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Welcome To My Town. By: Ariell Thomas. History Of Camden County. Camden County is the southernmost county on the Georgia coast. Created by the Georgia Constitution of February 5, 1777,

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Welcome to my town

Welcome To My Town

By: Ariell Thomas

History of camden county
History Of Camden County

  • Camden County is the southernmost county on the Georgia coast. Created by the Georgia Constitution of February 5, 1777,

  • it is the state's eighth original county. Camden County combined the colonial parishes of St. Thomas and St. Mary with lands ceded by the Creek Indians. In 1854 the state legislature incorporated land from Camden County to create Charlton County. Camden County is named for Charles Pratt, earl of Camden (1714-94), chief justice and lord chancellor of England who supported the American colonies before the Revolution (1775-83).

  • The town of St. Patrick, on the south side of Great Satilla River, was selected as the first county seat in 1787. In 1792 the seat was moved to St. Mary's, and in 1800 to Jefferson (later called Jeffersonton), which was at or near the site of St. Patrick. In 1802 a courthouse and jail were built in Jeffersonton. Until the Civil War (1861-65) the community thrived, owing to a large number of plantations along the river cultivating rice, cotton, corn and other products. With the collapse of the plantation economy after the war, Jeffersonton declined and was mostly abandoned.

  • Today it is considered a dead town, although several families still own homes in the area. In 1872 the county seat returned to St. Mary's, where it remained until 1923, when it was moved to its current location in Woodbine.

History of my city
History of my city

  • My city was created for people to have a better life. Mostly mothers and children came first.

  • As the founder of Warnsac I created a slogan for our city which is “ the better old generation gets the better new generation is.

  • As I prepared the plan of my city I recommended if I could build a little home about three miles away from woodbine which is the county seat. I managed to get the first little house built and when the work was done I thought to myself a city of warnsac is what I need and that is when the city of warnsac began to be built.


  • Students in a Camden County public school participate in class. The Georgia Department of Education oversees all public schools in the state, ensuring that federal and state guidelines are met and administering a variety of programs, including the Migrant Education Program and the Georgia Virtual School.

  • My city’s school system is outstanding. Our staff loves to help students in need. Plus we have back up plan for students if they don’t get it the first time. We have a lot of fun but helpful organizations to help students accomplish their goals.

  • We also take time and notice all mistakes in our students work because we believe everyone deserves to change their mistakes and make them right.


  • In my city we have a lot of fun activities such as boys and girls club we have a lot of different activities in that organization.

  • For college students we have the Camden center which is a facility on the Camden county campus.

  • For kids under the age of 16 we have a campaign at Camden library which holds meetings and reading battles.

Family life
Family life

  • With families we take good care of them. We have special organizations for them like mother and child nation (MACN). We have the family resource facility because we don’t believe in abandon families of any kind.

  • Our children deserve to have a great and happy life and that is what this organization gives them.

Interesting facts and catchy slogans and pictures
Interesting facts and catchy slogans and pictures

  • Our catchy slogan is called “the better old generation gets the better new generation is”.

  • This slogan means that the elders get better and the little ones show us what respect appreciation and thankfulness is.