywords, url and catalog IDs from PDF

  • Interface

    • Navigation on far left, documents and search in center, metadata details on right

Mendeley online dashboard
Mendeley Online: Dashboard

  • First thing you see: a dashboard with a newsfeed?

    • It’s a social networking web site (like Facebook!)

Mendeley online library
Mendeley Online: Library

Mendeley online groups
Mendeley Online: Groups

Really cool stuff1
Really Cool Stuff~

  • Interface has a good blend of words and text. Very organized layout in desktop version, making it easy to learn

  • “Watching folders”

  • Built-in PDF reader

  • Plugin for Microsoft Word -> look under “References” in Word

  • Backing up your data is easy! Help -> create backup

  • The options menu (under the tools menu)

    • Allows you to choose what information to pull some online citations

    • Allows you to organize your citations in folders on your hard drive after creating a folder***

Mendeley drawbacks
Mendeley Drawbacks

  • Must download desktop program for full functionality

  • Must have Mendeley account

    • Web Importer cannot save pdfs pages (direct link to pdf)

    • Have to put it in your bookmarks bar manually

    • May not import metadata or document from behind paywall (through pay portal like EBSCO), especially author names.

    • Can’t import unsupported file types (i.e. images)

    • Adding files in desktop program is not too obvious

  • Word Plugin might not be supported for Mac 2013 or newer versions of Word (versions 2011 & 2008 do work!)

  • Not available for Windows 8 RT

  • Retrieves reference to file so if you delete it, it’s gone!

  • Importing from Zotero = one way. (tricky to import initially as well)

Mendeley resources
Mendeley: Resources

  • Downloading Mendeley:

  • MendeleySupport:

  • MendeleyResource Center:

  • MendeleyYoutube:

  • Mendeley Blog:

  • MendeleyLibguide:

Final comparisons
Final Comparisons

  • Good for web based content

  • Good for variable file types

  • Search docs by any field

  • Good for collaboration

  • Literature Search Option

  • Lots of support/documentation

  • Collaborative community of scholars on

Would it be best to use a little bit of both?

Another resource
Another Resource

  • RefWorks

    • Provided through UIUC, free for students, faculty, and staff (

  • Pros

    • Citation space is unlimited

    • Options linked to RefWorks are present within library databases and search queries

    • Allows access after graduation via group code

  • Cons

    • PDFs must be imported into citation manually

    • 100MB limit on attachments/PDFs total

    • Online-only component

Instructional Technology & Design Office

[email protected]

217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892

Thanks for attending!

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