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Self-Portrait Photography

Self-Portrait Photography. Get out your sketchbook! You will be taking notes!. Who are you?.

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Self-Portrait Photography

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  1. Self-Portrait Photography Get out your sketchbook! You will be taking notes!

  2. Who are you? • Who are you? Can a photograph tell that story? For many years artists have created self-portraits. Vincent Van Gogh painted this self-portrait in 1887. What would it take for a photograph to capture you as a person?

  3. How do I take a self-portrait with my camera without having it look like a Facebook photo?? • Tripod or something sturdy and your timer • This is the self-timer setting icon- find this on your camera. You can set up your camera, set the timer and then place yourself in front of the camera

  4. What about the background? • Try to arrange an environmental background OR you can set up your background to something blank- drape a sheet or go in front of a blank wall, etc. • Don’t be afraid to do serious cropping in Photoshop afterwards

  5. Examples of self-portraits, please • http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/selfportrait/interesting/ • http://www.flickr.com/photos/charlietakesphotos/sets/159449/

  6. Homework! • Due: beginning/ middle of class Thursday • 10- Cropped Portraits (upclose) • Of 3-5 different people • 10- Environmental • 5 different people/ backgrounds/outfits • 10-Basic • 5-10 different people & settings • Side Lighting • Rule of thirds (do not count unless rule of thirds)

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