Social science history grade levels k 3 rd
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Social Science: History Grade levels: K-3 rd - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Science: History Grade levels: K-3 rd. Prepared by: Elena Perez. Illinois Learning Standards. B. Understand the development of significant political events.

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Social science history grade levels k 3 rd

Social Science: HistoryGrade levels: K-3rd

Prepared by: Elena Perez

Illinois learning standards
Illinois Learning Standards

  • B. Understand the development of significant political events.

  • 16.B.1a (US) Identify key individuals and events in the development of the local community (e.g., Founders days, names of parks, streets, public buildings). 16.B.1b (US) Explain why individuals, groups, issues and events are celebrated with local, state or national holidays or days of recognition (e.g., Lincoln's Birthday, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Pulaski Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving).

  • 16.B.1 (W) Explain the contributions of individuals and groups who are featured in biographies, legends, folklore and traditions


  • Make sure all homework instruction and assignments are clear

  • Write down key words on the board to aid in note-taking during discussion

  • Provide the student with a legible outline before a lesson

  • Provide this student with a note-taker to record classroom discussions and lessons

  • Break instructions into short, sequential steps; dividing work into smaller short "mini-assignments" .


  • Help the student set up a system of organization using color coding by subject area

  • Give daily reminders on subjects and themes of lessons

  • Relate lessons to daily events

  • Allow for group discussion and group work for new ideas and strategies for learning lesson

  • Provide the student with a practice test or quiz to study the day before the actual test or quiz.


  • Allow for extra time needed to take tests or quizzes

  • Provide a calendar for student to identify holidays named for important historical figures

  • Limit the number of items on the test or quiz

  • Allow for visuals to guide students with lesson

  • Allow for other forms of assignments such as: a book, journal, collage, presentation, discussion, etc.

Teacher resources
Teacher Resources

  • Teaching American History With Favorite Folk Songsby Tracey WestScholastic Professional Books; Book and CD edition (October 1, 2001)

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Teacher resources1
Teacher Resources



    Journal of Special Education; January 15, 1998; Leslie C. Soodak; David M. Podell; Laurie R. Lehman

  • General educators were surveyed regarding their responses to including students with disabilities in their classrooms.Findings further suggest that with experience, teachers become more hostile toward inclusion.

Teacher resources2

Teacher provides free lesson plans, activities, printables, and more!

PBS Teacher Source

Gives information on variety of courses, activities, and lessons

Teacher Resources

Teacher resources3
Teacher Resources printables, and more!

  • 15 Primary Source Activities:: American Historyby Louise Hopping

  • Scholastic Professional Books; (June 2003)

  • $12.95

Tips for parents

Chicago Public Schools printables, and more!

“Helping your child learn history : with activities for children aged 4 through 11”

U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement; (1993)


The Learning Page

Tips for Parents

Research printables, and more!

  • Achieving History Standards in Elementary Schools. ERIC Digest.

  • Author: Hoge, John D.

    ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education Bloomington IN. 1994-09-00

    • History FirsthandPrimary Source Research in Elementary School

    • Authors: Cory Brandt and Monica Edinger

Website critique
Website Critique printables, and more!


  • Includes tips, lesson plans, printables, subject areas to look for, and more!

Website critique1
Website Critique printables, and more!


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  • Talking Walls

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Qoute for teaching
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