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  1. OM SRI SAI RAM SRI SATHYA SAI healthcare project LOVE ALL SERVE ALL Specialty Health Care Camps Sri. Avinash S. Third Year MBBS, Mysore Medical College & Member, Sri Sathya Sai Youth Organisation, Mysore

  2. Dedicated To Our Beloved Lord With Love And Humility

  3. OM SRI SAI RAM Goals • Explore the need for Specialty Health Care Camps. • Briefly outline the specialty camps under consideration.

  4. OM SRI SAI RAM Why Specialty Camps? • To address health care issues which is beyond the scope of an ordinary medical camp. • Focus on maladies that require specialist care. • To target the most vulnerable sections of society: Women and Children. • Enhance the scope of Vaccination, Blood Donation and Preventive Medicine. • Develop an effective Health Awareness Program.

  5. OM SRI SAI RAM Coverage of Specialty camps • Eye • Children • Women • MMR Vaccination

  6. OM SRI SAI RAM SRI SATHYA SAI Eye camp Do good, be good, SEE good, SEE GOD Goals • Provide basic diagnostic facilities to all. • Tie up with Specialist Eye Hospital providing low cost health care. • Focus on the children and elderly people.

  7. OM SRI SAI RAM Facts about Eyes • Eye is the most essential of all the senses. • Getting back vision is as good as rebirth. • Cataract is the most common disease visual impairment. • An eye disease not treated promptly leads to loss of vision.

  8. OM SRI SAI RAM Eye Camp Requirements • Early detection of eye problems. • Refer the cases to specialist eye hospital. • Sponsor the treatment & surgical care.

  9. OM SRI SAI RAM SRI SATHYA SAI Pediatric camp Today’s Children Tomorrow’s Citizens Goals • Provide advanced healthcare facilities to children. • Focus on the most vulnerable section ( Children below 5 years). • Establish support groups to handle malnutrition and vaccination. • Develop and sustain pediatric educare. • Support and collaborate with the existing anganwadi infrastructure.

  10. OM SRI SAI RAM Pediatric Camp Facts • Children below five years are the worst hit. • Infant mortality is 67 for every 1000 live births. • 15% of world population is undernourished ( 460 million approx). • Children under 5 years of age account for nearly 50% of total deaths in developing countries.

  11. OM SRI SAI RAM Pediatric Camp Requirements • Development of Pediatric Action Plan with clear cut objectives. • Team of Specialist doctors. • Nutrition program (Sai Protein). • Educare for Children ( Balavikas) & Parents ( Awareness program).

  12. OM SRI SAI RAM SRI SATHYA SAI Camp for Women Women are the makers of the home, nation & world. Goals • Provide advanced healthcare facilities to women. • Focus on the most vulnerable section • Girl Child • Expectant Mothers • Nursing Mothers • Establish support groups to enhance the nutrition. • Improve awareness through Educare.

  13. OM SRI SAI RAM Healthcare for Women: Facts • High maternal mortality rate. • High Incidence of Cancer. • Psychological problems due to the lower status accorded by the society. • Ignorance and superstition leading to life threatening situations and medical complications. • Lack of basic knowledge in healthcare, hygiene and child care.

  14. OM SRI SAI RAM Camp for Women: Requirements Action Plan must include the following • Team of Specialists • Doctors in Obstetrics & Gynecology • Nutritionist • Counselors • Basic healthcare and cancer detection program. • Nutrition program to combat anemia. • Educare to improve awareness in healthcare, hygiene and child care. • Special focus on the problems faced by the girl child. • Counseling for women of all ages.

  15. OM SRI SAI RAM SRI SATHYA SAI MMR camp “One MMR saves two generations “ - BABA Goal • Mumps Measles Rubella vaccination to as many people as possible.

  16. OM SRI SAI RAM Facts about Rubella • 26% of congenital heart diseases seen in SSSIHMS are due to Congenital Rubella Syndrome. • Rubella causes about 20 different congenital defects like • Cataract • Deafness • Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Heart Problem)

  17. OM SRI SAI RAM MMR Camp Requirements • Survey to determine the children to be vaccinated. • Procure MMR vaccines. • Conduct vaccination camp.

  18. OM SRI SAI RAM Who can be vaccinated? • Boys below 5 years. • Girls (till the marriageable age).

  19. Help Ever Hurt Never POORNAVATHARA Sri Sathya Sai Speaks Love All Serve All A wave of service, if it sweeps over the land catching everyone in its enthusiasm, will be able to wipe off the mounds of hatred, malice and greed that infest the world. JAI SAI RAM

  20. Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu Jai Sai Ram