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Natural Support Enhancement

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Natural Support Enhancement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural Support Enhancement. Includes Permanency Outcome & Auto Generation of the Notice to Relative of Child Letter. Maintain Case Window New Natural Supports Tab. Natural Supports Tab Add new natural support via Person Button Note the Resource Status values from which to choose.

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natural support enhancement

Natural SupportEnhancement

Includes Permanency Outcome & Auto Generation of the Notice to Relative of Child Letter

Natural Supports TabAdd new natural support via Person ButtonNote the Resource Status values from which to choose

Illustrated view of how the tab will appear when several persons are added. Note: the quick view access of clients linked to the natural support.


Right click on a Name for additional function menu options.Person Management works the same as on Participant Tab (update person info including Clearances)


Resource Note History Pop-upWhen Insert is clicked, the Note Text box is enabled for unlimited text. Enter free form text in Subject field. Upon re-accessing the pop-up, the new note summary appears in the Select Note to View box. Click on the desired row and text displays below.


This pop-up links the specific client to the resource and identifies what services will be handled for that client by the resource. We’ll also maintain who recommended the natural support (Case Worker, Mother, Father Child, Other Relative, Other Resource, PST Worker)

view all services assigned here we see several services have not been linked to anyone
View All Services AssignedHere we see several services have not been linked to anyone

Benefit to early identification of potential placement resources:when an OOHP is ending (no discharge) for the child, RICHIST would display all “Confirmed” natural supports who have expressed an interest in taking the child in.


Notice Generation Selection Pop-upSelect the natural support to notify and choose the children to include in the notice. RICHIST permits you to generate the letter to multiple resources at the same time.


RICHIST prints the notice & automatically creates a Correspondence CAN. From Natural Supports Tab, a view of all notice- related CANs, can be viewed.


Options…Find Connections…Family Connections opens this pop-up. Choose to search for 1st degree relatives in RICHIST for the Parent or half siblings of the Child.


Scheduling & Maintaining Permanency Support Meeting & Outcome (2 new pieces of work under Planning: Permanency Support-Initial; Permanency Support-Follow-up)

New Meeting Window / Document Tab(note heading changes and Hearing Request Details and new Option…Other Mtg Address)

New Outcome TabCurrent Review Information displays when a future meeting exists.Permanency Support Review History displays the past review summary. Click View Otcm button (when available) to open the full report.

permanency review follow
Permanency Review-Follow

Click Ex Button for

example of

what is Fictive Kin

Outliner ViewOpen existing review meeting windows using thePlanning icon and select Permanency Review